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Best Horror Games for iPhone/iPad (2024)

Experience the best horror games for iPhone, immersing yourself in heart-pounding terror and spine-chilling thrills.

You can always turn on the latest or favorite horror film when you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and some jump scares. Unlike horror games, films do not allow you to participate in the action. After all, being an active participant allows you to experience the scares much more fully! So, I have collected the best horror games for iPhone and iPad for all of you horror game fans out there. Let us take a look!

best horror games for iphone

Into the Dead 2: More zombies, horror, and action

Horror games do not always make you feel powerless. Sometimes, a few games provide a lot of leeway in defeating the night’s dangers. Into the Dead 2 is one of those games.
It’s an excellent shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic society overrun by zombies. The game has numerous endings depending on your in-game choices and lets you mow down zombies any way you like. You can choose between a crowbar to the head and a headshot from a sniper rifle.
Aside from the story mode, numerous online events offer generous rewards for completion. Zombie threats vary by location. As a result, you will need to review and strategize your strategy accordingly.

The game relies on an energy system that depletes quickly. This depletion rate can be disruptive to gaming. Hopefully, the devs will address this issue in an upcoming release.

Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror – Online survival horror

While Dead by Daylight and Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror provide comparable gaming experiences, the latter introduces a few noteworthy changes. The game’s objective is similar: kill or be killed. There are seven different survivors, each with a distinct advantage.

For example, the basketball player can outrun the other survivors, while the police officer can apprehend murderers if he isn’t killed first. You can play as any of four deranged serial killers, including the Butcher and Ghost. The killers have some advantages as well.

Evil Nun: Horror at School – A puzzle game with superior horror elements

When a mysterious creature is hunting you and need to solve a problem to advance, the adrenaline rush is unparalleled. If this seems interesting to you, try this game. Your character is invited to a summer camp and kidnapped by Sister Madeline from Eagle’s Junior High School. Unfortunately, she has a nefarious plot that includes some horrific horrors and mind-bending puzzles. The only way to get your freedom is to solve puzzles and avoid Sister Madeline’s wicked glare.

Samsara Room – Perfect for newcomers

The storyline in the game is engaging, and there are several ways to escape the institution. Most puzzles are engaging and demand you to engage your cognitive abilities. If the standard option is too easy, you may increase the difficulty level to match your pace.
The main limitation is that solving riddles requires a lot of backtracking. This can get quite tedious and frustrating.

Samsara Room is not your ordinary horror game, including jump scares. This one combines an ambient ambience with subtle terror undertones to produce something unique.
This makes the game ideal for newbies to the horror genre. Samsara Room is the game to play if you want a little fear while still going to the toilet without feeling like a supernatural creature is watching you.
Your character awakens in a room with strange artefacts and no escape route. As the game describes it, the only way to get freedom is to solve delicate problems and achieve enlightenment! The game uses a persistent claustrophobic atmosphere to simulate scary themes.  While the game is unique, some players may dislike its slow pace.

Death Park: Scary Horror Clown – Endless scares, multiple endings

There’s always something creepy about clowns and abandoned amusement parks. Consider a game that combines both to provide some of the creepiest images in a mobile game. The clown does this exceptionally well. The visuals are fantastic for a smartphone game, which amps the horror effect tenfold. You can explore seven different locales and follow an intriguing plot as it unfolds based on your in-game choices. While visiting eerie locations, beware of a terrifying clown determined to capture you. You must proceed through the game by completing difficult puzzles and surviving severe encounters.

Despite being one of iPhone’s best free horror games, it suffers from a freemium model with excessive advertisements.

Rest in Pieces – Infinite running

Infinite running games typically have more arcade-style gameplay and themes. On the other hand, rest in Pieces keeps you running away from terrifying monsters and terrible concepts.
The game utilises the concept of nightmares to create fantastic gameplay. There are several personalities to play as, each suffering from their unique nightmares. Will you help Captain Jack Parrot catch the Kraken? What about helping Father Lugosi endure Count Dracula’s trials?

The only way to wake from the nightmare is to slay the bosses. Each character you control has distinct benefits that you can use. My only complaint about the game is its short length. I wish they included more stages and characters in the game.

Lifeline – Pensive horror RPG

Lifeline is undeniably one of the best horror games for the iPhone. If you don’t trust me, you should play this game yourself. Your character crash-lands on an extraterrestrial moon and must survive the harsh conditions of space. Throughout your adventure, you will encounter numerous life-threatening events that will require you to make life-or-death decisions. Whatever option you make, the outcome will be shades of grey.

The gameplay takes place in real time. For example, if you select a task that requires 30 minutes, you must wait 30 minutes in real time to finish it. This adds a realistic element to the game and encourages you to invest more. While this is an incredibly unique gaming mechanism, it may not appeal to people who prefer simpler, faster-paced games.

Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters – Explore at your risk

The exploring mechanic in horror games has been used numerous times. However, only some games have done it properly. With Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters, you get a superb game that deserves your attention.
You break into a scary mansion after midnight to satisfy your curiosity. Instead of discovering something interesting, you receive far more than you expected. You must escape the mansion as fast as possible; otherwise, the scary monster will seize you instantly.
This game reminds me of the superhit Silent Hills Playable Teaser, launched in 2014. It’s jam-packed with psychological terror and jumpscares that will make you lose your mind.

There are also other levels and game styles to choose from. Fun fact: You can also change the voice and appearance of the monster that hunts you around the various locales. My only concern with this game is that it is incompatible with older Apple devices.


Knock-Knock, like so many horror games, is set in the dark. The protagonist, a Lodger family member, awakens to a weird noise and gets out of bed to investigate. While walking the gloomy home, you’ll notice various things that need to be fixed, but the horror doesn’t stop there.

Knock-Knock is a butterfly effect game. Everything you do has consequences, resulting in several game endings. You’ll have to make tough decisions while hiding or fleeing from terrifying enemies lurking in the shadows. Is there a catch? The Lodger is experiencing insomnia, which suggests that his weariness is playing tricks on him.

Rusty Lake Paradise

Rusty Lake Paradise is an independent horror game the developer Rusty Lake created. Some Rusty Lake games are available, including Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots. After your mother’s death, you find yourself on a little wooded island in Rusty Lake Paradise. The island is struck with a 10-day plague, similar to Egypt’s ten plagues.

Every day brings a new challenge: water turned to blood, frogs, gnats and lice, flies, cattle loss and illness, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the death of firstborn infants. You must solve these puzzles to cure the land and bring back your mother’s memory.

Inmost, now available on additional platforms, is a horror thriller that transports you through three seemingly unrelated stories. Unlike the other films on this list, Inmost is more about tragedy than horror. The interconnected stories are heartbreaking, yet you may be puzzled till the end.
The puzzle platformer is primarily narrative-driven. The controls are basic, making it easy to play on your phone. One thing is certain: this game will most likely elicit tears rather than yells.

Into the Dead

Unlike other games on our list, Into the Dead is significantly more action-oriented. The iPhone game is a zombie-themed first-person shooter. You dash across meadows and woodlands, dodging zombies as they approach you. The goal is to run as far as possible without being eaten. You have a limited supply of ammunition, so you must choose your shots carefully. You’re safe if you can move past them, weaving in and out of impediments.

Be scared and extremely worried

The horror genre always stays in style. While the fundamentals stay unchanged, several variations and modifications may be implemented to keep the genre interesting. I’ve tried.