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Best Home Automation Companies With Innovative Products

When we talk about home automation, we are basically looking at ways we can make our homes as smart as possible in terms of managing energy, security, technological appliances that simplify our homes, and many others. Although home automation has been quite popular in the most developed countries of the world for a long time, it is relatively new to places like Brazil, Jamaica, and India.

But none of these is my focus. Today’s article looks at some of the biggest names in the home automation industry. Without a doubt, these giants are responsible for many smart homes around the world.

Apple and HomeKit

Apple is not by any means a small name in the technology world. They have done it with their computers; they have done it with their iPhones, and they plan to do it with their home automation project. Unlike the average home automation company which wants to automate your home in specific areas, apple plans to give you the ideal smart home just as they have given you the ideal smartphone.

Apple and Homekit automation package are aimed at improving your home for the better starting from the way you turn your television on to the way your gates and garage doors open when a car approaches. From remote controls to voice commands, you get a house which behaves a human when you work with Apple.

Google and Nest

You never really believed Google would sit down and watch Apple steal the show in home technology, did you? Not a chance. Google is on Apple’s heels when it comes to home automation as their relatively recent expansion saw them acquire Nest and Dropcam, which give it the necessary background to launch its programs in home automation. When we talk about Google, we talk about innovation. It is no doubt at all that Google and Nest have had widespread impact in the few years Google and Nest have been in the home automation business, with the Nest Thermostat being the very best in the industry. Not a company to be impressed by today’s success, Google plans to bring more innovation to the table.

Samsung and SmartThings

The idea Samsung brought to the home automation atmosphere is very easy to understand. The company believes that all Samsung products in your home should behave synchronously like children of the same parent. This is to say that their automation systems aim to allow home-owners control all Samsung related products in their homes with just a few clicks of a remote’s buttons.

SmartThings by Samsung makes its mark in the industry by not only providing cutting-edge technology in home automation but by also making their products very affordable. For many consumers and authorities in the related industry such as CNet, Samsung SmartThings is the leading provider of home automation solutions.


While Samsung may be satisfied with synchronizing all of its product in your home to give you a brilliantly automated home, Belkin believes that anything and everything in your home can, and should be automated. From crock pots that can be controlled by remotes to light switches to video surveillance to outlets that minimize energy consumption, Belkin has gone the distance.

IControl Networks

It word-of-mouth has it that if a product is great, then that product is no doubt great. Going by this, consumers worldwide, especially those in the United States have chosen IControl Networks as one of the best home automation systems around. So brilliant is their automation technology that it readily and accurately tracks changes in humidity, weather, motion and sound in your home. And if machines that are this sensitive can be found in your home, you can proudly say that you have a smart home.


Homeseer is not the regular home automation company that operates in your neighbourhood, neither is it a new entrant in the automation scene. This company has won numerous awards as recognition for its pioneering strides in terms of innovation and consistent quality.

It may have the same level of popularity as the average home automation company, but it is far ahead of it; it may not enjoy the popularity of Apple and Samsung, but it is not far away from them. Homeseer’s automation systems are very versatile since they work with multiple systems like security, internet browsers, and humidifiers. It has functionality for automatic control while still creating room for folks who like to do things the old-fashion way; manually.

In addition to installation and management of these systems, Homeseers have an all-in-one webstore where every product conceivable in the home automation industry can be accessed and bought.


Wink is a new entrant in the ranks of best home automation companies in the world. However, this entry is one it rightly deserves. Not to be deterred by the intimidating presence of giants in the industry, Wink continues to deliver quality home automation services and grow from strength to strength. Today, and as always, the Wink technology works with virtually every product and system in the industry. From what most online tech reviewers like CNet and PCMag say, Wink is just getting started.


Most home automation companies take a holistic approach to the business, but this is not the same with Honeywell. This vibrant company believes it can focus on smart thermometers and take the thermometer technology to the highest level possible, spreading quality and convenience in the process. Sure they can help you automate your home completely, but when it comes to temperature management, Honeywell is both a honey and a darling.

Vera Home Automation Company

Without mincing words Vera is the king of all home automation companies as long as what you are looking for is consistent quality and quick support. It may not have the extensive features most of its competitors have, but it holds its ground strongly as one of the best, if not the best when it comes to taking their customers seriously. Vera also prides itself as a company whose system software is compatible with every top internet browser or smart device available, the implication being that you can control your home even when you are thousands of miles away from home.

In conclusion, take some moment to imagine the feeling you’d get knowing that there are smart smoke, light, movement and image detectors which not only alerts you on possible intrusion but somehow deters the intruder by reprogramming itself automatically. We live in the era of smart things; smart phones, smart cars, smart headsets, smartwatches and more. If you don’t want to be left out of the revolution, consider making your home a smart one.



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