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5 Best POS Apps For Shopify

Streamline your Shopify store management with top-notch POS apps for Shopify – save time and elevate your e-commerce business!

You’re a busy entrepreneur running your e-commerce business, and finding the finest POS software you can employ to enhance your Shopify store is time-consuming. Therefore, we felt free to perform the research for you.

You can easily handle orders for your POS systems with the aid of these apps. We have selected the top POS apps by taking into account the app store rating, the number of reviews, the app’s key features, and other arbitrary criteria. This information should be useful to you as you choose the ideal app for your store.

What are Shopify “POS” apps, and how do they utilize them?

Due to the tremendous demand in the modern business world, the majority of organizations run both physical storefronts and online stores. Synchronizing online and in-person orders is still a problem. If you are utilizing one of the top POS tools for Shopify, achieving this is straightforward. Your business can track sales and accept payments from customers thanks to a POS system.

To increase their customer bases and revenue, small brick-and-mortar stores are now creating websites. Additionally, some online companies come to the conclusion that a physical store is the logical next step given the significant demand. You may accept online and offline orders and gather them in one location using the Shopify POS software. This system aids in trend forecasting, viewing sales data, and doing other administrative tasks. POS software is a fantastic way for people to sell at events without having to bring any extra equipment. 

TOP 5 POS Apps For Shopify

You’re a busy entrepreneur running an e-commerce business, and researching the best POS apps for optimizing your Shopify store takes time. So we went ahead and did the legwork for you.  These apps can help you easily manage orders for your POS systems. We curated the best POS apps by considering the app store rating, the number of reviews, the app’s top features, and other subjective parameters. We hope this information aids you in your search for the best app for your store. Following is the list of POS Apps For Shopify

Point Of Sale

Key Features of Point of Sale:

Point of Sale is unquestionably one of the best Shopify POS tools available to retailers. By using this software, retailers will be able to provide a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. One of the most prominent and well-liked POS systems in the market has a user-friendly interface and retail-ready hardware. Additionally, this POS system caters to the majority of customers’ company and working habits thanks to remarkable transaction flexibility and cutting-edge customization capabilities in both the Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro subscriptions. Point of Sale excels in every area.

POS Apps For Shopify

Pros: Compatible with iOS POS, Android POS, and desktop/PC POS., PayPal HERE, Payment Express, Zettle by PayPal, and Cardknox are just a few of the secure payment gateways that Point of Sale offers.

Cons:  If you do not utilize Shopify’s payment method, a transaction fee is charged.

Hardware for Shopify will cost more. Unless you utilize Shopify’s payment method, charge a transaction fee.

Hardware for Shopify will cost more.


Key Features of ConnectPOS

Due to its large collection of advanced features and affordable price points, ConnectPOS is one of the most used cloud-based Shopify POS software globally, especially for SME firms. This system synchronizes all data between online and offline retail locations in real-time, enabling you to precisely track every change in the sales process. A seamless omnichannel shopping experience is also made possible by the accurate and consistent communication to cashiers of all inventory information.

Without paying additional costs, ConnectPOS enables Shopify retailers to pay third-party payment processors directly. The software offers different payment options like cash, credit, and reward points and can interface with the most secure payment gateways. ConnectPOS delivers strong general management capabilities when combined with a Shopify inventory management app.

Pros: ConnectPOS provides over 200 automatically generated reports based on data from sales, registers, and other sources.

Compatible with iOS POS, Android POS, and desktop/PC POS.

Cons: The app at first got some unfavorable reviews.

The majority of their features are exclusive to the premium subscription.

Erply POS App

Key Features of the Erply POS App:

The most flexible point-of-sale system is Erply. It is an easy-to-use point of sale system that works with your favourite gadgets. It is accessible both online and off, letting you concentrate on what’s important to you. You can manage your products, prices, and promotions in real-time across all of your businesses with the help of the Erply POS software.

For cashiers who are not doing traditional POS operations, Erply offers a variety of choices. In Erply POS, you may manage prepayments and purchase orders as well as look up a customer’s past purchases. Using Erply POS, you can complete and send out orders from your online store. You can choose additional features from our portfolio that are activated in POS as soon as you install Erply. You might also create your own plugins.

Pros: Beginners can access a variety of online user manuals and demos.

The Erphly app’s POS interface is accessible on computers, laptops, iPads, Android gadgets, cell phones, and devices running the Windows and iOS operating systems.

Cons: The integration systems are complex to certain users.

inadequate customer service.

Selly POS App

Key Features of the Selly POS App:

A great option with many features is Selly POS. It is one of the greatest Shopify POS tools for helping online merchants advance their business. The app works together with Point of Sales by Shopify, another POS tool from Shopify. After that is over, however, you will be able to get some of the best help for your POS firm.

The app’s settings tools can be used to modify the UI. If you require support or customization, their professional team will help you without charge. To offer the best discount functionality, Selly makes use of the most updated Shopify API. It suggests that you won’t need to create new versions.

Pros: All three systems inventory, sales, and accounting integrate perfectly.

You may create unique profiles for each customer using the integrated CRM solution, and you can provide them personalized discounts and alert them to exclusive offers.

Cons: Selly is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

The app’s settings options make it simple to change the interface and make it clear.

Stocky POS App

Key Features of the Stocky POS App:

A Shopify inventory management solution called Stocky is available with Shopify POS Pro subscriptions. Stocky helps you manage your inventory by keeping track of inventory levels, calculating inventory needs, and suggesting what products to purchase.

Move products from one location to another using Shopify POS or your Shopify admin. You can create and manage purchase orders with Stocky POS from a single place. Have better communication with your suppliers and vendors and a clear understanding of what is arriving when the order placed and proper information about that particular order.

Pros: The strategic advantage of good inventory management for your brick and mortar retail operation.

You can rely on the precise reports offered by the Stocky app to make wise inventory decisions.

Cons: Some users find it challenging to utilize.

Several users have trouble connecting the Stocky app to the Shopify POS.

Deciding on the top POS application for Shopify stores

Having the right Point of Sale (POS) platform is essential to your success, whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or launching your first retail shop. More than just a way for customers to pay for their purchases, your POS serves many other purposes. A good Shopify POS app can connect and streamline crucial company processes while also giving you frequent data to aid in making informed business decisions.

However, how can you choose the finest POS app for your retail business when there are so many options available? When choosing the best Shopify POS app, whether you’re searching for your first one or an upgrade to a more sophisticated one, there are a few key factors to take into account.

1. Qualities :-POS software is used in a variety of establishments, including retail stores, gyms, and cafés. The qualities your business may need as a store may be different from those of many other businesses that would need a POS. As a result, you must be certain that the solution you select possesses the necessary attributes to turn your company into a runaway success. Make a list of your top requirements from the list above before looking for a POS.

 2. Set-Up and Pricing :- Although POS programmes with the right features have relatively low operational costs, you might have to spend more money up front than you think. If your chosen POS is incompatible with your existing hardware, you could have to buy new cash drawers, barcode scanners, and other peripherals.

3. Encourage Business Growth:- While you could be fine with just one physical location for the time being, it is impossible to predict how quickly or successfully your company will grow. Your business will grow if you look for POS software that enables you to open an unlimited number of locations. 

4. Support for Third-Party Apps:- By storing sales data and customer information in one central system and requiring only minor updates to pass through and be accessible in all of your third-party applications, integrations may save a lot of time and work in several entries. You can use consumer information from your main system to deliver tailored emails and offers, for instance, if your POS communicates with your marketing software. As an alternative, you may connect your POS system to your eCommerce website to centralize all orders.

5. Accessible:-It’s best to go for an app that is user-friendly and allows you to handle many settings  from a single dashboard or is simple to browse with in order to boost productivity.

6. Client assistance:-No matter what kind of app it is, make sure to verify whether or not its customer assistance is proactive. Customer service is a key indicator of how much an app’s creators and development team care about their users.

7. Reviews :-While the visuals and description of an app in the Shopify app store may excite you, it’s crucial to read past customers’ reviews and learn about their experiences. Since practically every app claims to be the finest one, it’s best to focus on those.

8. Serviceability:-The serviceability of a POS Shopify software is another important consideration. Verify whether the things they mention are indeed what you require or are merely eye-catching extras designed to draw customers.

Wrapping up

Overall Recommendation Point-of-sale systems enable everything by tying together hardware, such a cash register or credit card reader, and software that accepts payments using credit and debit cards, maintains inventory, monitors sales data, and gathers customer information. This post examined the top Shopify POS software for connecting your online business with brick-and-mortar locations. Select the Shopify applications that will best serve your needs, then be ready for the forthcoming traffic.

Due to their widest product selections and affordable inventory management tools, Point on Sale, ConnectPOS, and Erphly are great choices. The Ordersify: POS draught orders application can be the finest choice for your company if it deals with large draught orders. Companies that need to manage appointments online can benefit from apps like Sesami. There isn’t, however, a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. Therefore, keep in mind to use the method we outlined while you choose the ideal POS programma for your company.