Apple OS X Lion Review – Powerful OS At The Heart Of Every Mac

Apple has came up with the most advanced yet Mac OS X named as Lion which is a 7th Edition released in last 10 years. Inherited the name of Jungle Kings like Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard & lightest ever SnowLeopard – This time they came up with the mightiest animals name – Lion.

And I must say – The name is totally worth considering the quality of product, Performance & Usability. After using OS X Lion for a while, here is a quick review of the overall Features, Applications & Performances Mac OS X Lion is offering.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Review

Apple OS X 10.7 Lion Review

Note: Following is the feature wise separation of the review discussed each one of it separately.


Mac OSx Lion offers its features in than 22 languages, which helps them reaching the wider user base in their local languages.


Apple have introduced two of most important security features right inside the OS –

– Virus and Malware protection.
– Fire vault 2 for keeping  personal data safe and secure.

Mission Control

Mission control unites the  3 Mac OS technologies (features) , which is revolutionary in itself  – Spaces, Exposes and Dashboard

Single interface named Mission control , is holding these three together.

Mission control enables you to customize following from single window –

– Add New desktops.
– Navigate between desktops.
– Move Application between desktops.
– Jump to a given desktop.
– Close unwanted desktops.

Autosave Documents

As you know OS X is based on Unix kernel & sometimes it causes panic sue to number of causes. Autosave will help to recall previous work done and at the times of panic of kernel.

So, from now on you wont miss the hard work for any reasons.

Multi Touch Gesture

Multitouch has found its place in all the smartphone & tablet user’s day to day task & Apple has integrated it right inside the OS X Lion for making the OS more usable & friendly. Now you can –

– Tap to zoom

– Scroll from the track pad

– Pinch to expand

– Swipe to change.

Full Screen Apps

This is the one of the best feature I liked in Lion – as in previous version Mac OS 10.6.8- Dock used to interrupt a lot while working.
so full screen apps will give you the best view and best User Interface to work.

Launch pad

Launch pad gives you an instant access to all of your applications – as it’s icon is located on the dock itself. By using launchpad – We can hunt any of  application easily with live search.

As this features are of daily use with this many new transitions are seen
on screen.

Every cake is incomplete without icing . So, for Lion OS X icing on the cake is –  Very less processing time is required to execute the applications, Intial Booting & Shut So Down.  (Another great performance factor added to Lion)

I would personally like to thank Apple Developers  for such a sweat determination & hard work they have showed up in with each and every features & performances improved in   OS X 10.7 Lion.

Applications Packaged  With Mac OS X Lion

Address book, Automation, Calculator, Chess, Dashboard, Dictionary, DVD Player, Mail, iCal, iChat, Image capture, iTunes, Launch pad, Face time, Photo booth, Mission control, Preview, Quick time player, Safari, Stickies, System preference, Text edit,  Time machine.





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