Product Review Policy – Submission Guidelines is a popular product review and technology information portal, with over 3 million  readers till date. We have 600+ apps, services & hardware products in our Review Facility. Our review team consists of people with various expertise including software programming, gadget geeks, Android & Windows Developers (For app reviews), creative content developers and so on.

What kind of products we review

We review a wide range of products. Majority of the products we receive in our Review Facility located at Nashik, India.

1. Smartphones

2. WiFi hotspot/router devices

4. Navigation Devices

5. Sports Gadgets

6. Laptops

7. Software & Applications for PC, Mac, Android & iOS.

8. Games – PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Smartphones

9. SSDs, Hard Drives

10. Motherboards, RAM, Graphics Cards

How to request a review

In case of hardware products, we will review the product only if you send us a unit. Some of our authors write about the products based on the specifications, but in our review center, we will write review only after seeing the products and possibly using it for few days.

Here is how you request review of a hardware product:

1. Send us an email expressing your interest to send us the device for review – [email protected]
2. We will respond to you within 2 business days. If we ask you to send us the unit, please deliver it to our Nashik office. The address will be given to you by email.

In case of software products, you must give us valid license keys, not just trial license. We will not resell the license keys but we may award it to our authors and ask them to use it to test out the product. The license key will become the property of whoever we give it out for reviewing the product.

Review Process

Once we receive the hardware unit for review in our review center, we assign a tray and moves it to our review queue. Depending on the number of products waiting for review, it may take few days before it gets to the review tables.

Once the reviewer gets the unit, he opens it and start testing various options. All accessories and packaging are kept in a single tray so that they don’t get mixed up with our review units in our review center.

In normal cases, we will complete the review within 2 weeks from the date of receiving the product but it may take more time depending on the nature of the device.

We will inform you after completion of review. You can arrange for pickup at this time. We will return the product in the best possible condition we can. However, certain devices may require destroying the packaging to take it out fully, in such cases, we will wrap it up however possible.

You can arrange for pick up of the unit once we inform you that it is ready. If you do not intend to pick up the unit back, let us know and we will keep it for future analysis, comparisons etc.

Please note that the product return/reverse pick up must be at your expense.

Promotional Reviews

When we review the product, we do an unbiased review. There is no guarantee that we will write only positive aspect of the product.

If you want us to write only positive feedback about the products, you should BUY a promotional package from us, rather than requesting a review. We do not accept paid reviews, but we do accept promotional/paid articles.

Promotional articles are paid by the product companies and there will be footer at the bottom of the article that says it is a paid promotional article. The rates for promotional articles depends on several factors including the nature of the product and the kind of visibility the article is to be given.

The lowest rate for a promotional article is, US$ 100 but can go higher depending on the product and the type of promotion.

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To request a regular review or sponsored review, use this – contact us form, and let us know your requirement.