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Top Seven Games That Students Do Like to Play at Spare Time

Nowadays students get very limited spare time due to some of the jam-packed academic schedule. As a result, when they get some free time they want to spend it in a fruitful way. Most of them want to pass their free time by playing games. But choosing an enjoyable yet educative game is very tough nowadays. Because there are lots of games and most of them are responsible for the violation and sexual contents.

When I was a student I used to play a lot of indoor games. There are a lot of benefits of indoor games rather than playing virtual games. So you should try to play as much as physical games as possible.

Benefits of Playing Games

The benefits of playing games know no bound. Here I am presenting some of the benefits of playing games.

Increase Creativity

By playing games you will be able you use your whole nervous system which will result in increasing your creativity. Especially if you play indoor games you will be able to increase your brain power.


By playing outdoor games you can stay fit. As a student in order to stay fit, you need to play a lot of games.

Stress Reliever

If you play regularly you can relive you stresses easily and can mentally fit for studying more efficiently.

Now I am going to give a list of some games (Outdoor, Indoor and virtual) so that you can get full advantages from playing games.


It is considered one of the most popular games in the world. People go crazy for it. If you play football regularly you will be able to stay fit. Moreover, you will be able to gain the quality of doing a work in a team.

Martial Arts

One of my most favorite sports. I like it very much because not only for its health benefits but also for teaching us how to respect others. Moreover, you can learn how to protect yourself from the enemy.


I love cycling. It helps to stay active and to sweat a lot. Bicycling helps to keep fitness of cardiovascular and help to make muscle strong and more flexible. It also decreases stress levels and body fat levels. Moreover, it helps to build up the strong immune system. It also makes students more focused and attentive.


Forget about all the sports if you want to spend quality time via sports then you can swim. Because swimming is considered one of the best sports in the world. The reason is very simple when we swim we use almost every major muscle groups and it is really a good aerobic activity to pump the heart. In a result, swimming is great for health because it has the cardiovascular benefits that promote heart and lung health.


Can you remember this game? It was a very common indoor game in my childhood. Still, now kids play this game. By playing it kids used to get enough enjoyment. There are some health benefits also. If any kids play this game for an hour daily, he can burn around 100 calories which are very impressive. Moreover, their leg muscle gets stronger.


One of the most popular indoor games. It is also called the brain game. By playing it students will not only able to raise their IQ but also can prevent Alzheimer. It also improves your memory and increases the level of creativity. In a word, this is an ideal game for students. Nowadays you can play it on your smartphone also and the results will be same.

As chess helps to increase the power of brain and creativity level, you can do well in professional custom writing and will be able to become a writer in the near future.

Age of Empires 2

This game helps to know the history. Although all the things that showed in the game may not be the fully correct the main aim of the game was to make you feel the interest to know more about the history. As it is a strategic game it will help you to use your brain more and more. By doing this you can increase your brain power.

Most of us generally think that games and sports will only be a form of getting recreation. It can have educative benefits too; people simply forget about it. Finally, I would like to say that if you want to spend you spear time in a fruitful way I mean to gain knowledge as well as keeping yourself healthy and recreation than you can follow the above games. If you think these sports are really good for students and they can play these games in their spear time, then let us know in the comment section or if you have any suggestion regarding this topic feel free to comment us in the comment section also.