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Top Home Automation Gadgets In India

I want to believe you already have an idea of what home automation is all about. If you don’t, refer to earlier articles on this website as they will bring you up to date. But explaining home automation is not the aim of this article. Today we look at the best home automation gadgets in India. But to successfully do this, we must, first of all, look at the home automation industry in India.

The big questions are: How well does the home automation industry in India performing? Are there any good products you can use to improve your home? If so, what particular products are these? And are there enough of these products to go round?

India’s Growing Home Automation Industry

Home automation in India has a different momentum from that of the United States, England, Germany and other advanced western nations. While these nations developed home automation itself, and have long accepted it as a standard in home building, India is just coming of age in the home automation industry. As a result, it is unrealistic to expect the same awesome standard that is obtainable in these countries. Having said that, India is not far behind if you look at the bright side of things. In fact, the boom in India’s engineering in the late 2000s has immensely helped to promote technological advancement in home automation.

Today, the Indian Market has a whole lot of products and solutions in the automation industry. However, most of these products are of inferior quality since many manufacturers do not have enough mental and/or financial resources to carry out these automation projects. There are also a number of good products but they often have limited functionalities, or not as automatic as would be expected of a home automation product.

To truly understand a great home automation gadget looks like, or what it should be, it is important you know some important aspects of a great home gadget. Beyond these general qualities, you need to first of all, determine what you what, then go for it.


How many functions can this gadget boast of? In an age as technologically developed as the one we currently live in, it makes no sense to settle for low-end tech gadgets when better ones can be obtained for slightly higher rates or even the same rates. In simple terms, the gadget you want to acquire must be very smart in function, and automatic in capturing, recording and transmission of acquired information. Very importantly, ti should be able to carry out basic functions like alarms, HVAC, lighting, and the rest which constitute industry standard.


Automation should be the slave of the owner and not the other way round. The system should be flexible to make changes at any given time without affecting other electrical equipment and wiring. Also, there should be an option to the client to add new devices at any time without a headache of high installation cost.

Type of Connection

Basically, two types of connections are obtainable in the home automation industry both in India and world over. They are the wired solution and the wireless solutions. Very clearly, the wireless solution is way better as you will not have to go through the hassles of rewiring your home or risk having the wires cut by smart criminals or so. Another drawback of wired solutions is that it is not possible to connect them directly to your smart gadgets.

Choosing wireless connection will mean that your system can work with WiFi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, as well as several other wireless protocols in the industry. Come to think of it, if you can control your home from anywhere in the world just by touching the screen of your smartphone, why waste time and energy with wired connections?


This may not be as important as the first three factors but it sure counts when you know nothing about installing tech gadgets, this factor becomes an important one to consider. Do well to understand whether the gadget or system you choosing will allow for easy installation or not, and if installation will be a bit technical, find out if your supplier is willing to offer free or cheap installation.


It is a known fact that not every home can afford automation gadgets. But then, it should be such that a lot of people can easily afford. At least, both the rich and middle class should easily afford it. Unless you have a pressing need for them, avoid expensive automation gadgets which sometimes do not even live up to expectation.

Countless home automation products have flooded the Indian market, ready for customer consumption. Interestingly, more products are introduced to the market every day. Of these products, the most popular ones are:

  • Touch panels

  • Mini energy dimmers

  • Audio/Video

  • Hubs

  • Audi amplifier for multiple rooms

  • IR controllers

  • CCTV

  • Pebble-3D Button

  • Curtains

  • Electronic/Digital Locks

  • Kits

  • Sensors

  • Modules

  • Gateways

  • Touch switches

  • Remotes

  • Switches

  • Yale Z-Wave lock

  • Smoke/gas sensors

Best Performing Home Automation Companies in India

Although the Indian home automation industry is just coming of age, and a lot of relatively inferior products and brands are in the market, there are a number of companies that have consistently provided quality products and services. In no particular order, consider some of the best home automation companies in India.

SharpNode: This company is one of the few companies that is making India proud as long as automating the home is concerned. Not only does the company parade one of the most impressive Smarthome systems in the world, it combines it with all with hi-tech home auto security services. No doubt, SharpNode will soon become a legitimate contender in the world scene.

Crestron: Crestron is another company that has the quality you need at very impressive rates. Should you want good products with which to automate your home even when you are on a low budget, you are certain to find solace with Crestron.

Control4: For many consumers, only Crestron beats Control14 in India’s home automation industry. True it is not a wireless system. But it brings so much to your home even as it syncs with Zigbee to make your home even smarter.

Bticino: This is another great company which targets low to middle-income earners. For a little cost, you can get an automation system that syncs with Zigbee and KNX protocol to give you the best quality.

home automation gadgets in india

Thasmai: Though not yet as popular as the most advanced system in the world, some credits need to be given to this South Indian company that has managed to capture the attention of many home automation consumers in the area.

home automation companies in india


To get the top home automation gadgets in India, you have to purchase from the top home automation companies in India. Hopefully, the ones listed above will give you an idea of where to start from. However, do not refuse to try out the newer companies who offer one of the best products and services in the industry since they are looking to make a name for themselves. Lastly, carry out adequate research before deciding on which company to work with having already taken your needs and budget into consideration.

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