Puzzle Time Game iPhone/iPad Review – Must Have App For Your Kids!

When it comes to iOS app for kids, there are ton of apps out there to engage them or to learn something new. But how many of the are used regularly by kids and enjoyed very passionately? Not much. So, I found one iPhone app today that can engage your kid for hours and also help develop their logic – Puzzle Time.


When you open this app for very first time, you will be amazed by its visual presentation. Puzzle Time is totally optimized to take advantage of iPhone & iPad’s Retina display and overall experience is quite amazing. The game is basically designed for all kids, but the age group of 2 to 7 years will enjoy it the most.

The game gives you 80 puzzles that features really good hand drawn graphics with guidelines. Even very young kids tend to understand this puzzle game very quickly and they might get engaged for hours. Each puzzle have 5-8 broken pieces that the user have to combine, and the guidelines help them try harder for each puzzle, which is good for user engagement.

When you complete each puzzle, you get a final image with eye-candy graphics including a voice narration, so that is pretty cool.

Puzzle Time Game For iPhone & iPad

Despite of being a simple game, Puzzle Time really helps your kids to develop brain by taking challenges in a fun way. There are more puzzle packs available as in-app purchase named as Trains, Space and Pirates, which are great add-on to have to original game. The add ons do have 120+ puzzles in total and would help you grow your puzzle repository.

The design of game is very fresh & colors are playful, which helps very young kids of age 2 or 3 get attracted towards it. And UI is simple enough to understand with hardly 2-3 tries(for young kids).

The game works really well on both iPhone as well iPad, but looks most stunning on iPad thanks to its mighty screen size. Though your kid might find it more usable on iPhone, because he can hold it very firmly.

Puzzle Time Game For iPhone & iPad

As the developer has described ‘The game truly helps children of all ages improve cognitive thinking, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness’. And that is why I would highly recommend this game to all iOS users who have young minds in their homes!

Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Cost: $2.99

Ratings – 5/5

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