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Aptito POS iPad App Review – High End Solution For Restaurant Owners/ Managers!

Do you own a restaurant in your town? How many times, do you face issues managing booking, payment & orders?- A lot right? 

Today, I am going to review one highly professional app designed specifically to tackle challenges in managing restaurants & improve productivity of the whole workflow – Aptito POS.

The most promising feature offered by Aptito POS is real-time reserving of seats, which gives you & your customers a fast experience during booking time.

Aptito App For Restaurant Owners

As you can see in image above, the bar/ restaurant tables, their occupancy, arrangement, orders and everything is represented visually using the Aptito POS. The mighty high-resolution display is very helpful for such visual representation of your restaurant. Despite of in-restaurant management, this app also supports Automated Delivery/Takeout for quick service as well.

Above layout is just an example of how properly you can monitor the activities in the restaurant not just within it but from thousands miles away as well. Aptito POS is totally customization according to your arrangement of seats, payment options, staff allocation & everything you will ever need in satisfying the needs of every customer.

Aptito iPad App For Restaurant Owners : Review

The app supports in-app credit card purchases to generate & pay the bills for all the customers very quickly and easily and you can manage your financial activities with ease. The log for all previous customers is saved & it can help you later on to figure out accounting very precisely. App also support adding & modifying payments for each customer & can also split checks as well.

Aptito iPad App For Restaurant Owners : Review

Aptito Supports scheduling & managing the employees in the restaurant, which can save you huge time daily in allocation for specific tasks, as almost everything is pre-managed using the app.

The user interface is done precisely well, and takes very less time to understand and implement or replace in whatever the existing system you are using with your restaurant. The miscellaneous features includes – Mobile Communicator app, PCI compliance, Order Modification,Real Time Self Manageable Inventory & Easy Setup & Adoption.

Overall, the app provides exact needs every restaurant business owner/manager needs and will be definitely most useful to improve productivity in overall work & eventually in profits as well. The app comes for Free, which is another reason to make it one of the must-have app for relevant users!

Cost : Free

Our Ratings : 5/5

Download Aptito POS For iPad

3 Responses

  1. I got deceived, now I am paying
    $200+ more than I was told even though my monthly fee was $75 promised by sale

  2. It seems very nice unless you start
    talking about money, price shown is just to start from, to get a real service
    you’ll have to pay way more