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Top Smartphones That Can Get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The new version of the Google’s Android OS is ready to freeze the mobile software market with the 4.0 version codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). The latest version comprises of highly interactive features that takes Android smartphones to next level. It is the perfect blend of the best of Android 2.x phone features and tablet interface of Android 3.x Honeycomb. The new version is supposed to be the new image of Android which will simplify the interaction, enhance the experience and will make things awesome for consumers. For all you thinking of buying the latest Android smartphone, I recommend fo for Android 4.0 devices or at least those who can get the updates. Many of the cell phone manufacture are opening the doors and are ready to welcome the Android 4.0 updates to their top smartphones. For cell freaks willing to get the ICS first can get it in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus whenever it will hit the wireless mania, although the handset might be lacking in the Facebook Integration and even in the Mass memory support. May be you can get all the enhanced features in the other phones.

Android Ice Cream SandwichHigh end smart phone manufacturer HTC have announced that, many of their high end smart phones will be coming with Ice Cream Sandwitch upgrades in the year 2012 and for sure that it will also include the HTC’s Sense UI. The handsets will come in with better social networking integration and also incorporate improved lock screen. According to the company no carrier will be left out from the ICS upgrades. Customer can choose from the HTC Sensation and Amaze 4G (T-Mobile), HTC Vivid (AT&T), EVO Design 4G (Sprint), HTC EVO 3D and HTC Rezound (Verizon Wireless).

Sony Ericsson also has committed on the Android 4.0 upgrades for many of its handset models, although most of them are not available through the U.S. carriers. Xperia Play gaming phones is the only model seen in the carrier store which is available in both AT&T models and Verizon.

The Droid RAZR and Droid Bionic, the popular handset models from Motorola will get the ICS updates for Verizon Wireless. No other words had been heard from any other cell phone product line company.

So far; Samsung is the only forthcoming model, the confirmation of which is seen receive on the Ice Cream Sandwich that too only for unlocked Galaxy S II, although no definite date is being published for it. AT&T’s models are also most likely to receive the updates as it is closest to the international unit of Galaxy S II.

If you are a smart phone geek, for sure you can get hands on ICS updates onto any handset (With the help of OS rooting). The New OS is available with T-Mobiles, AT&T and Sprint in the range of USD 99.99. Active researchers and mobile programmers will surely come up with many upgrades on Ice Cream Sandwich, as the OS has now been available on the open source forum. But if you are looking for smooth upgrading, you can go with one of the smartphones available with the new software.