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Zombie Friends iOS Game Review: Cute And Harmless Horror Game!

I always love testing new games on iOS, as some developers are constantly working hard to bring something new to the marketplace, and here is an all new Zombie action, that is surprisingly cute –Zombie Friends!


Zombie Friends Game Review

Yes, this game has Zombies, Vampires, Ghost and even Vampires, but they are not going to attack you violently in this game, as it promises to remain harmless all over its gameplay. It let you discover the unusual world inhabited by well-known characters and creatures. Number of cute zombies are ready to hold each other’s hands with the help of you as a game player, and help you dive into the history of all these creatures and help to cope with all of the difficulties.


You have to fill in empty cells to hold hands of other zombies and always stay away from enemies like Frankenstein or Ghosts. As the game style is relatively new, developers have provided a Zombie Master, that will help you learn the basics and give tips along the way. Even when playing for the first time, I did not find it any difficult to understand thank to the intuitive user interface created for Zombie Friends.


There are total two game backgrounds you can play this game with & 8 different characters, each with different style and different rules, that multiplies the overall fun. Unique gaming mechanics keeps the freshness of this game at the highest, increases the replay value. Apart from its engaging gameplay, the Music makes this game even more enjoyable which changes with sequences.

The game have whopping 60 levels, that you free access to, without any advertisement or in-app purchases. Which is pretty awesome for everyone who love to try new games on iPhone or iPad. The game has vibrant visual graphics and they look stunning even on iPad’s retina display.


Even kids can enjoy this game thanks to the zero violence maintained by the developers. Overall, I wil give the highest possible ratings to this game and will recommend this game to all iOS users out there!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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