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Canada’s Most Popular Games of 2024

Canada’s gaming scene is a dynamic industry that is only forecasted to grow, with 61% of the country’s population playing video games. Looking ahead, the gaming market share is projected to hit $7.99 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.49%.

The country enjoys advancements like VR and AI that enhance the gaming experience. Other advancements, like the introduction of 5G, have worked wonders in the gaming sector, as players can now enjoy high-speed gaming.

Most Popular Games in Canada

The Main Gaming Genres Predicted to be Popular

The Casino Genre

Casino gaming continues to dominate Canada, with Statistica projecting its market share to hit $3.35 billion by 2028, growing at 6.44%. The relatively liberal legal and regulatory environment significantly contributes to this growth, allowing domestic and international casinos to operate within the area.

Canada approaches casino gaming differently, as it allows provinces to have their gambling regulations. This has enhanced how online casinos appeal to regional preferences, ensuring that casinos are safe, accessible, and regulated for players.

Many players also adopt online casinos because they are easily accessible and they simplify the process of finding their favorite titles. For example, if you want to look at the 10 biggest jackpot slots, you can do so with a simple click on your mobile device.

Technological advancements like immersive graphics, which closely mimic land-based experiences, keep players engaged. Generous bonuses like the welcome bonus, free spins, etc., enhance the gameplay and provide players with added value.

The rise of live dealer games where players engage with professional dealers virtually makes casino gaming even more appealing. Other reinventions like Slingo, which combines slots and bingo, continue to make the casino industry relevant.


Action accounts for approximately 33% of the gaming ecosystem in Canada. Offering a fast-paced experience, Action allows players to participate in intense combat and tight reflex-based challenges.

The genre emphasizes strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination and may include the following subgenres:

Fighting – one-on-one or group combats are common; players engage characters with special abilities to defeat opponents.

Platformer deals with characters navigating 2D or 3D environments and overcoming hurdles to progress through the game.

Stealth genre – This involves navigating an environment quietly without being detected. The player uses cunning strategies that help them achieve their goals without a direct confrontation.

First Person Shooter (FPS) games involve using firearms and other weapons in a contest against a protagonist you must overcome.

Third-person shooter (TPS) – engages a character in a third-person narrative to defeat challenges and adversaries

Survival horror – revolves around a tense atmosphere where players must confront supernatural threats using limited resources

Battle Royale – involves many players participating against each other in intense confrontations until only one player overcomes.


This genre, accounting for 30% of the gaming population, explores themes of exploration, character development, storytelling, and puzzle-solving. It has various subgenres, including adventure games and interactive movie games.

In adventure games, players embark on a journey where they solve puzzles and engage in diverse worlds. On the other hand, interactive movie games are similar to film and involve players making decisions that influence how the story unfolds.

Role Playing Games

Players assume roles of fictional characters using tailored attributes and abilities. In massively multiplayer online games, multiple players engage in a vigorous virtual world, fostering cooperative gameplay. 

Role-playing games also come in the form of multiplayer online battle arena games. These often feature teams aiming to destroy their contestants in strategic and goal-based battles.

Other game genres predicted to soar in popularity include:




Games Predicted to be Popular

Poker Games

Poker is no longer just a game played in physical gambling halls but has become a popular home entertainment activity. For example, in 2011, almost 2.3 million Canadians played poker for fun, while the number grew to 3.1 million in 2022.

The game’s continued popularity in the country could be attributed to various factors, including the launch of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This event has improved poker’s appeal from a seedy pastime to an engaging TV sport, alongside other games, including darts.

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 appeals to many audiences and was once ranked the fastest-selling PS game in just 24 hours. In October 2023, Statistica ranked it as the most-sold video title in Canada.

The game incorporates next-gen graphics that make the gameplay more immersive. You will find different graphics modes, including Fidelity (outputs 4K at 30 fps) and Performance (outputs 4K at 60 fps) modes.

Monopoly GO

Developed and published by Scopely and Hasbro, this 2023 mobile board game continues to attract millions of Canadian players. The game integrates parts of the traditional Monopoly game with some light mid-core mechanics to make it more engaging.

Monopoly GO has been praised for its stunning visuals and captivating soundtracks, resulting in a wider adoption within the Canadian market. Scopely has already indicated that the game is performing well, garnering over $200 million in sales monthly.

Final Words

It is evident that the reinventions happening in Canada’s gaming scene are the reason for the industry’s robust growth. As developers create more player-centric games, we expect that many Canadians will participate in such games.