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21 Best Shopify SEO Apps in 2024 – Free & Paid

Boost your brand’s visibility with the best Shopify apps for SEO, ensuring your e-commerce site ranks higher and attracts more visitors.

An important stage in building brand recognition is search engine optimization. Imagine that you have finished building a lovely Shopify store, adding all the necessary components, and installing all the necessary software to make it function properly. Despite your best efforts, your e-Commerce website is still not receiving enough visits. A website should appear higher on the search engine results page if it wants to receive a lot of visitors.

A popular website is trusted by internet users, who often use it. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, Shopify aids in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises’ online presence and market share. However, merely creating a Shopify account for your business won’t help you attain your goal.

By letting experts optimize their online shop while company owners concentrate on other areas of their operations, hiring an agency for Shopify SEO services may save website owners time and effort. These services can also offer continual monitoring and modifications to make sure the website keeps up with the most recent SEO trends and algorithms.

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What keeps the Shopify SEO App Needful?

Shopify has a firm grasp on all essential SEO elements. It comes with a tonne of built-in tools and applications that efficiently index and rank your website in search engines. It contains technical SEO elements like rich snippets, schema mark-up, and site architecture. Additionally, it has the most straightforward SEO of any e-commerce platform to date.

Everyone may use Shopify SEO software, from total beginners to seasoned professionals. Numerous Shopify SEO tools are free, however, those who want greater control over the optimization process can pay for more sophisticated capabilities. 

Employing ecommerce SEO services may assist raise the online store’s exposure and rating on search engines, resulting in more organic traffic and more consumers. These experts optimize the user experience of the website and increase sales with their proficiency in ecommerce SEO tactics.

What does Shopify SEO mean?

SEO would be the most important phase following the completion of the e-commerce store development. A well-optimized Shopify website may produce a sizable volume of organic traffic even without the aid of an SEO booster by simply being favoured in Google search results. To put it another way, a company’s success or failure is usually determined by how well its SEO-optimized Shopify store performs on search engines.

Even though there are several methods to do internet research, most individuals always begin their searches on Google. You should check that the top Shopify SEO tools for your store are compatible with Google, provide recommendations for keyword optimization, and can keep track of trending keywords.

This is one of the most efficient channels for e-commerce marketing even if it requires more time and work to deploy than other paid marketing tactics. Despite the fact that Shopify has already given you a number of excellent tools that are helpful to SEO, there is still a lot of potential for development. Numerous SEO-related problems are simpler to recognise and address using Shopify SEO tools.

With a range of Shopify applications with different capabilities and costs, you can improve your Shopify SEO. We have examined all the top qualities that a top-notch software needs to have in order to assist you in making the ideal SEO app for Shopify selection. You may also use these feature descriptions to better understand each of the apps on our list.

Advantages of SEO Apps

1. Site Speed

It is also connected to the user experience your clients enjoy when surfing your website, and is one of the most crucial elements that raises your site’s rating on SERPs. Good SEO software will accelerate the performance of your Shopify store in search results.

2. Optimize Product Description

If your Shopify store contains hundreds of goods, it could be challenging to edit every product description for SEO. The Shopify Website design improvement tool will automatically modify the item title and depiction for higher SEO. Even the most well-liked keywords, which you ought to employ for the finest outcomes, are examined.

3. Image Optimization

The size of a picture can impact how quickly your business loads and how well it performs in search engine results. You may resize a picture without compromising its quality using a Shopify SEO tool. These tools automatically create and improve alt tags for photos on your Shopify website. From a single interface, you can easily manage all of your images.

4. Structured Data

Structured data, commonly referred to as schema mark-up, is a sort of coding that gives search engines details about the content of a website. Schema mark-up typically matches the look of your product’s SERP results by incorporating elements such as star ratings, prices, stock levels, and so forth. This makes it possible for them to show up in Google search results. Google search results with additional information are known as rich snippets. You may streamline Google snippets using Shopify Website optimization programs to get the greatest results on SERPs.

5. HTML Sitemap

Web Site Map an XML sitemap helps search engines better comprehend the general structure of your Shopify store and enable them to explore all crucial pages. Customers may access your business more easily in the meantime thanks to an HTML sitemap. With Shopify, you can control your shop sitemap directly, however some technical knowledge might be required for the default settings. A Shopify SEO software makes it simple to do.

21 Best Shopify Apps, Free & Paid

1. SEO Booster & Speed, Secomapp – Search Pie

This software is a general-purpose SEO tool that enables you to optimize every SEO component of your Shopify store. This software is one of our list’s most complete SEO tools because of how easily it can manage any SEO-related concerns. Additionally, they eliminated any SEO-related technical terminology, which greatly improved the user-friendliness of the app’s UI. As a consequence, this SEO programme is great for both beginners and specialists. 


  • Offer a thorough how-to manual with your suggestions 
  • Offer SEO keywords to improve your ranking and organic visitors. 
  • Improve the mobile consumer experience by using AMP 
  • List your stock’s rating, price, and volume for Google searches. 
  • For comprehensive SEO, automatically add alt tags to all product photos.


Free for starters; 

$39/month for premium 

Business – $79 per month

2. Avada – SEO: Page Speed Image Optimizer

Avada SEO Suite is one of the most crucial tools for creating your blog and enhancing SEO, therefore you should certainly look into it more. The picture optimisation tool greatly reduces the size of the images on your blog while maintaining the same level of quality. The application also helps you create an HTML page where you can display all of your blog entries at once to make it easier for your users to keep track of them. Customers will enjoy themselves more on your website if it loads quickly and is simple to use.

In addition to the Meta description, which creates catchy titles for your blog pages in search engines, other helpful tools like Google Structure Data, Site Verification, and Instant Page boost your blog page particularly and your website’s rating.


  • Enhances every blog image quality 
  • Assists readers in efficiently browsing your blog’s pages with HTML Sitemap Search ranking optimisation 
  • Increase traffic to blog sites by using outstanding Meta descriptions. 


Starter – Free

Pro – $34.95/month

3. Booster Apps – Image Optimizer Plus SEO

Employees in e-commerce are no longer unfamiliar with the notion of SEO. Thought to be the most popular search in the world is Google Image. In order to provide online retailers the finest characteristics for increasing sales, SEO image optimizer was developed. The programme focuses mostly on the aspect of website design improvement to push your products to the top looking through results.

The software has just been upgraded to the most recent version, making it possible for online firms to learn SEO. The most recent version of the software might also make the search process faster. Customers are more likely to pay attention to your website since your items are more likely to be at the top of the list. 

Another crucial aspect is the absence of any installation code required for the software. Last but not least, online retailers may boost sales without spending a dollar thanks to the SEO image optimizer’s free use. 


  • Autopilot Identify, analyse, and fix SEO problems as soon as possible 
  • Optimizing picture alt tags, increase traffic from image searches.
  • Automatically shrink the image’s size using an image compression engine. 
  • Make sure that URLs are properly constructed by using the URL Keyword Optimisation tool. 
  • Automatically create, update, and submit your store’s sitemap to Google Reroute 404 pages and fix broken connections weekly SEO Health Reports sent to your mailbox


Pro – $39/month, 

Starter – Free Premium: $69 per month

4. PlugIn SEO by SureSwift Capital

This tool would analyse every area of your SEO, including page headers and titles, page speed, site structure, and the freshness of your content, to pinpoint problems that are worthwhile of your time and money. You will get a detailed analysis on how well your store’s SEO, blog, and speed are performing, as well as code snippets and instructions for fixing any problems you identified on your own. You won’t need to worry about how well your SEO is performing all the time since Plug-in SEO will send you regular emails with all of this information.


  • Report the effectiveness of your store’s SEO blog and speed in a transparent and thorough manner. 
  • Verify every aspect of SEO, including page headers and titles, page speed, page structure, and content freshness. 
  • Obtain code samples and guidance to resolve the problems. 
  • Receive frequent email notifications regarding your SEO performance


Starter is free

Basic is $29.99

Plus is $49.99

Premium is $79.99

5. Sherpas Design: Smart SEO

You can automate all the challenging SEO activities to improve your store’s position and boost sales by using the full-featured Shopify SEO tool Smart SEO. When optimizing your Shopify store for search engines, the Smart SEO software optimizes meta tags, structured data in JSON-LD format, and automatically finds and fixes broken links to save you time. You can quickly and easily create your picture alt tags and manage your whole sitemap. Additionally, this tool supports several languages, enabling you to effortlessly manage SEO for your Shopify business across different languages.


  • Optimize the image alt tag and image size on each page of your Shopify website. Create the Meta title and description automatically in a couple of seconds. 
  • Find and repair broken connections automatically 
  • You can offer structured data in JSON-LD format. The sitemap is simple to change 


Pro – $9.99/month

Starter – Free 

$19.99/month for business

$29.99/month for premium

6. Bulk Image Edit SEO using Hextom

This is one of the most complete image optimisation tools for Shopify shops. With a few simple clicks, you may make adjustments to the images on your shop in bulk, such as changing photo sizes or enhancing the alt text and record name. 


  • Utilize editable templates to optimize picture sizes, file names, and alt-text 
  • To accommodate any listing on social media or a sales channel, images may be bulk-sized. 
  • The photographs of your theme and items should have a watermark added. 
  • Images for products or themes can be made smaller without losing quality. 
  • Reverse or reverse any changes you’ve made.


Beginner: Free 

Basic: $9.99/month 

Advanced – $49.99 

Every month Professional – $19.99 per month

7.SPO – SEO Product Optimizer by SillyCube

This software analyses other stores for terms that are similar to yours in order to make it simpler for customers to locate your specialty items on search engines. It gives professional advice on SEO keywords or helps you choose keywords that are relevant, get a lot of searches, and aren’t too competitive. You may modify the link previews for your items using the app without having any coding experience. 


  • Even without understanding how to code, you may alter the link previews for your items.
  • Put emphasis on keywords here: Find specialized keywords that will make it simple for people to find your stuff on search engines. 
  • Observe our suggestions for SEO keywords. 
  • Pick keywords with plenty of searches.


Beginning: Free 

Basic: $15.99/month

8.Venntov, manager of SEO

One of the Shopify SEO applications with the greatest user ratings and an intuitive user interface for enhancing your shop’s SEO is SEO Manager. Before you begin the SEO implementation phase, this app gives you a step-by-step tour that takes you through all of the app’s capabilities. In-depth materials are also included to assist you understand more about SEO. Even if you’re new to Shopify and have no prior knowledge of SEO, our app provides you with everything you need to rank. 


  • Setting up the meta title, description, and picture alt tags 
  • Verify the ALT tags of each image for issues. 
  • Check for SEO problems in your Shopify store and provide solutions. 
  • Give keyword statistics and ideas 
  • Automatically submit the sitemap to Google
  • Combine Google Search Console  Google Page speed, and Google Trends 


$20 /month

9. SEO Pro by Expert Village Media and SEO Booster

SEO Pro includes the fundamental SEO functions for your shop. It examines each page of your website to look for on-page SEO problems, and if there are any, it automatically repairs them, saving you time and work. Every day, they will send you a letter informing you of SEO problems in your shop. With this tool, managing structured data, batch image optimisation, updating the meta descriptions and titles of all pages, and performing on-page SEO activities are all made simple.


  • Filter all pages to identify problems with web optimisation and organically repair them.
  • Update all of the image alt tags and bulk-optimize the pictures.
  • In your Shopify store, each page’s Meta description and title tags should be updated.
  • JSON-LD is the standard used to organize rich snippets.
  • Search the website for broken links and automatically redirect them to other URLs


Beginning: Free Basic: $5.99/month

Pro is $9.99 a month, while Premium is $19.99.

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10. Schema Plus for SEO app by UpperCase

As the most sophisticated schema mark-up SEO app for Shopify businesses, Schema Plus is confident in its development because it was created by former Google software developers. The inclusion of schema by Schema Plus will improve how search engines and other crawlers index and understand the material on your website. As a result, your rich snippet will incorporate the most recent and pertinent material from search engines.


  • Review stars may be used with Google-rich snippets.
  • Remove schema errors
  • Change a certain kind of schema’s status
  • To resolve Google Search Console difficulties
  • Integrate with more than ten review applications available at the moment in the Shopify app store.


$14.99/month for Schema Plus Pro

11. Blog which is SEO-friendly: DropInBlog

If you’ve had trouble altering your blog with Shopify’s built-in blog section, this app will be a perfect alternative to revamp it with built-in SEO features. DropInBlog enables you to design a blog that loads quickly, is compatible with mobile devices, and is attractive using simple drag-and-drop tools. As you type to generate your content, this app will provide you immediate SEO advice. To make your blog entries into a sales channel, you can also insert goods straight from the editor into them. Allow your readers to add their preferred things to their shopping baskets as they read your piece.


  • Simple to use drag-and-drop blog builders
  • Utilizing the editor, add products straight into posts.
  • The use of structured data format and rich snippets
  • Create beautiful author pages
  • Your existing Shopify Blog entries can be redirected and imported.
  • Receive immediate ideas for SEO as you type.


Lite – $24 per month

Regular – $49 per month

12. Sheriff – AMP for sale

You may use this app as an AMP solution to help you transform your Shopify pages into AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) versions. Using their user-friendly page builder, you can simply customize any AMP page, or you can choose a template from their collection to go with your store’s design. Because it has so many strong features, even on the free plan, this app is appropriate for every Shopify shop.


  • AMP versions of your Shopify pages may be made.
  • You can quickly create and modify your AMP page.
  • The number of AMP template collections is limitless.
  • Import a video, picture, and iframe automatically into an AMP page.
  • Connect to services and apps from third parties.
  • Integrating Progressive Web Apps (PWA)


Beginner: Free 

Hobbyist: $9/month 

Firm – $29 per month

Business – $99 per month

13. Fire AMP by MLVeda

To reduce the time it takes for pages to load on your site, you may use Fire AMP to automatically transform all Shopify pages into AMP-approved pages. You may modify the header and footer of the AMP page format to match the design and theme of your Shopify store.


  • Creates AMP-validated pages for all of your pages.
  • Set up the style, header, and footer for AMP.
  • Assist a third party in integrating the Shopify app
  • Integration of tracking pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Analytics 


$7.99/month for the Super Success Plan

14. SEO Sitemap Builder by AdoLab

One of the Shopify SEO applications with the best reviews for managing HTML sitemap settings is SEO Sitemap Builder. This program not only helps you edit your sitemap’s title, description, or look with a single click, but it also automatically refreshes your HTML sitemap with new goods and items. You may alter the HTML sitemap as you like to make it fit the style of your shop.


  • Instantly generates an HTML sitemap for a store
  • Brings in fresh products and instantly puts them to the sitemap
  • Choices for customizing HTML and CSS
  • How to include a sitemap link in the footer 


Amazing Sitemap for $3.95 per month

15. EXEN LABS – SEO Metriks All-In-One

For all managers of Shopify ecommerce stores, SEO Metrics is a fantastic marketing tool. The generation of an XML sitemap, a site health report for easy usage, a general SEO audit report with recommendations and cautions, and other helpful features are all included. You may view the list of questionable connections and get them completely removed from the backlink profile for your website. You may distribute your material online through directories, search engines, and other channels. For tracking and comparing your rating to that of your competitors, you get access to more than 470 local and international search engines.


  • By recommending profitable keywords, warn and advise consumers.
  • Allow users to flag and delete harmful links 
  • Maintain an eye on the reputation of your brand and maintain your shop fashionable.


Simple – $7.99 per month

16. TurboSEO by EastSide Co.

A Shopify tool called TurboSEO by Eastside Co. provides search engines with more pertinent information about your business to raise SEO ranks. Your click-through rates significantly increase since it improves the appearance of your search engine listings and makes it simpler for Google, Bing, and Pinterest to understand your shop. Additionally, it adds SEO mark-up to your website’s source code. None of them would require any prior coding expertise or understanding.


  • More pertinent info to search engines to improve SEO rankings
  • Boost click through rates
  • Boost search engine results 
  • Adding mark-up to your website’s source code

Price– Once-Off Fee: $30

18. TinyIMG is an image, speed, and SEO optimizer

You may optimize your photographs using TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer without compromising their quality. Numerous extra SEO functions for automatically creating structured data and detecting SEO faults are included in this programme. Even for small enterprises, the price of this software is affordable.


  • Make recommendations for fixing problems.
  • Optimizes photos and uploads the optimized version to the Shopify shop.
  • Make the filenames and alt text for product images more readable.
  • Edit the Meta titles and descriptions.
  • Automatically identify broken links and reroute users to functional websites


Pay As You Go: Free for 24 months; monthly cost: $1.99

Beginner – $9.99 per month

Increase – $19.99 per month

19. SEO Traffic Booster from Rabbit SEO

A Shopify app called Rabbit SEO aids in increasing the visibility of your app on search engines like Google, Bing, and Pinterest. The programme thoroughly examines your landing page and gives information on the pathways taken by visitors to your website. The programme increases traffic to your website by utilizing the proper keywords, but it also keeps an eye on your rivals to gather competitive intelligence in real time. You will receive a daily email report with all of these specifics and recommendations for improvement.


  • Examine your landing page carefully.
  • To enhance website traffic, find out more about your visitors and how they found your site.
  • Daily reports with recommendations for improvement


Beginning – Free Premium 1 – $25 /month

$50/month for Premium 2

Business – $200 per month

20. JSON-LD for SEO – Ilana Davis LLC

JSON-LD for SEO is a Shopify tool that helps your business receive more organic Google search traffic and boost conversion rates by immediately displaying product information like pricing, images, availability, and user reviews on search results. With its numerous capabilities, you may quickly improve your ranks on Google, Pinterest, Bing, and other web search engines. Your SEO data is updated by the programme at certain HTML positions in the form of microdata or JSON-LD data code blocks.


  • Immediately gather the data you require to complete Google’s rich results.
  • Create successful rich results for your Shopify products
  • Verify the app has successfully connected your data by inspecting store data.
  • Access 20 of the most popular Shopify review applications. Support is offered indefinitely with direct priority access.


  • One-time Fee: $399

21. Playful Apps -SEO King

SEO King is an additional app on the best Shopify SEO applications list. Our program offers all necessary SEO tools to enhance your on-page SEO, much like the other comprehensive applications on our list. There are four payment tiers for SEO King, however even with the free tier, you get unlimited access to the free store scan, photo editing, bulk alt-text editing, and other features. As a result, you may utilize the free plan if your business is still tiny or you only need some basic SEO capabilities and upgrade to additional plans as your store grows. 


  • To identify and locate SEO flaws, scan each product and page in your business.
  • Bulk manages alt text. Smart SEO keywords may be used to automatically add tags to photographs.
  • Create unique Meta descriptions and titles for every good.
  • Show ratings and reviews right in the Google search results.
  • A sophisticated sitemap manager.
  • Utilize the pre-configured SEO criteria to automatically optimize new goods.
  • Look through your website to find the most popular terms. Easily investigate rival websites.
  • Monitor keyword performance and manage them. 


Small businesses: $9.99 per month 

$12.99 per month for medium stores 

$14.99/month for large retailers


 Each Shopify SEO software on the list above offers a range of features and price points to help you raise your store’s SEO rankings. A variety of SEO capabilities are included in certain apps that are all-in-one SEO solutions. Other applications focus solely on specific SEO elements to maximize their value. We anticipate that this post will be useful to you as you choose the top Shopify SEO plugins for your shop.

For your Shopify store, pick the top SEO applications

Each Shopify SEO software on this list offers a variety of features and price options to help your business rank higher in search engine results. Some applications are all-in-one SEO tools with extensive sets of SEO functions, but other apps concentrate primarily on particular SEO components to maximize them. We hope that this post will enable you to focus your search on the top Shopify SEO apps for your shop. 

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 What is the location of the Shopify SEO Apps?

You may find the Shopify SEO Apps at

Q.2 Which SEO tool is best for mobile page optimization?

In the article above, we examined the twenty top Shopify SEO applications and their benefits. Look at it.

Q.3 Do I need to know how to code in order to optimize my website?

No, you do not need to know how to code in order to utilize the aforementioned applications. For simple website setup and optimization, the majority of them include a drag-and-drop feature.

We trust this guide on the best Shopify apps for SEO has been a valuable resource to enhance your e-commerce site’s visibility. With a range of features and options, these apps offer the tools you need to climb the search engine ranks. May your Shopify store flourish with increased traffic and success. Happy optimizing!