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15+ Elementor Landing Page Templates You Should Have

Making a landing page is no longer tough using the Elementor WordPress plugin. Instead, pre-made Elementor landing page templates can increase conversions’ visual appeal and enable faster variations for A/B testing.  These landing page templates are simple to use and customizable to your brand’s visual identity and content needs.

A well-made elementor template kit quickly provides your website with a professional appearance. Additionally, there are other themes accessible that are organized into various niches. It will save you time and work because the skeleton already has the most essential features.

For beginners, choosing the appropriate template can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of 20 expert landing page templates to assist you. You can quickly integrate all of the templates into your website because they are all fully mobile-optimized and customizable.

Top 15 Elementor Landing Page Templates

Top 15 Elementor Landing Page Templates 

Only Elementor Pro users can access the 100+ landing page templates, allowing quick website creation. So get an Elementor Pro subscription before you use the following templates. For various categories, they have distinct templates. We will provide 15 appropriate landing page designs in this part. The ensuing elementor landing page templates will help you realize your ambition of creating a blog site, portfolio, or commercial website.

1. ‘The Roasted Bean’ Coffee Sale Landing Page

The light green hues in the exquisite design “The Roasted Bean” nicely contrast the hues of unroasted, unprocessed coffee beans. The white frame surrounding the image’s bottom and left sides is hidden when you quickly hover over the hero image to reveal a special hover effect.

You can utilize this landing page, which features products, to test-drive Elementor’s most recent Dynamic WooCommerce Tags.

Preview ‘The Roasted Bean’ Elementor Landing Page Template

The Roasted Bean Elementor Landing Page Template

2. ‘Art & Culture Magazine’ Coming Soon Landing Page

The hero image on this landing page for an art and culture magazine is an abstract composition done in a flat manner that corresponds with the page’s theme. This “above the fold” page is given movement and interactivity by using the rotate effect on “Hover” for the picture and the CTA button. 

Preview this Elementor Landing Page Template Here

3. ‘The HT Acupuncture Clinic’ Landing Page

This template is an excellent illustration of combining abstract line design with photographs. The wavy line in the backdrop and the needle seen in the image move smoothly from one to the other. The use of the wavy lines contributes to the page’s and service’s calming, peaceful tone.

Here, a landing page for alternative medical treatments is given a warm and relaxing ambiance thanks to light color schemes. This template can also be helpful if you’re looking for a landing page that is more focused on conversions and has a lead capture form in the hero section.

When visitors arrive at your landing page, they can quickly submit their contact information without fuss.

Preview this Medical Elementor Landing Page Template

Medical Theme Elementor Landing Page Templates

4. ‘Interiors’ Interior Design Landing Page

On the homepage page for “The Interiors,” borders and thin, clean lines were employed to contribute to the designer’s feel and produce a slick UI.

Take note of the text strip’s distinctive appearance, created by employing a negative margin on the left and right to extend the text over the edge and beyond. It will add a generally sophisticated and upscale vibe and mood if utilized as a landing page. 

Preview this  Elementor Landing Page Template For Interior Designers

5. ‘DMAgency’ Digital Marketing Agency Landing Page

This landing page helps convey the positive attitude that many marketing companies want to present with its bright, lively, and catching color tones. The extensive use of fashionable gradients throughout the page further emphasizes this modern appearance.

The twirly gradient line is constructed using 3 different icons, which is a surprising fact. The Jello entry animation is used to make them move in unison. 

Access Elementor Template for Digital Marketing Services

6. ‘The Plant Shop’ Landing Page

With several typographical, visual, and layering elements and layers distributed proportionately over the page, this upscale plant shop has a smart design. Transparent writing on the hero background furthers this elegant ’boutique’ appearance.

Another distinguishing aspect is the unconventional way that the cards’ product images are composed, with each item appearing to be attached to a different side of the background. 

Preview The Plant Shop’ Elementor Landing Page Template

7. ‘LeaderKey’ Webinar Landing Page

The square grid design is utilized to give this page, which is for a digital webinar, the appearance of a digital broadcast. Spacers are used to create the square patterns in the hero section. The equivalent scrolling effect is used to shift them both horizontally and vertically.

The Scale-Up motion effect, which is set on the spacer widget, is used to animate the white square in the background next to the “Time management – The key to success” area below them. 

 Preview LeaderKey  Elementor Template For Webinars

8. ‘Sporty Home’ Fitness Equipment Landing Page

The color scheme of this vivacious landing page is predominantly purple. Additionally, the page features a sticky hero image that follows users as they browse down the page. Keep an eye out for the form box that floats above two columns at the bottom of the page.

The form is placed inside an inner section within the right column of the section to do this, and the column’s right margin is configured to be negative.

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9. ‘Lenglish’ English Course Landing Page

This free elementor landing page for “Lenglish” uses a variety of animation methods on the many forms that pop up on the screen. This page uses ‘gamification’ to make learning more approachable, fun, and less dry and academic.

Each shape in the hero segment has a distinctive entrance animation and scroll effects because different SVG icons were used. The circle widens, the rectangle turns, and the spring bounces. 

Preview English landing Page Template For Courses

10. ‘Barnes Dentalt’ Teeth Straightening Landing Page

The creator of this template sought to lessen the anxiety frequently connected to dental care. This was created using serene blue tones, rounded abstract shapes, and a welcoming font that isn’t scary.

Additionally, the design is fairly sterile and clean, which complements the message dentists want to convey. The ‘100% Quality’ seal increases social proof and fosters a sense of confidence. T

he same motion effect was used with both the Text and Icon Widgets to accomplish this. Using the title widget, this text is “live,” meaning you can edit it whenever you choose.

Barnes Dentalt  Dental Themed Elementor Landing Page

11. ‘A / B Space’ Shared Workspace Landing Page

This shared workspace page has a highly sophisticated and stylish design. The images’ rectangular shape and rounded edges symbolize arches, windows, rooms, and architectural features. This is appropriate given the shared space notion on the page.

The top-right and top-left border-radius settings are used to create the arch shape for the hero picture. The second section’s attractive green silhouette behind the image was created by using the Box Shadow effect. 

12. ‘Dog Rescue’ Landing Page

This canine adoption landing page was made by Elementor’s designers using squares with rounded corners to capture the joyful nature of man’s best friend. The spacer widget is used to create every shape you see in the backdrop.

As you navigate down the page, note how the logo strip changes. With a negative margin set to the right and left so that it extends beyond the screen, this was accomplished using the Icon List widget.

14. ‘Faroe Islands’ Travel Landing Page

The layout of a newspaper influenced this style. Newspapers have a reputation for being thrilling and daring with a backstory. Take note of the ‘Days’ label next to each trip. It only took the usage of a Heading widget, a background of black, and some fiddling with padding to achieve this.

Preview This Travel Landing PageTemplate

13. ‘beppp’ Coming Soon Design Blog

This creative landing page has a lot going on. There is no need to look further if you want a coming soon page that attracts visitors. In general, you should bookmark this template for use when using motion effects to draw attention in the future. Modern abstract patterns are employed on the page because it is a design blog page.

The use of animations made the page look more bright and alive. The use of color creates the illusion that something cool is about to happen. 

Preview beppp Template

15. ‘Glampi’ Camping Landing Page

In conclusion, we have Glampi, a landing page for a campground that offers a vast selection of outdoor photos and films. Keep this a secret, but we like this landing page so much that we decided to write a little more about it. By including wilderness-inspired components in the design, a unified aesthetic was produced.

Examples include the text wheel and the logo, which use teepee tent design cues. Earthy tones are included in the minimal color scheme, which lets the photographs speak for themselves. This landing page is worth examining further, much like the forests it includes. 

Glampi’ Camping Elementor Landing Page Demo

I hope this variety of best elementor landing page templates has helped you find the one suitable for your industry. Do share the landing page templates you’ve liked in the comments below, and we may include them in this list of elementor developer resources.

Does Elementor have landing page templates?

Yes. Elementor has many landing page templates that can only be accessed by its Pro plan users. Free users can also access free elementor templates, but they are not accessible through the Elementor template library.

How do I save a landing page as a template Elementor?

The bottom left of your elementor editor has an Update button with an Arrow. Clicking the arrow will let you save the current page as an Elementor Landing Page Template you can reuse anywhere. You can even export and share this template with other websites.

How do I use the Elementor landing page as the home page?

Once you save the landing page template with the necessary changes, change the display conditions from the elementor editor to display on the Home Page.