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How to connect Nintendo Switch to Bluetooth Headphones [2024]

Enhance your Nintendo Switch experience by pairing Bluetooth headphones effortlessly. Discover audio tricks to elevate your gaming immersion and overcome connectivity challenges.

Everything you need to pair Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch. Plus, some audio tricks to enhance your listening experience. For the longest time, Nintendo did not provide Bluetooth audio connectivity to Switch owners. This was finally rectified in September 2021 with a firmware upgrade. However, the feature is far from flawless, and connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch is difficult. Worse, after pairing, you may experience new issues like audio lags, difficulty attaching wireless controllers, and a lack of Bluetooth mic capability.

Don’t give up just yet! We’ll walk you through connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch. In addition, we’ll go over the limits of Nintendo’s Bluetooth audio capability and offer various solutions to overcome them. Let’s get this party started!

Can Bluetooth Headphones be Connected to the Nintendo Switch?

Because of the 13.0 system update, you can utilize Bluetooth headphones on the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Prior to the update, the Switch’s Bluetooth connectivity was limited to its wireless controllers, with no room for Bluetooth audio functionality. The Nintendo Switch could only be used with wired headphones via the console’s 3.5 mm headphone socket. Alternatively, a Bluetooth transmitter may be required. But, happily, that is no longer the case. To enable Bluetooth capabilities, simply upgrade your Switch to the most recent operating system. 

How to update your Switch

To support Bluetooth audio connectivity, your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite must be running system version 13.0 or later.

  1. Select System Settings from the HOME menu.
  2. Scroll down and click on System.
  3. Choose System Update. The device will first check for available updates. If it is, the download will begin automatically. Under the System Update button, the current version of your Nintendo Switch is displayed.

For Connecting Headphones

Set your headphones to pairing mode. The pairing procedure may differ depending on the model of your headphones. With Bose headphones, for example, you must slide the power button all the way up to the Bluetooth sign and hold it there until you hear “Ready to pair.”

From the Nintendo Switch Home menu, select System Settings.

Select Pair from the Bluetooth Audio menu. This starts a search for Bluetooth audio devices that are available.

To pair your Bluetooth device, select it.

You can immediately restore your freedom by following these tips and hacks. There will be no more tangled wires, frayed cables, or fall-offs due to inadvertent wire sweepages. When playing with your favorite Nintendo Switch, you may now experience a freer and wider range of motion than when using wired headphones.
Of course, none of this would be feasible without a good wireless gaming headset. We hope these suggestions helped you have a fantastic Switch wireless headphone experience. If you attempted any of these suggestions, please leave a comment below.