Auto Refresh Chrome Extensions And 3 Powerful Ways to Automate

Undoubtedly any of the auto refresh chrome extension is the most popular, there are 3 more methods that allows same functionality which are browser independent.

We’ve summarized 5 best possible ways and covered them step-by-step in the following article:

  • Using a auto refresh Google Chrome extension
  • Using an online tool
  • Using Google Chrome macro extensions to automatically refresh websites
  • Creating an HTML page with iframe, using JavaScript to auto refresh

Auto Refresh Chrome Extension and 3 More Ways to Automate

1. Auto Refresh Chrome Extensions

What are the chrome extensions?

You can access Extensions from the More Tools icon in the upper right corner at any moment to manage and remove your Chrome extensions. Extensions are merely addons that provide the browser access to additional functionalities. Extensions are widely utilized, publicly recognized, and are not illegal.

  1. Auto Refresh Plus For Google Chrome
  2. Chrome Reload Plus
  3. East Auto Refresh

How does it work?

With the auto refresh chrome extension,  can adjust the refresh interval using the aforementioned extensions to suit your needs. Moreover, add-ons like Auto Refresh Plus refresh the page as well as support content recognition, both of which are incredibly helpful when trying to identify certain data on a dynamic website. In essence, they refresh websites at certain intervals that you specify.

Auto Refresher Chrome Extension

How to use auto refresh chrome extensions?

Open the website that you wish to automatically reload every predetermined number of seconds. Then, choose the interval time by clicking on the extension button on your Chrome bar. When you click start, the webpage will automatically reload when the timer expires.


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2. Online Tools For Auto Refresh Chrome Websites

You do not need to install anything to use this method.

Online Tools for Auto-reload Pages

  1. Refresh thing
  2. Page Refresher
  3. Refresh This

How to use it?

Go to any website that allows you to refresh the page, input in the URL of the website you want, and set the time frame. Your timer will control how frequently the webpage will refresh.

3. Google Chrome Macro Extensions

Macros essentially involve recording your activity and playing it back. This is especially useful for sites where you frequently have to click on a button or image when the page reloads.

imacros chrome auto refreshImage Credit – iMacros

  1. Wildfire
  2. iMacros
  3. Chrome Browser Automations

How to use it?

You must first install any specific macro extension before you can begin recording and using the website. Click stop once that is concluded. By navigating to the settings after saving, you may rerun and play this on loop as often as you desire. For instance, after one installs iMacros, the extension is accessible as an icon next to the address bar. As soon as you specify a time in the “wait seconds” option, it can conveniently record, store, and replay. You merely need to replay the recording to initiate the method.


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4. HTML page that self-reloads

Simple HTML pages that reload automatically can also be made. With the exception of the intrusive adverts, it is essentially what the preceding websites and online tools accomplish. Even though it could entail some expertise, those who are proficient in this field can quickly access this method. Anyone could generate and modify HTML files using the standard Windows Notepad or Mac TextEdit programs. You may open this HTML file in your browser and it will automatically refresh as needed.

Auto Refresh Webpages HTML Script

The Best Way to Auto Refresh The Webpages for you?

Among the finest choices are macro extensions. They offer a lot of flexibility and are customizable since they can also periodically sign in, click on tabs, as well as other tasks, but setting it up may be a chore at first. However, if simplicity is what you’re after, just install one of the auto-reload extensions or employ alternative online resources. HTML is also a possibility if advertisements from the free extensions bother you and you’re bit of a code enthusiasts.


Auto Refresh chrome extensions is the easiest and fastest way to implement the auto reload on any web pages, however for simplicity and casual ways we recommend using online tools and the small snippet of function in HTML for code enthusiasts!

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