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Expensive Home Automation Systems

Having a smart home is the ultimate delight for its owner since the home appliances from air conditioners, switches, sound systems, warmer etc have been programmed to start working at the sight of your presence. Also, the fire detector, intruder detector, alarm and the likes, bring to your knowledge whenever there is an ugly event.

Do you want your home to be smart with quality automation?

You don’t need to seek it in far places as I will be reeling out names of quality, most expensive home automation system in this article. Simply take your time to read to the end. Your taste of quality and budget will play a major role in determining how smart your home is going to be after reading through the list.

Likewise, enjoying the luxury of an expensive home automation system with some fantastic gadgets makes you live in an earthly paradise of some sort because these gadgets make life easy for you having an interactive home. Even when you leave your home without turning some gadgets OFF, with your smart home automation hub, you can easily “communicate” with the gadget by turning it OFF without having to go back home.

We can achieve smart home automation system with the help of Smartphones, Wi-Fi internet connection, and a hub. You need to bear in mind that your home automation system is susceptible to attack if hackers steal your password, the system can compromise. In the light of that, ensure that your password is well-secured to avoid an online attack and other forms of attacks. You don’t need to be tech-savvy before you can install and operate an automation system which apps are primarily installed on the mobile device for easier access.

Things to consider before buying an expensive Home Automation System

Furthermore, there are some features you need to consider before settling for a home automation system. These features, as well as big names who had built good reputations over the years in the industry, will determine the cost of these systems. Again, mode of connection is very paramount, you can be pretty sure of good connection if the smart system is using Z-Wave technology which has low power consumption with mesh topology. Having a Mesh network in place increases the reliability of the network because it always finds means of relaying information through the connected node.

Besides, an internet connection is required if you want to communicate with your Gadgets wherever you are, either far distance or nearby, having pre-installed the app on your mobile device with your Wi-Fi internet connection compare to Bluetooth connection which only covers a few distance. And such can debar real time monitoring of your home most especially when there is an illegal entry in your apartment.

Important things you need are listed below:

  • A security system that alerts you when there is an intruder
  • You should be able to control it remotely
  • Ability of the smart system to save energy consumption when your gadgets is not in use
  • Ability to communicate with other devices that is interoperability and many more features you could desire having in your smart home system.

Some of the Expensive Home Automation System


Creston is no doubt the biggest and one of the best home automation systems in the business with a top quality brand which comes in handy with lots of features that allow the users to customize their homes to taste. It makes your home smart in many ways starting from controlling light switches, cameras, thermostat, automatic doors, energy consumption, playing favorite songs, and prompt communication when the need arises. Also, Creston gives you the option of controlling your home via mobile device or through Crestron Pyng® system. They both serve the same purpose, but on different platforms. However, some of their sophisticated products require the service of a tech savvy to install due to the complexity of its programming, but they have good customer service to render assistance when needed. This technology supports numerous gadgets and it has a warranty on its products.

creston automation hub


  • It supports most protocols
  • It supports various hardware
  • It has feature that supports using voice to control your gadgets
  • It uses Crestron Pyng® system to control gadgets as an alternative to mobile apps


This Vivint Home Automation System is so smart that it can identify an impersonator who claims to be a Vivint dealer/representative simply by searching their online database using the ID of the said representative. This feature helps you detect burglars standing at your door post who feign to be a representative of Vivint and this makes it be user-friendly.

expensive home automation system


  • It supports up to 50 hardware
  • It has strong security features using its VivintSky app
  • It works fine with Amazon Echo which allows voice prompt in controlling some gadgets
  • It supports Z-Wave protocol
  • They have both smart home system and security devices


Savant Home Automation System has DIY (Do It Yourself) remote that helps you to install part of the features of the system before their representative comes around to install the full package. With Savant, you can enjoy the luxury of smart home with its hub via Wi-Fi internet connection which allows communication with other devices. Also, they have a good customer support that is always available to attend to you and take you through on how the system works.

savant home automation hub


  • It supports mobile apps, but it has its own app called Savant
  • It has a feature that helps to save energy consumption
  • It has a DIY remote for partial installation
  • It supports other hardware, but not as many as others


This is a specialized Automation System that deals with the safety of your home. They have highly sophisticated motion detector (sensor) which monitors your home and protect your family.

specialized automation hub for security


  • It has an Auto Schedule mode
  • It has video surveillance for monitoring your home as well as monitoring the wellbeing of the pets
  • It supports controlling the temperature of your home remotely
  • Their devices have a lifetime warranty.


There are a whole lot of other expensive home automation systems with good features you can try out. However, the above listed smart systems and security devices have proven to have superior advantages over others in the industry. Likewise, they are well rated and have a good reputation which makes people patronize them when it comes to smart home appliances. But then, this status does not last forever. Other companies are constantly improving their products and this list is tenable to change every year.

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