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7 Best Steam Deck Cases To Protect Your Console

The Steam Deck, which was just released last year, is possibly the most eagerly awaited piece of gameplay hardware all year. The Steam Deck is Valve’s follow-up to the Steam Machine from 2015. This was a Linux-based gaming platform made specifically to play Steam titles. Sadly, the Steam Machine had poor sales performance. Most individuals who were looking for a cheap alternative to PC gaming already had a console. The majority of PC gamers, however, were reluctant to spend money on a second, redundant machine. The Steam Machine was discreetly discontinued by Valve in 2018 because there wasn’t much of a market for it. 

However, Valve remained committed to giving players a more reasonably priced means to access their library. They ultimately settled on a portable device that still supports all of the Steam library’s titles. This wasn’t an easy job. AMD didn’t actually create a small enough, powerful enough processor for the task until 2021. The end product, the Steam Deck, is more powerful than most gaming laptops while being smaller and lighter. It is intended to contend with the handheld market rather than PCs and consoles.

Sales appear to have been robust thus far. Gamers are eager to enjoy their preferred PC games on the go. In actuality, demand has far surpassed Valve’s projections. There is a seven-month wait list as of this writing. Many players are still waiting, just like in the early days of the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. 

However, if you already own a Steam Deck, you might be dissatisfied with the carrying bag. Nothing inherently incorrect with it. Its slender design makes moving around with your Steam Deck simple. But there is no additional storage or functions, and it is not very sturdy. Many individuals are searching for an upgrade as a result. The best aftermarket Steam Deck protective cases that we could locate are about to be reviewed. We searched for cases that offered more protection than the original ones for the items. In our opinion, having a little extra storage room was also positive. We provide choices that are minimal and don’t obstruct your workflow. Naturally, scratch and drop safety was also a top concern.

But those are only a few of the planning considerations that we should be making. Along with the design elements, we must also discuss the fit and finish. We’ll present a concluding comparison after carefully analyzing each component of their designs. Let’s get going!

Handy Hard-shell: ECHZOVE Carry Case 

The company ECHZOVE has a lot of expertise producing aftermarket gaming accessories. Not long ago, we evaluated their PS5 Game Organizer. We were impressed by this organizer’s capacity to store not only several titles, but also two headsets and four controllers. Therefore, we were excited to look at the Steam Deck container that ECHZOVE was producing. The semi-rigid construction of the ECHZOVE Carry Case for Steam Turntable. Although there is some give, the edges of the shell still prefer to remain rigid and straight. The outer shell is made of a dark-colored EVA substance with a tight weave. This is tough material which, if necessary, can withstand a significant fall. It offers great defense against shocks and drops. Additionally, it is slash- and scratch-resistant, making harm very difficult. The exterior measurements are 3.2 inches thick, 6.3 inches broad, and 12.8 inches long. That is significantly larger than the Steam Deck, but that is because there is a lot of cushioning.

High-quality zipper with thick, sturdy teeth that won’t break readily. The draws themselves have thick rubber tabs, making them simple to use. An EDA weave handle with a rubber cover is located at the rear of the housing. It is very convenient to carry from one location to another and is comfortable to hold. The body of the ECHZOVE case has a tan flannel lining and is well-padded. This lining is incredibly soft; you could even create a shirt out of it. It won’t damage any of the controls or scratch the surface of your Steam Deck. You can see that this cover is already very safe and protective. But there are a pair of straps to keep your system in position. These tiny rubber bands fit snugly inside the thumbsticks on your Steam Deck.

Along with that, there is a tiny flap that extends from the rear hinge. This flap is intended to conceal your screen and is constructed from the same plush tan vinyl as the liner. The weakest point of your Steam Deck is now slightly more secure thanks to this. A row of five tiny pouches are sewed into the cloth at the top of the flap. These fit Micro SD cards perfectly, allowing you to transport additional Steam games in your case. There is a mesh pocket that spans the full interior surface inside the lid. There’s a horizontal zipper across the top, which enables you to store all kinds of accessories. Power cords are the most obvious item you’d want to bring, but there is still plenty of room in the pocket. You will be able to transport larger items, such as a Steam Deck power bank

Sleek Soft Silicone: Lystin Protective Case 

Different completely is the Lystin Protective Case for Steam Deck. This is more of a skin that snugly fits over the housing of your device than a carrying case. Stretchy and flexible black silicone makes up the substance. 11.81 inches broad, 4.72 inches tall, and 1.57 inches thick describe the overall dimensions. One of the appealing aspects of this case is the fact that that is hardly bigger than your Steam Card. It can actually fit inside the carrying box that comes with the Steam Deck because it is small enough. Basically, you gain a tad more protection and have better hand-eye coordination. 

It’s simple to place on and take off this sleeve. You simply stretch the material out and slide it over the Steam Deck because it is so flexible. All the elements you require access to are cutouts. The monitor, buttons, touchpads, and triggers are all accessible. You even have a small cutout for the fan, so there is lots of air. Overall, it’s extremely well designed and won’t impede your gameplay experience. Remember that for this to function, all of the slits and holes must be correctly aligned. To get it into position, you might need to move it around a little amount.

Your Steam Deck will be simpler to hold once the Lystin case is in position. The grips’ front surfaces have a dense, checkered texture that prevents them from slipping out of your palms. Your grasp on the system is further strengthened by the large, fat ribs on the backs of the grips. A thicker material than the remainder of the case is also used to make the corners. This increases the drop-proofing and shock resistance a little amount.

Complete Carrying Case: COKPAPA Carrying Case

The COKPAPA Steam Deck Carrying Case is a full carrying case, just like the ECHZOVE case. It is smaller in size, measuring only 11 inches broad, 5 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. Additionally, it has a much more robust solid EVA casing, making it much stiffer. This shell can withstand heavy impact and is impervious to shock and scratches. Additionally, it is splash-proof. Although you can’t submerge it in water, your Steam Deck won’t be damaged if you drop something on it. The black fabric is fastened with a robust, beefy zipper that can withstand maltreatment. Your game system can be transported easily and comfortably thanks to the hold. 

The interior is lined with a thick, soft velvet that is unexpectedly luxurious and plush. We weren’t worried about the interior of the Steam Deck getting damaged. It closely hugs the housing of your device and is painted black to match the exterior. It almost seems as though the bottom of the case is missing when the Steam Deck is placed in the open container. For your accessories, there is a zippered mesh compartment in the top of the lid. The inner surface of the lid’s pocket only covers about half of its comparatively small size. It is nevertheless spacious enough to accommodate your power cord or even tiny accessories like wireless earphones.

Clear and Convenient: NANOHERTZ hard cover

A straightforward hard case that fits over your system is the NANOHERTZ Steam Deck Clear Cover Hard Case. This three-part transparent solid cover has a clear construction. The first is a sizable panel that slips over the Steam Deck’s rear. Over the hand grips, the other two components close. They actually reach the edges of the screen by 2.5 inches into the front area. The transparent design adds some shine but doesn’t alter the hue of your Steam Deck. It is therefore a fantastic aesthetic addition. Also unexpected is how durable it is. The material is durable enough for daily use and impervious to drops and scratches. Although it isn’t indestructible, minor dings and impacts won’t harm it. 

Only 1.4mm thick, the NANOHERTZ sleeve is thin. While it does not substantially swell the Steam Deck, it is sufficient to make it reasonably durable. As a result, you can use the stock carrying case while leaving this cover in position. Additionally, it has cutouts for the buttons, ventilation fan, thumbsticks, and other essential features. When the cover is in position, none of the Steam Deck’s features will be lost. This cover’s installation itself may require some labor-intensive work. You have to apply significant pressure in order for the pieces to snap together because it fits incredibly tightly. It’s also challenging to get rid of. It takes a lot of force to dislodge, and it’s simple to harm the locking tabs in the process. We advise keeping it in place unless it is absolutely essential to move it.