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Travelog iPhone App Review – Traveller’s Best Blogging Companion!

Travel is all about capturing the memories to relive those beautiful and adventurous journeys again and again, and what if you can store all of them on your iPhone immediately as they happen? Today, I am going to review a travel blog app that lets you quickly capture you thoughts & experiences called as – Travelog – Travel Blog!

Travelog is a great platform you can carry with your iPhone and making a journal entry within this app is superquick. You can rapidly capture photos and add notes to it and share with fellow travelers and community.

I totally loved they way this app visually showcases your journey on maps, or with pictures or with simple social view, where you have choice to sort out all the journeys based on different information.

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Travelog reduces your efforts of capturing the memories significantly where you in general you have to take pictures, notes, write journal & share using separate four apps, Travelog lets you use this all from a single user interface.

The app looks great on mighty retina display of Apple iPhone as well as iPad and works flawlessly for as long as you want it. The fluid interface makes you all the blogging tasks look like piece of cake.

Most impressive feature if Travelog iOS app is to log the entries of all your memories and organize them precisely, and well this app perfectly success in it. Your all journal entries are stored as blog and you can also access this blog from web at this URL –

Again, as this one is one of the best companion for travel bloggers out there, you can also see other user’s travel blogs, read them collect them and make your overall traveling experience productive! Overall I will recommend this blog to all the hardcore as well as casual travelers out there to preserve and share their memories in best ways.

Ratings – 5/5

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