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Samsung Star Wi fi Firmware Update – S5230W/S5233W

We have recived another firmware upgrade, and this time its for samsung star wi fi S5230W/ S5233W.

One of my friend Arun Sharma told me about it, & I wish to thank him for this great share here. The firmware is of course coming from Darforest, its not our own innovation. The whole procedure of firmware upgrade is same as before.

Here is The New Firmware for Star Wi Fi S5230W/ S5233W

Update: 19/4/2012

Notice : Download Links Are Permanently Removed, We Regret for the Inconvenience. 

Please Backup your files before upgrading.

If anything goes wrong, you can still go to samsung service center for reinstalling old FW.

Disclaimer : This version we have got from a forum. It is not from samsung itself. Samsung also would not recommend you to use this firmware. It may be illegal in many countries.

Try it for your curiosity of developements but ‘ Try it on your own risk .’

Amol Wagh

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  1. Avatar
    ross January 10, 2010

    can you pls. help me get the original firmware for s5233w/ i flash my phone but it appears that it is for s5230w their are some features changed like the compose of sms, the keyboad is not easy as s5233w. pls. help. tnx

    • Avatar
      Hamza August 11, 2010

      I also wanna ma orignal Firmware bAck..Help..!

    • Avatar
      ester September 16, 2010

      me too! i lost my wifi 🙁

  2. Avatar
    parag January 30, 2010

    thanks for posting. mine is s5233w too. i wont upgrade till a stable ver. is available. thanks for posting your comment.

  3. Avatar
    Tejas March 04, 2010

    I hv bought a new s5233w in feb’10. service center person said it is the latest version.but it is full of bugs the music player,widget,google app and wifi doesnt work properly.can you suggest me what to do???

  4. Avatar
    Tejas March 04, 2010

    I hv bought a new s5233w in feb’10. service center person said it is the latest version.but it is full of bugs the music player,widget,google app and wifi doesnt work properly.can you suggest me what to do?

    • Avatar
      Amol Wagh March 04, 2010

      Hii Tejas,
      If you have bought in Feb then yu must have latest firmware I guess. But still if you think its not working properly, then tell service center guy to flash & update firmware. As you are in warranty period you can get it done free.

      Or you can do it by yourself. And try to install proper firmware before doing it.

      Suggestion: Try to do Wi fi connection settings & other things once again & ensure that you are not making any mistake in it. Because I never heard anybody complaining about bugs in Star Wi FI.

  5. Avatar
    Tejas March 30, 2010

    Thanks amol but getting my phone also didnt worked it has same problem
    after downloading any app from getjar or some other websites directly from my phone the music player
    if i pause any track it still show || and that track cannot be continued, even after forward it happens the same,
    about wifi, some times after using bolt browser if i turn off the wifi, next time i try to connect to that connection it shows ‘disconnected’
    however these problems get solved temporaryly if i restart my phone! please suggest me

  6. Avatar
    Patro May 12, 2010

    I am from egypt and i bought this phone 1month ago and i want to download the update of this phone to download flash player to my mobile because it shows just the youtube videos nothing else
    is this version is good ???
    plz give me an answer thanx

  7. Avatar
    Raj May 28, 2010

    I have s5233w the firmware is wddii2 is it the lattest one? please reply.

  8. Avatar
    Humza June 02, 2010

    Hey guys i have samsung star s5233w which i bought 2weeks ago but i can’t see youtubes videos in it plzzz help

    • Avatar
      Hamza August 11, 2010

      Umm…use s5233w Browser…
      It’ll definitely work..

      If not Download some flash player…

  9. Avatar
    ytan August 23, 2010

    hi. im having problems with my s5233w. i can connect to my wireless router, and i can browse no problem using my default browser. but its really slow. i decided 2 download a browser. i downloaded bolt and opera mini, but it uses up my airtime. how can i make it so that it would use my wifi connection instead of my minutes/airtime.? pls help me. ive been having this dilemma for a week now. pls?

    • Avatar
      aaqsad March 25, 2011

      hello frnd

      hey bro , evry thing will be fine as u say that ur airtime has been use by browser even when u connect with WIFI ,
      nthng to worry just go to browser menu and change the setting from browser profile and connect it to ur active wifi connection’s profile than ur money will not detected .

      thanks aaqsad

    • Avatar
      Arjun Andrade January 27, 2012

      just go to .. Applications -> Games and more -> Click “More” Button -> Connections -> then select your wifi connection..

  10. Avatar
    Yaseen September 25, 2010

    hello guys i am having the same problem i buyed samsung star wifi some 2 weeks ago

    first youtube was working fine

    now it stoped i dont know what happend please help me

  11. Avatar
    joe frank February 27, 2011

    I have samsung s5233w and my phone does not support or install
    any apps. please, if you have any upgraded software to install apps
    in s5233w,must be windows 7 supported. kindly mail me at this email address. Thank you

    • Avatar
      aaqsad March 25, 2011

      kindly download the applications frm
      it wiill defenetly works

  12. Avatar
    styawan March 04, 2011

    help me .. I need the original firmware samsung gt s5233w ….??? I beg ….???

    • Avatar
      Amol Wagh March 04, 2011

      You cant get it anywhere online. You go to Samsung supprt center & tell them to reinstall it, if your phone is under warranty -it will be Free

  13. Avatar
    Tejas March 11, 2011

    is there any diffrence between browser version(browser-settings-about browser) 1.0 & 0.8? star wifi has 0.8 and star next has 1.0 . how can i get it in star wifi?

    • Avatar
      Amol Wagh March 11, 2011

      Not much. But you can get it by upgrading firmware.. which is tough to do for beginners & I won’t recommend it.

  14. Avatar
    ella April 02, 2011

    hi, i just bought the samsung star wifi s5230w last week. i was trying to set the correct time and date, but i can’t find where to set those. i go to the setting, date and time but still i can’t reset the time and date.. is there anyone who can help me? please.. thanks!

  15. Avatar
    Iv April 21, 2011

    Is it possible to get WiFi whit this update to a regular Samsung star?

    Than I can get free internet at home!

  16. Avatar
    Kushagra Jain April 11, 2012

    guys i want to update my samsung star wi-fi gts5233w how to do it plz tell i am facing alots of problem.plz contact me on my