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Apple’s Mac OS X – Different Versions And Features

Recent launch of Mac OS X Lion has been the fastest & best ever Mac OS yet, so we made a quick overiview of the overall Mac OS development & features.

Mac OS is a series of operating system. This system is set up in all Macintosh computer systems. It was launched in the year1984. This system manages computer hardware resources. This operating system is very important in every apple computer as without this a person cannot start a program on the computer (There is no alternative OS can be installed on Macs).

Mac OS consists of technologies which are developed at NeXt Electronics by Steve Jobs.

Features of Mac OS X

OS X Version 10.0: Cheetah

It was comparatively a slow version than the other versions as it was the preliminary edition. Also the applications were quite slow and incomplete. Many people advocated that the OS was not fully ready to start off.

OS X Version 10.1: Puma

It was inaugurated in the year 2001. It was better than the previous version but it lacked features like DVD playback. The apple company announced that the Mac Ob X is the only OS for all Macintosh creations.

OS X Version 10.2: Jaguar

It was released in the year 2002. It was more advanced technology wise and had a better look. It had various other features like the Nvidia GeForce2 MX AGP-based video card with no less than 16 MB VRAM, iChat for IM, etc. With the launch of this version the apple company changed its logo.

OS X Version 10.3: Panther

This version was released in late 2003. It had the most recent updates. People could also see an improvement in the working of the computers because of this system.

OS X Version 10.4: Tiger

This came up in the year 2005. Tiger offered over 150+ fresh features. The latest features included spot light, dashboards, voice over facilities, core image and core video.

OS X Version 10.5: Leopard

This version was released after a gap of one year that is in the year 2007. Leopard brought about more than 300 new features. It consists of the G4 processor. This version was more reliable and user friendly. Apart from all this it had a faster web browser.

OS X Version 10.6: Snow Leopard

It was released in the year 2009. This system was more focused on improving the performance and stability of the computer. Snow Leopard used to support machines which had Intel CPUs. For snow leopard to work on the computer the CPU needs at least 1 GB of RAM

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

OS X Version 10.7: Lion

Released in 2010 it included the support for the Mac App Store. It brought about many other developments in Apple’s iOS. Check  here the Complete Review of Mac OS X Lion.

The main difference between Mac OS and OS X was the addition of the Aqua GUI. One can find a vast difference in the appearance and design between the operating systems.

2 Responses

  1. Good write up. I am using Lion now and its totally great 🙂 Apple should give an option to burn it in DVD by default once we downloaded. Except that, the features are simply great.


    1. Thanks for appreciating the article robin, I thought as new Mac OS is recently launched – I should give some good basic series for new users.

      And regarding the default DVD burning option – They definitely should have done that. but you know Apple keeps some things like that in their Ecosystem – but we still love the overall product, Right?