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Budget Friendly Home Automation Projects

From the articles featured on this blog so far, you already know what home automation is all about. But just in case you missed out on our earlier blog posts, you can think of home automation as an organized system that ensures everything in the house works as automatically as possible.

But as one would expect, getting the home to behave smartly has a lot to do with advanced technology than anything else. For crying out loud, if you want to be able to control what happens in your home from a reasonable distance away from it, or have the house run its own “affairs” by itself, you should be willing to spend a considerable amount of money doing so.

Are All Home Automation Projects Expensive?

When it comes to home automation, the higher the quality, the more expensive it will be. To have an idea of some of the biggest and most expensive home automation systems and hubs in the industry, do read an earlier post of ours on the topic.

Be that as it may, you do not need to break the bank in a bid to get quality automation for your home. There are ways round these extreme prices that are obtainable in the market. In fact, you can get high-quality automation for your home at a very cheap or at least, affordable rate

After all, most automation companies offer one and the same services. The difference – most of the time – lies in the brand power and packaging of the company.  Just as it is obtainable in most markets and industries, the name is what sells; not the product itself. We shall now consider some of the really budget friendly systems out there. But before then, here are a bunch of things to have in mind before selecting a company to patronize.

What to Know Before Buying Your Home Automation Gear

In a few paragraphs from now, we shall be looking at the most affordable home automation projects in the industry, and how to get them for your home. First, however, let us consider the important factors to consider before making any choice.

The Services Are Mostly the Same: A time comes when you are torn between two or more companies offering the same service. When this happens, endeavor to remember that the difference usually lies in the packaging; the service is usually the same. If you fail to understand this simple point, you risk spending $1000 on a system that offers the same utility as the one obtainable in a $500. Understand this concept and you will not regret your expenses.

You Can Get a Better Deal: There is a reason we have multiple sellers on eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon and every other major merchant site in the world. It is for the same reason that we have several restaurants and gas refill stations in our cities. This reason is very simple. Be an item as common as you may think, not every seller will offer it at the same price. This is very different from the point above – the earlier point shows that the utility is the same even when brand names may result in price inflation. Here, we are looking at a group of companies that are on the same level; yet, offer different prices for the same product which has no difference even in the packaging. Go for the cheaper one!

Your Home Cannot Be %100 Automated: Don’t let anyone deceive you. Salesmen will tell you every sweet thing you expect them to tell you; even promising you that your house will become as sophisticated as something from a Sci-fi movie. But the amazing truth is that no matter how much money you spend, your house will never be %100 automated. So don’t spend your life savings on any home automation project no matter the promise it gives you.

Best Cheap Home Automation Projects

We have already had enough advice. Let’s get down to the real deal. You find out that with less than $50, you can get some really cool automation devices. What immediately follows are some of the really affordable home automation projects and the companies that offer them.

D-Link Wireless Smart Plug

This interesting wireless plug can help boost the automation levels of your home if you know just how to use it. You simply have to download the mydlink, which is free anyway. Then use it on either your Android or iOS device to control electronics in your home. With this simple plug, you can turn your bulbs and several other electrical appliances on and off.

d-link wireless smart plug automation

This smart plug can be obtained for as little as $39.99

Wink Hub

In an earlier article, we discussed the best hubs anyone looking to build a strong home automation system should consider. A tag goes with being the best: a high cost. However, the Wink Hub seems to be a breath of fresh air on the entire expensive quality saga. This hub helps you connect just about everything in your home from the switches to the doors of your home’s garage. To make things even better, it is designed to work with Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, Z-Wave, and a couple of other systems.

wink hub home automation

This simple inexpensive hub offers you the versatility that used to be exclusive to the mega-hubs from the most popular brands. Would you then pay hundreds of dollars to get a hub that does just about the same things as this one?

The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set

Gone are the days when you had to empty your bank account to be able to enjoy some lighting that is both brilliant to behold and automatic to control. Today, WeMo, as well as her contemporaries, have made it possible for us to enjoy excellent LED lighting for less than $50. Just one WeMo link can coordinate over 48 bulbs which will work well in excellent condition. You may read up more information about this item from the website of the owners.

wemo led

The Elgato Eve

elgato eve automation

Here comes a simple and easy way to regulate the temperature of your room and home in general without having to sweat about it. From the comfort of a smartphone or iPad, you can regulate air pressure and humidity. When you use this project, there is no need for any hubs since it is compatible with Bluetooth and Homekit.


You have read about some of the most budget-friendly projects you can use to make your home smart, and I hope you will put them to good use. As I have already advised, you need not and should not exhaust your budget on automating your home even when you know that your home cannot be completely automated – science and technology are yet to get to that stage.

Do not forget to stick to this blog for more interesting automation blog posts that will enable you to enjoy your home’s automation systems to the fullest.

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