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Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch (2024)

Delve into the spine-chilling world of horror games on Nintendo Switch.

Experience interactive terror that complements your Switch library perfectly.

Nintendo is well known for family-friendly games such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and the Pokémon franchise. Still, the Nintendo Switch has its fair share of excellent horror games. Horror is a popular genre in more mediums than simply video games, and it can capture viewers whether the frights are hidden within the pages of a book or shown in a theatre. Games’ interactive experiences can help make horror experiences even more horrific, making them an excellent choice for rounding out a personal Switch library.

Although horror games are more commonly linked with the PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, numerous terrifying titles have been launched on the Switch. The variety in the console’s extensive catalogue is difficult to deny, ranging from original IPs to remasters, remakes, and horror titles transplanted from other consoles. Many outstanding horror games are rather moderate, but a few selections could rival even the most terrifying dreams.
Are you bothered by weird noises in the middle of the night? Do you have emotions of fear in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever encountered a spook, phantom, or ghost?

Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch (2024)

If the answer is “no,” you have not played any of Nintendo Switch’s superb horror games. There are plenty of scary games on the platform, but you might be wondering which Switch horror games to pick up when you’re alone at home on a night and looking for a scare.
We’ve compiled a list of the top terrifying games on Switch, in no particular order, to get your heart racing. Not all of these are horror games, but each one is a creepy treat. Could you possibly argue we didn’t warn you?

Little Nightmares II

We enjoyed the original Little Nightmares, but the sequel — appropriately titled Little Nightmares II — is our favourite of the two. It’s completely interesting from beginning to end, with great pacing, entertainingly varied level design, and amazing graphics and performance. The only significant shortcomings are the imprecise nature of all games of this sub-genre, as well as a few moments that feel more like trial-and-error than reactive survival. In our opinion, this does not detract from a significantly greater sequel and one of the best cinematic platformers we’ve played. It’s a very stylish delight.

Resident Evil Revelations Collection

This series is the grandfather of survival horror games, hence it will appear on this list. Resident Evil Revelations Collection contains the original 3DS title Revelations and Revelations 2 (albeit the sequel is a download code if you buy physical, so be warned) and includes some terrific over-the-shoulder scares.

Both are available separately on the eShop; the latter is great for co-op play with a companion. We’d recommend bringing someone else along; it could be less intimidating.

Layers of Fear: Legacy

Layers of Fear: Legacy is a terrifying walking simulator in which you must investigate the home of a mad painter. The scares are psychological, and even a simple camera pan can dramatically alter the environment. You’ll be scared to take a single step in this artistic mind-bender; the ingenuity in its scares keeps you guessing about what’s around every corner, and even then, its innovative set-pieces will undoubtedly surprise you.

Aside from the slightly mediocre gameplay, the plot’s spiral into lunacy and the title’s attention to messing with your expectations to set up a scare make this a terrifying experience you won’t want to miss.


Despite seeming to fizzle under the weight of its admiration for Blade Runner, Observer creates an amazing and moving horror experience on Switch that does not overstay its welcome. It’s perhaps at its best when you give in to the bombardment of images and sounds rather than scouring pools of blood with detective vision.

This port walks a technical tightrope and falters slightly in docked mode, but it performs considerably better as a handheld experience; it is ambition and complex world-building are admirable enough to compensate for any shortcomings in technology. As for the scare factor, everyone has their scale for what makes you wet your pants, but if dread, unease, and a complete lack of predictability sound like your cup of tea, you may be in for a long, sleepless night after playing this one.

Outlast: Bundle of Terror

The original Outlast: Bundle of Terror demonstrated that indie developers can create excellent survival horror games. You play as Miles Upshur, a freelance journalist who decides to quit writing about Brexit and new-age diets and instead search for a story inside a long-abandoned asylum. However, it may not be fully abandoned as it appears…
If you like the first game, you might be interested in Outlast 2. It takes place in the same universe as the original, but you play investigative journalists Blake and Lynn Langermann, husband and wife. Armed with only a camera, you must investigate the mysterious death of an unknown pregnant woman.

Nothing can go wrong, right? Both Outlast games are must-haves for people who enjoy being scared out of their minds, while the first is perhaps the greatest. Nonetheless, the sequel is worth a watch after you’ve filled your unmentionables with…fear.


Limbo is a fantastically gloomy and expertly crafted platform puzzler that communicates a terrifying story without using words. It may be a tad stark, but it’s packed with clever physics puzzles and difficult platforming difficulties. It’s quite powerful material, and your imagination will go wild as to what all of this signifies. Oh, and there’s a huge spider to deal with. That is more than enough terror to justify its inclusion here.


Detention is a horror classic that deserves to be on your Nintendo Switch. Its plot conveys an essential lesson by introducing elements that appear nearly unfair when viewed through the eyes of a child, but this only serves to heighten the terror. Detention is a suitably scary title that should be experienced firsthand, thanks to its terrifying atmosphere, a series of chilling ghouls, and music that will sink its claws into you.

Alien: Isolation

The Alien franchise made a major video game mistake with the widely panned Aliens: Colonial Marines, but Alien: Isolation more than made up for it. It’s a tight, compelling survival horror game that exploits the terror that the Xenomorph can instil, with intelligent adversary AI necessitating stealth and skilful play. The Switch version is one of the system’s most remarkable ports, with no compromises that could detract from the overall experience.

Mad Father

Mad Father is a horror adventure game in which an 11-year-old girl, Aya Drevis, discovers a series of mysteries regarding an occurrence at her family home. Although the phrase “family home” conjures up images of warmth, safety, and familial devotion, Aya Drevis’ mansion would be more appropriate for Elm Street or Roxbury Street. This remake of the 2012 edition retains everything that made the original terrifying, and it is undeniably one of the scariest horror games on the Nintendo Switch.

White Night

White Night, released in 2015, is a modern reimagining of numerous well-known horror game clichés. White Night, set in a haunted mansion populated by ghosts, has a camera perspective reminiscent of the first Resident Evil games and a distinctive black-and-white colour scheme. The survival horror puzzle game makes the most of its limited colour palette; one example is the feature of limited illumination, which is dictated by a rapidly depleting supply of matches. The only way to defend yourself from the dark and all it contains is to stay in the light.


The game Darkwood is set in a gloomy, endless forest filled with terrible monsters. The only way to survive the night is to forage for supplies and seek refuge. The difficulty and relevance of decisions heighten the terror of Darkwood; one mistake could result in a painful and terrifying death – permanent if the player so desires. Darkwood is a difficult game to learn and even more challenging to master. The top-down camera angle is reminiscent of the early survival horror games and a refreshing break from modern first- or third-person adventures.

Resident Evil (2002 Remake)

Resident Evil’s 2002 version is a truly horrifying classic survival horror game that can still compete with more recent remakes of the series. Resident Evil, which was ported to the Switch in 2019, is spine-chillingly horrific at times, with a constant sense of discomfort and peril. The Switch edition, like the original 2002 remake, is one of the best horror games ever made, possibly because it rations its fear, carefully and thoughtfully saving moments of fright to maximise their impact.

Amnesia: Collection

The Amnesia Collection, widely recognised as one of the best survival horror franchises of the 2010s, was launched in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. It includes Amnesia: The Dark Descent and its DLC Justine, as well as Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, all of which are strong contenders for some of the most terrifying horror games on the Switch. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is undoubtedly the scariest of the bunch, and the struggle to live and escape Brennenburg Castle while solving riddles and evading monsters is filled with dread.

Death Mark

Death Mark’s mystical horror setting presents itself as an exploratory adventure game, with much of your time spent wandering around a single predetermined location looking for clues and objects that will help solve the case and quench the spirit’s thirst for vengeance while avoiding death. It’s a rare game that can begin tense and then gradually ramp up the tension to almost unbearable levels until the final moments of the final chapter – and an even rarer one that has enough alternate characters, dialogue, and endings to make it worthwhile to play through multiple times – but Death Mark succeeds where it counts.

There’s plenty to enjoy here for both horror aficionados and those searching for a mystery that involves more than stockpiling knick-knacks and patiently waiting for your character to notice something before proceeding.

Hope you found our exploration of horror games on Nintendo Switch thrilling! Get ready to immerse yourself in spine-chilling experiences that will leave you on the edge of your seat.