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The Best Smart Home Devices of 2016

According to, home automation technology has scaled to new heights in the recent past. Home automation devices have relied heavily on use linear actuators to accomplish their tasks. In this article, the best smart home devices of 2016 are described.

Amazon Echo Dot was unveiled with functionalities that help homeowners to connect it to varied devices for smart home systems using voice. Smart things hub by Samsung also offers new possibilities in smart home automation. The devices enable users to control a vast number of other home automation devices such as lighting, temperature, motion and cameras. Logitech Harmony Ultimate home device uses antique methods of buttons but with an unrivaled range of devices it can control. The device can control TV and stereo among other many devices in the house that use Wi-Fi, infrared, Z-Wave and ZigBee technology.


In matters of security, Piper Nv cameras have revolutionized smart home surveillance systems. The cameras allow the owner to watch over their property and pets on their Android or IOS devices irrespective of their location. The cameras also have features such as zooming, tilting, and digital panning to allow more flexibility of covered area for the owner. The camera also has inbuilt speakers and microphones that allow the user to communicate directly to any person in view through the camera.

The Nest Cam Outdoor camera allow capturing of 1080p video quality which is viewable over the web or mobile applications. The videos can be stored online for later access. The camera is also weatherproof alongside having a motion and audio alerts according to owners’ preset preferences.

Smart locks have also received been advanced to incorporate new functionalities and features. The Apple home kit Smart lock provides connectivity to your door by mounting it on existing deadbolts and features Bluetooth communication to smartphone devices to allow access to guests. Smart Lock integrates perfectly with Apple devices, but it also has extended support for other services like IFTTT.

Vivint Sky smart alarm device allows remote monitoring and can be connected to Amazon Echo Dot earlier described. It takes home alarm technology to the next level is used together with Simplesafe which supports some sensors to compensate for the lack of camera. It is a good cheap option for tightening home security.

Temperature control has also been advanced through some devices like Nest Learning Thermostat that features Wi-Fi and can be controlled through phones, desktops, tablets, and phablets. Ecobee3 smart Wi-Fi thermostat beats Nest thermostat by featuring more advanced monitoring technology using sensors in various rooms. It can also be controlled remotely over the Internet.

Philips have developed a smart bulb that controls the intensity and hue of lighting in homes albeit being pricey. The bulbs, however, come in different packages that suit the preferences of the customers. Joule from Chefsteps is a device that can heat food to over 208 Fahrenheit whilst you can control it from a smartphone app. Joule Chefsteps device has revolutionized cooking technology, especially regarding heating.

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker enables is designed for big capacity smoking of ribs whilst controlling the process from a smartphone app. The Perfect Bake Pro eliminates guesswork in the kitchen mixing chemistry and allow newbies and experts to get food measurements right.

In matters cleaning, Neato’s XV Signature Pro can work on varied surfaces using laser guided navigation and can reach every corner of the house easily. It works on automated schedule or manually depending on user preference. Braava Jet 240 can mop the entire apartment albeit being cheaper and being able to work on the damp floor like a swifter. For QardioBase Smart Scale device can track your fat, muscle mass, pregnancy and bone composition and relay the info to your smartphone.

For outdoor, lawn watering can be done by Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller which can be controlled from your phone and stops watering when it is raining. Robomow RS622 can help in mowing the lawn after setting up the mowing perimeter and cutting pattern. It is so efficient it does not need cleaning up after mowing.