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13 Offline Dictionary Apps For Everything – Android / iOS/ Windows Phone & PC!

Let’s just face it, whether it be English, Hindi, Marathi or any other language for that matter, you couldn’t possibly know each and every word and its meaning in those respective languages. So if you find yourself in that situation you obviously turn to this thing called a Dictionary. With the smartphone this has got even easier, as all you have to do is search words in your favorite app, and you can learn things on the go. But for most of the Dictionary apps available on mobile platforms like iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you need a mobile data/internet connection, and not of all of us can have it available all the time. Quite a bummer, eh!

So after digging through these mobile app stores or even through some Windows PC software, I’ve found the best of offline dictionary apps for every platform.  So following is a list of all such apps, that download once, along with their huge database of words, and you can then use it as the offline dictionary companion anywhere you go.

Best Offline Dictionary Apps For iOS, Android, Windows Phone & PC

1. Wordnet

This is a simple and easy to use offline dictionary that is available for free on Google Play store. It comes with a huge database of over 2 lac words with short definitions and semantic relations between synonyms and synsets (sets of synonyms). It also gives you phrases in order for you to understand easily.

Available on – Android

2. Advanced English Dictionary

This is by far the best dictionary I’ve came across. Apart from a very large database of about 1.4 million words, it also contains thesaurus, idioms and phrases. It also has audio files which will explain the meaning of the words, idioms etc through sound just in case you are tired of reading. This Dictionary is available on all three app stores viz. Android, iOS and Windows. The initial app you will download is very small but to use it offline, additional data is to be downloaded which consumes a lot of space. But as 16 GB storage becoming a norm these days in a smartphone, app size won’t be an issue.

Available on – Android| iOS | Windows Phone

3. Dictionary – Merriam Webster

This is another good dictionary app and considering the reviews given by users on play store, its user friendly, stores their recent searches and narrates pronunciation etc. It supports voice search too, which means if you don’t know how to spell a word, you just say it and this app will get you the rest – this is a very useful feature in case you only known how to pronounce a word you heard from someone else, but are not sure how to correctly spell it. It also has a huge collection of words, their synonyms and antonyms with also usage in sentences.

So quite a versatile dictionary app overall.

Available on – Android| iOS | Windows Phone

4. SilverDict

Technically, this is not a Dictionary app, but a dictionary compiler. You will agree that not all words are present in every dictionary and that different words might be present in different dictionaries. So if you don’t find the word you were looking for in one dictionary, it may be available in another. So you end up downloading 2-3 apps and then you have to manually search each and every app. SilverDict makes the latter part easy for you. This app automatically recognizes all the dictionary apps installed on your phone. When you type in a word to search its meaning, it does a collective search in all those dictionary apps and give you the best results. So at the end what you get is a more accurate result for your search. Currently this app is only available for Windows phone.

Available on – Windows Phone

5. Arcus Dictionary

Arcus currently is the Android exclusive dictionary app that is available on Google Play store. It has over 1,65000 words in its database which can be downloaded for using in the offline mode. This app also has synonyms and antonyms of words and they are explained in extremely simple way so that one can understood easily.

The great thing about this offline dictionary is it consumes significantly less amount of storage space even after downloading its database.

Available onAndroid

6. Marathi Dictionary (Regional)

This offline dictionary app not only explains Marathi words, but also translates them into English and vice versa. An extremely useful app for those who want to learn either of the language. Compared to English, Marathi language is not as much explored in terms of words in dictionary yet. So this app doesn’t have that many words but its database is constantly updated with new words. So make sure you keep this app updated to know the meaning and translation of Marathi words in English and vice versa.

The unified app for all platforms is not available, but I have linked a similar app on iOS from different developer.

Available on – Android| iOS

7. TheSage (For Windows PC)

TheSage is a free offline dictionary which is available for Windows PC. It has a large database containing around 210,000 definitions, as well as complete collection of thesaurus providing over 1,400,000 relationships between definitions, including synonyms, antonyms, etc. This offline dictionary has a user friendly interface which offers tab view i.e. you can open different tabs and look for different words in them simultaneously. The great thing about this Windows app is itt also stores your recent searches and it integrates into the Windows context menus, therefore you don’t have to separately open this app on your PC.

TheSage provides quick access to definitions from wherever you are. It also includes access to online references such as Wikipedia and Google, an anagram search, real-time search, system tray integration, and the ability to run this app from a USB flash drive.

Available – PC (Windows)

8. English Hindi Dictionary

This is a free Dictionary by HinKhoj. Its an offline dictionary available on Google Play store for all android devices. Its interface feels a bit outdated but it is very easy to use. Apart from explaining meaning of words, it translates Hindi words in English and vice versa, provides their synonyms and antonyms and also helps in pronunciation of those words. A very handy app for those who want to learn respective language.

Its database is also constantly being updated therefore more number of words are added with their meaning, translation etc. The unified app for all platforms is not available, but I have linked a similar app on iOS from different developer.

Available on –   Android | iOSWindows Phone


One of the web’s most trusted resource in this segment, is now available in the form of an offline dictionary app on all major platforms for. Its a great app and quite a popular one among the users due to its huge database and intuitive user interface.

Available onAndroid | iOS | Windows Phone

10. Dictionary – WordWeb

This is another good offline dictionary app which is available on Google Play store. It comprises of over 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms. It also has word sense definitions, examples, pronunciations, synonyms etc. It also supports spelling suggestions as you type. It free of cost and and I would recommend this app for its clean and ad-free user experience.

Available – Android | iOSWindows Phone

11. English++ Offline Dictionary

This dictionary is free to download on Google Play store although it does have a paid version which offers a lot more features. It has over 200,000+ words and support for over 26 languages worldwide. It also helps you translate your word from one language to the another language supported by this app. Voice support is provided for you to learn proper pronunciation.

Though this dictionary works offline, for you to use its features like translation etc, you may need an internet connection.

Available on – Android

12. Idioms And Phrases Dictionary

This is an offline dictionary app by Aqua infomedia which is available for free on Google Play store. This is not your regular dictionary simply because it does not contain meaning of words but it contains meanings of idioms and phrases.

This app explains meanings of over 1000 idioms and phrases. This app is very useful for students preparing for various exams and also for those who want to brush up their knowledge. The unified app for all platforms is not available, but I have linked a similar app on iOS from different developer.

Available on – Android | iOSWindows Phone

13. Medical Dictionary Offline

As the name clearly suggests, this is an offline dictionary app which is specially made for medical practitioners and students. This is available for free on Google Play store and once you download its database, works without internet connection. It contains meaning of terms related specifically to medical profession. It has over 40,000 definitions, you can bookmark words and it also remembers your past searches. Its very useful for students preparing for medical examinations. The unified app for all platforms is not available, but I have linked a similar app on iOS from different developer.

Available on – Android | iOS | Windows Phone

So these were some of the best options in apps that can be used as the offline dictionary, no matter if you have internet connection or not. Just download the app and its database once, and you are good to go. Do you have any favorite dictionary apps that you would like to share? – Write to us in comments section below. Join us on Facebook for more such articles, technology news & reviews.