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Iomega 256 GB External SSD Flash Drive USB 3.0 Review

Everyone must be knowing about the Solid State Drives. For Future Proofing your digital storage SSD are a great option for it. This drive is a USB 3.0 which is almost 10 times faster than the backward USB 2.0 interface. It has a very high data transfer rate with read speed upto 256 MB/s and write speed upto 215 MB/s. It has no moving parts inside which gives a very fast access to the applications and the digital data stored inside the drive. It comes with a low storage of only 256 GB, but comparatively for SSD storage it is a very good capacity. This drive can be used with PC and MAC and also give a Limited Three Years Warranty with product registration.

Technical Specification :

Capacity : 256 GB

Interface : USB 3.0

Data Transfer Rate : 5 GB/s

Dimension : Height : 4.35″

Width : 2.72″

Depth : 0.37″

Weight : 0.24 lbs

OS : Windows and MAC

Power Supply : USB Powered

Pros :

This drive is very fast and nothing happens to it even if it falls from a height of 3 m. Also USB powered and its main feature is that its a SSD. Light in weight and ultra portable.

Cons :

Works only with USB 3.0 also costlier than the other portable drive as its a SSD.

If you have a USB 3.0 support and wanna Future Proof all your confidential data, plus you are a speed loving user and you can spend this kind of amount, then surely go for this drive.

Price :

Around $ 700 and for Rs 31,600 in India