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Best SD Cards For Steam Deck

Of the multiple Steam Deck versions currently offered, 512GB provides the most internal storage, which will provide enough room for SteamOS as well as games. Valve’s new handheld gaming PC does have the widest array of launch games we’ve seen yet, but you’ll find it difficult to fit several of them on your gadget without tossing in the ideal Steam Deck SD. Nevertheless, the best SD card for Steam Deck allows you to increase storage. If you choose not to put an NVMe SSD in your Steam Deck, you can pack up to 1TB of storage into the bottom microSD card slot. If you don’t bother formatting it, you may use one you’ve already tried with your smartphone. Just make sure it has sufficient storage and fast read rates. 

You should keep all of your favorite games on the device itself because microSD cards are typically somewhat slower than the eMMC storage available in the original Steam Deck. However, microSD cards allow you to transport extra games, movies, TV shows, and applications. There are many Steam Deck accessories available, but the top-notch SD cards for the device from dependable manufacturers like Samsung, SanDisk, or Lexar ought to be at par with the best. These are among the most essential enhancements you can make even though they are not the cheapest.

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Beyond just playing games, the Steam Deck has a lot more to offer. It can run virtually any program you would expect to see on a PC or laptop because it is based on a version of the Linux operating system. It starts to feel less like a novelty handheld and more like a true, portable gaming computer when used with some of the greatest Steam Deck add-ons.

Extending your external storage will give you more room to install Discord on Steam Deck and communicate with your pals, as well as a range of additional apps and games from beyond the Steam library, using a high-quality microSD card like the Samsung Evo Plus. Naturally, SD cards function in a wide range of gadgets. The ideal SD card for the Steam Deck should, of course, be as large as feasible without compromising its read rates. Even if the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC 1TB model is unable to achieve its stated 160MB/s read rates, it still outperforms its rivals with read speeds that peak at 100MB/s.

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC cards, according to Western Digital, are x-ray, shock, and waterproof-proof. It also has a lifetime warranty, which would be greater than most options, though we don’t advise testing any of those assertions. If 1TB is a little too extravagant for you, it also comes in the 32 to 512 GB range, however, you could have trouble with anything over ten.

Best Specs for Steam Deck SD Cards

You might notice what appears to be a load of gibberish on an SD card. Each of these has a meaning, and the Steam Deck has restrictions, just like gaming monitors and its haphazard sequence of digits and letters. For instance, the Steam Deck uses UHS-I, which has a maximum read and write speed of about 100MB/s. Because the UHS-II standard is completely compatible, you can use it but you won’t gain better speeds for read and write. It is not worthwhile to pay the extra money on one labeled UHS-II unless you are also connected to the Linux ecosystem with some other devices since you’ll have to format the microSD card to the Steam Deck’s operating system.

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The better, the higher the V-rating. The minimum persistent write speed, which is shown by the values V30, V60, and V90, is 30MB/s, 60MB/s, and 90MB/s, respectively. Since you’ll would like to install your games beforehand, write speed is less crucial than read speed, but nobody enjoys waiting.

Best SD Cards For Steam Deck Console

Samsung EVO Plus or EVO Select

The Samsung EVO Plus and EVO Select are essentially the same device with various names and exterior colors but the same internal specifications. Although Amazon has the exclusive rights towards the Select in certain nations, given that the speeds, categories, and warranties are the same, it is still wise to browse around for the best deal. Even better, they occasionally come in multi-packs. Although write rates are just little slower than SanDisk’s alternative, read speeds of 100MB/s are competitive with the top. This is sufficient for smoothly operating independent games on the Steam Deck. 

Lexar Play

Although switching to a 512GB, 256GB, or a 128GB model would save you the maximum money, deals frequently make the Lexar Play the most affordable 1TB on the market. Although it was created with smartphones and the Nintendo Switch in consideration, it can run your Steam library without any problems.

SanDisk 512GB Ultra microSDXC

The A1 SanDisk Ultra class 10 cards would then work just fine if you’re not overly bothered about slightly longer loading times and more interested in gaining extra capacity. purchasable in 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1TB storage capacities.