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Wobb! Africa iPad Game Review: A Cool Animal Finding Game!

Its time for some animal games, and its not just a fun one but you can test your knowledge as well. This is a cool new animal finding game for iPad named – Wobb! Africa.

Wobb! Africa iOS Game Review

The games is named as Wobb! Africa, because it has a collection of animals from which you have to find the African animals.

Wobb! Africa is all about testing your knowledge about variety of African animals and learning new things with it.

wobb-africa-ios-game-1The game is quite simple to play and enjoy but the great thing about it is, its completely made of hand-drawn drawings!  You will also hear the natural sound associated with the animal, when you find him. 

You have to find five animals, then shake the iPad – and nothing is as it was before. wobb! Africa completely rebuilds itself, and you are again presented with the new challenge that is different, every time!

wobb-africa-ios-game-2There is a great soothing music in the background, that will give you the experience of being on the African Safari. If you find it little difficult to find the animal, you can use the little helper function to get through.

wobb-africa-ios-game-3This game has a great experience with a good learning experience for your children to know about each and every animal from the Africa. The graphics look amazing on the iPad’s mighty display with retina resolution, and your kids will definitely enjoy this fun learning experience.

wobb-africa-ios-game-4At the cost of $2.99, this game is very well worth its cost thanks to its hand drawn art work and natural voice. Overall, I will recommend this game for all iPad owners who have kids!

 Cost: $0.99

Download Wobb! Africa