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Aquarium Organisms iOS App Review

Do you own a fish tank or planning to own one? There is a great app for your iPhone & iPad that can help you take good care the whole thing. It’s called –Aquarium Organisms!

Aquarium Organisms iOS App Review

Most of us are only familiar with popular fishes, but this app will help you discover hundreds of fish, plants and invertebrates. Aquarium organisms app also helps you learn how you can  provide them the best environment in your fish tank for each one of them.


You can directly browse through these numerous aquarium beauties using this app or can simply search them by their properties. The app is accessible anywhere you go, as it does not require you to be online for any information. So you can carry this app whenever you go to store and decide right there using Aquarium Organisms.



Wide selection of the most common fish, plants and invertebrates, will help you decide how you can brew them in a fish tank.As shown in following screenshot, with each organism you can read its complete biological data, caresheet and picture.




Additionally, you can create a caresheet or your favorite organisms, and share it later on with your friends using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also quickly transfer the caresheet to other phones using a QR code, which comes in handy.

This app uses’s database of 800+ organism to avail you the latest and best information. The user interface is basic and straight forward, and serves its purpose properly.

The app costs $1.99 but considering the specific information it provides, it is definitely worth it. If you love aquarium organisms, this app is undoubtedly the must-have for you!

Cost: $1.99

Ratings: 5/5

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