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Home Automation Projects To Automate Your Home Security

When it comes to home security, no choice makes more sense than automated home security. The first reason is that though we may be able to watch our homes in the day, and if we are around, we certainly will be unable to do the same at night. A manual home security system is practically no home security system at all.

Owing to the importance of automating home security system, I have dedicated this article to that effect. In this article, we look at ways homeowners can improve the security of their homes just by cashing in on the opportunity automation brings to the scene. To look out for your home, you need to monitor what happens when you are around or away. Obviously, this brings us to the concept of monitoring effectively.

Types of Monitoring

There was a time when you must use a landline if you want to connect your home’s security system to where the monitoring takes place. Fortunately today, it does not have to be so. The improvement in technology means that several other alternatives have come to replace it. However, we begin with the landline even as we look at newer, smarter entrants to the job.


In this set –up, your land lines –the same ones that make telephone communication possible– synchronizes with a specific monitoring centre. This means that it is able to communicate with the said center in the case of an emergency. But then, they are not really the best option out there. Consider the fact that these lines can be easily cut in two, with the resulting disconnection implying that the intruder can perpetrate evil and go unscathed. This is the reason most homeowners opt for more advanced home security systems such as the one which soon follows.


As long as automated home security is concerned, the broadband brings to the table what the landline neither has or can have. With broadband technology, homeowners need not bother about the possibility of their phone lines getting tapped or cut by intruders because the broadband allows messages to be sent to the target monitoring system via the internet. In addition to providing a wireless connection to the monitoring centre through the internet, broadband technology has consistently proven to be a faster alternative in alerting the other systems. What is more? It is cheaper to acquire and set-up when compared to landlines. With the exception of poor internet connection which is quite inevitable, this option is the best.


The next, and apparently the most recent of the monitoring systems is the cell phone. It is amazing how much work one can do with a cell phone. Originally a device for making and receiving phone calls, and, perhaps, send short messages, the cell phone has become a lot of things to a lot of people. In this regard, it is an indispensable security tool. As long as cellular monitoring is concerned, sending corresponding signals to the monitoring system is as simple as a transfer of information from an inbuilt cellular uplink. So long there is a cellular connection in the region where you home is located, you don’t have a problem.

Having analyzed the types of systems available as it regards automated home security, we may now consider some specific systems, apps, and brands that are really improving the game.

Security Can be Smart

In this section, I gladly share some of the best systems which you can readily use with any of the already discussed monitors.

Smart Lock by Kwikset Kevo – What you see in the average James Bond movie has come to exist in the form of smart locks which Kevo has devoted a lot of resources to develop. Simply download their app and install it on your smartphone, then use it to give specific instructions to the system. You can use it to designate doors or rooms that can be accessed and how long they will be accessed.

iSmartAlarm – What makes the iSmartAlarm really special is its unique DIY simplicity. As most users would say, even a noob would be able to follow their easy instructions to set-up the system whose wireless connection grants users the flexibility that the true automated home security bestows.

Oplink Connected– This is almost the same as the iSSmartAlarm discussed above excepting the fact that it is more suitable for bigger homes. With an affordable monthly service fee, Oplink syncs with your mobile phone as it conveys video recording of your home with the aid of sensors strategically mounted on targeted doors and windows.


When it comes to home automation projects that are truly automated, every homeowner needs to take a couple of factors into consideration before deciding on which step to take. Very clearly, you already know that you shouldn’t break the bank in an attempt to get the best automation systems out there. The fact remains that you don’t need a mammoth budget to get a great deal.

  • Components

A great question to ask yourself would be: What important components does this system have? Can it work with Wi-Fi? Does it have enough sensors that can be strategically placed on doors and windows? Will it sync perfectly with my home’s hub and other related systems? The more positives you have to these questions, the better.

  • Custom Installation or DIY

This option has more to do with your budget than with anything else. Frankly speaking, it does not matter whether you handle the project yourself or let the service provider handle it. But then, there is usually additional fees that come with the extra services of installation by the companies. This is where low budget homeowners settle for cheaper projects such as the Simplisafe and iSmartAlarm systems.

In general, however, virtually all of these security kits are such that you can configure them by yourself to suit your specific needs. Often times, they come with features such as an app integration system, live doorbell camera streaming which enables you to know who’s at the door prior to opening it, as well as the ability to integrate with other home automation systems.

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