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How To Do Split-Screen On A Chromebook

Everybody enjoys multitasking regularly, whether it’s creating a spreadsheet while writing a report or browsing YouTube while you should be working. Because of this, understanding how to split-screen on a Chromebook is a useful technique to have. If you’re working on a page on one side and want to have some important details to link back to sans opening and closing different tabs each time, the method lets you see twice as many browser windows. 

Working on split-screen will help you be more productive. Having able to split screens on a Chromebook has many advantages, one of which is that it makes multitasking easier. This entails you being able to work on two activities at once, which might save you a lot of time if you need to finish several things at once. The ability to use two programs at once on a Chromebook is made possible by having multiple windows open, which has another benefit. If you need to concentrate on a single task in particular, Chrome split screen can indeed be incredibly helpful. It enables you to work more effectively and get better results with less interruptions.

How to Split-screen on a Chromebook

Here is how to split-screen on a Chromebook without further ado.

Split-screen on a Chromebook - How to Guide

Step 1: Open a browser tab and toggle the maximize button

Open a Chrome window first. You can use any window for this purpose, but be sure it will be one you would use to multitask. You might need to refer to a Google Doc or a Google Sheets spreadsheet, or perhaps just a website. The Maximize button is located in the center of the 3 symbols, to the left of the ‘X’ sign, in the top-right corner of the browser tab. Once you’ve launched a window and organized your page inside, click and lock that button.

Step 2: Select the arrows

The two buttons along opposite sides of the Maximize button will turn into two arrows if you continue to hold down the button. Tap the relevant arrow to make the first window display in the desired location (to the left or right). The chosen panel should then take over half of your screen. To use the arrows that appear, just launch the window, press and hold the Maximise button, and then click them. Do the same thing with your second window.


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Step 3: Repeat the process 

Once you’ve completed the first window, all that’s left to do is repeat the procedure for the second window. Open Chrome, steer to the desired page or application, keep the Maximise key held, and then click the arrow beside the one you just chose.

Although there is a manual method for opening numerous windows so you can drag, resize, and arrange them anyway you like, the method described above is undoubtedly the most practical.

I hope this short tutorial has helped you solve your how to split-screen on Chromebook query, do share your questions in comments section below.