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Sony XPERIA Tipo Hands On Review – Best Android Under 10K!

When it comes to Android, Sony is not the popular brand in mid rage for the masses, but I decided to try out some really cool phones I would like to share hands on review about, and well this one is the first one in my line-up – Sony XERIA Tipo.

Though the name the name of this phone sounds really odd, it does have some mouth-watering features considering its price point. Starting from 800 MHz processor, 512 RAM & Android 4.0 ICS OS, this smartphone have every reason to be in the top of under Rs.10000 ($200) price point. Lets take the deeper look in to what XPERIA Tipo have in its package and detailed performance in following low-budget Android smartphone review.

Sony Xperia Tipo Hands On Review

Physical Appearance –

If you have seen this XPERIA is in pictures, its one of the really good-looking phone from the front and available in the multiple colors you can choose from. But there is really big a bulky looking back half of the phone that makes it look pretty fat.

Not that it is very heavy  but its big back from that kind of delicate front design. Most of the low-budget phones tend to have bulky designs and Tipo is not the exception to it.

Overall design is impressive and feels better than carrying around cheap plastic body phones that Samsung and Micromax uses most of the time.

Hardware Performance

XPERIA Tipo comes with powerful 800 MHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor and Adreno 200 on-board GPU that helps in faster image rendering, better video performance and improved overall graphics.

512 RAM is available on this hardware to make it perform even better which is great compared to many good phones that comes with 256 RAM, in the similar category.

You might feel that some Samsung & Micromax Android Smartphones comes with 1GHz in similar price range, but let me tell you Xperia Tipo needs nothing more than 800MHz as it performs like charm and performance is comparable to 1GHz processors no matter its intensive browsing or gaming for longer times.

Screen Quality & Display

This XPERIA comes with the 3.2 TFT inch touch screen, which is competitive enough and good for web browsing, accessing multimedia and customizing your smartphone as well. 320×480 HVGA resolution is little less than what Tipo deserves but looks perfect on its medium sized screen.

The screen is scratch resistance and supports gestures as well. Talking about screen quality, XPERIA Tipo has one of the best touch screen in its category and its even better than Micromax’s mid range smartphones like A90 that costs about 13K and Comparable enough to HTC Desire C, one of the best under 15K price point. Everything respsnds very quickly on Tipo, and is one of the major reason I am recommending this phone as the best under 10K.

Note that if you have used 3.5 or 3.7 inches phones a lot before, XPERIA Tipo would look extremely small to you because of its overall design and thicker bezels around the display. But if its your first android or first better android, then its just perfect for you!

Sony XPERIA Tipo Android Smartphone

User Experience & Android Performance

The User interface of Sony on top of Android is somewhat disappointing and not as good as HTC’s Sense but definitely comparable to Samsung’s Touchwiz. The UI is very fluid and you can see the stuff running superfast when you are on home screen or switching the apps.

Stock Android performs well and it was much-needed because third-party browsers like Dolhphin Lite and Opera might consume almost 30% of this tiny screen & might look bad.  Multi-tasking is flawless on Android 4.0 and and it’s definitely best choice compared to buying any other Android 2.3 phone out there.

Music Experience

Sony and its older brand Sony Ericsson is preferred by most of the user only for its supreme audio quality and Tipo is not an exception. As low-budget smartphones are always low on audio quality, Tipo outperforms all other phones in the category.

It comes with some XLoud audio filter technology, which I am not sure what exactly does but in terms of music experience, its superb for the price point.

Other Stuff …

It comes with all standard goodies you can expect like Wi Fi, 3G, 2G Support in terms of connectivity. Music & Video player supporting standard formats and Wireless & USB tethering, as it is important for many out there, than carrying big wireless dongle hanging out of your laptops. A-GPS works great on Tipo and precise enough to use as your travel guide.

3.2 Megapixel camera performs average in low light but very good in standard lighting conditions. Video player allows you to record at low resolution up to 640×480 at impressive 30 FPS. So it’s definitely not for those willing to own this phone for videos.

Battery life is average as well, and the major issue low-end phones suffers but hey, there are so many good things about this phone, you can easily ignore it. And yeah, there are some great  recommended battery saver apps you can always go for to add almost extra hour or two to your battery life. For moderate user it can easily go for a day without charging.

2.5 GB Internal memory is amazing for storing as much as  apps you can store without performance issues and you always have the upgradable MicroSD slot up to 32 GB for Music, Videos and Data.

On-screen keyboard is little smaller for my big hands but is best out there available for 3.2 inch form factor. It responds well, auto-correct is perfect and you can use it for prolonged time without any pain in the fingers.

Verdict : Should You Buy Sony XPERIA Tipo?

Hell Yeah!

If you are tight on budget or don’t want to over spend on smartphone, Xperia Tipo is the best Android smartphone that comes for around Rs.9500.

Android ICS, High Quality Touchscreen, Amazing Music experience, Premium Design & Very usable hardware are the major features you should go for this phone without any doubt!

Better Buy Compared To – Micromax A90, A100, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Y DUOS, Galaxy Ace

Something Better Than XPERIA Tipo – HTC Desire C At Rs. 12,900 (That’s a whopping 3K Difference!)

Our Ratings – 9/10

Price in India – Rs.9500 (As of October 2012)