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How to Use Caps Lock on Chromebook [2024]

Unlock the secret of how to use Caps Lock on Chromebook – press Alt+Search to enable and disable it swiftly for efficient typing!

When switching from a PC or Mac to a Chromebook, you’ll see that the Caps Lock key has been replaced with a Search key, denoted by a magnifying glass symbol. When you wish to enable caps lock, you must resist the temptation to press and hold the Search key. Instead, hit Alt+Search to verify whether caps lock is enabled. To toggle caps lock off, press Alt+Search once again.

how to use caps lock on Chromebook

Ways to enable Caps Lock on Chromebook

Alternatively, you may disable caps lock through the menu bar or by hitting Shift, or you can hover over the time on the right side of the menu bar and select the Caps Lock is on message to turn it off. If you accidentally activated caps lock, click the notice pop-up when it first appears to turn it off; alternatively, try one of the techniques indicated above to turn it off.

Keyboard Setting

Through the Keyboard Settings settings, you can also adjust the keyboard shortcuts for caps lock and other Chromebook functionalities.

  1. Select the Settings icon from the menu that appears after clicking the time on the right side of the menu bar (or pressing Alt+Shift+s).
  2. Choose Device.
  3. Select Keyboard.
  4. Change your keyboard shortcuts as needed. For example, if you like, you may click Search and then select the option to utilize the search key as a caps lock key.

Why Doesn’t Chromebook Have a Caps Lock?

Chromebooks were created for web users, and writing in all capitals is the equivalent of yelling online. More significantly, most people don’t use it for more than a few words at a time, thus Google didn’t need to add it. Furthermore, because Google and other manufacturers intended to produce a compact design for Chromebooks, superfluous keys had to be removed to make the keyboard smaller in order to match the desired form factor of the laptop. 

While the Caps Lock key has been removed, the functionality remains. It’s just buried within Chrome OS.

We hope you found our guide on “how to use Caps Lock on Chromebook” helpful and that it makes typing on your device a breeze. Stay tuned for more useful tips!