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Top 40 Must Have Apps For Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has created wave across the smartphone users as they are now having the third best looking & competitive smartphone OS. Since it’s launch we have seen some great phone launches  like HTC HD7, Dell Venue Pro, Samsung Omnia 7 & HTC Mozart 7.

Windows phone 7 itself is powered by the Zune marketplace that they were using for their music players like Zune HD & Older Zune devices. The app store is going day by day with somewhat slower speed compared to iOS & Android Marketplace, But we have collected some must-have Windows Phone 7 Apps that you would love to have.

Productivity Apps

1. Notesly  App

One of the best app you would need for taking notes not just with the help of keyboard as well as  by drawing on scree. The interface of this app feels like a clean paper & no confusing mess around with options for giving you the pure writing feel.

You can write, draw, type & save it for later use.

Notesly App For Windows Phone 7

2. HomePipe App

Many times you’ll feel the need to have files form your desktop computer on your windows smartphone. Traditionally you have to transfer them to phone with data cable But Homepipe app lets you browse your files from PC to mobile with the help of Wi Fi connection. It behaves like a LAN PC connected to your network. So doing work like editing files  (Word, Excel, PDF  ) & also can enjoy streaming music & movies on to your  Windows phone. This nice little app comes Free, so that’s an added advantage for those who are looking for free alternatives.

3. WinMilk Task Manager

As name suggest this app is actually linked to your ‘Remember the Milk‘ online account.And f you already using the service you would love this app. For newbies Remember the milk is awesome app that lets you manage your time and To Do lists for daily work They are like best in the business and are already available on Android & iPhone – So number of features they offer are maximum.

4. Smart Shopping

Shopping for stuff & organizing it can be a  time consuming task if you don’t have good planner for it. Smart Shopping is a great app on your Windows phone 7 smartphone that makes it very easy to create shopping lists and manage all your shopping items by category,  isle, store,  and other factors. The older lists of your shopping are also saved automatically for later reviewing or for checking.

Smart Shopping saves your hell of time by planning the shopping trip according to buying preferences.

5. To Do Today App

What we expect from a To Do List app is it should be quick & easy to use for quick entering To DO Items. ‘To DO Today’ app on Windows mobile lets you do exactly the same with its simple interface. So You do not have to opt for any complicated apps for doing simple stuff.

This app comes with the  clearly defined shortcuts & clean UI, you would never search for anything else for completing your daily works.

Cost – $0.99

Social Apps

6. Socialwok

Socialwok app lets you share and collaborate among your team or organisation. Its social sharing platform like facebook but for work. You can share messages, ideas, files & Google Docs from this windows phone app.

This  great app is Free of cost with its basic services are also free which you can download from Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

socialwok Windows Phone 7 App For Free

7. Twitter

This is the official Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 that lets you do real-time search, top tweets, trending topics & regular twitter features. This app for windows blends in perfectly with People Hub and Me Tile, which makes it better looking & full experience of twitter. This is the must have app for social media junkies, bloggers & webmasters mostly as they can share everything they crate or find. Only one thing it is lacking is it does not automatically update twits in background. They get only downloaded when you enter into Twitter app.

You can download Twitter app Free from Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

8. Loopt

Loopt is well optimized for windows phone & lets you share the status with friends and family with the location. This is Map based application So, you can search friend on map itself. Added feature is you can view their photos & status updates in real-time. This app also comes free at Windows Phone Marketplace for download.

Like most of the premium Windows Phone 7 applications, Loopt also supports Live Tiles & lets you know on home screen whenever your   buddies  share their location,  status, reply or comment on your photos.

9. Seesmic

For guys like me who blogs all day – managing multiple social networking accounts like Twitter & Facebook becomes really a hard task. That’s why I prefer using  Seesmic app for my smartphone.  This great app is available for  Windows Phone which displays your multiple twitter accounts, trending topics,lists & searches at one place.

You can customize the spaces in UI & also choose the photo sharing service provider of your choice.  Sad thing to know about it is it doesn’t work in landscape mode & don’t give notification on home screen.This app is also free to download from marketplace like any other platform it is available.

10. YouTube

I was scared first about Windows phone that what if YouTube Service wont be available as it is from Google Inc, But this doesn’t seemed to be true because there is an official you tube app for Windows phone 7 & its great. This app from video giant lets you integrate in to the Music & Video Hub for watching its content from the Hub itself. Also youtube videos are also can be viewed form Emails, MMS, Facebook 7 websites thanks to this great application. Some guys will disappointing know that this is not a full developed app for Windows as it simple redirects you to YouTube’s mobile website. Which is little of its downside compared tot he app on Android & iOS.

11. Facebook

Facebook is become something really big in everyone’s daily life. Its likes second home to everyone – where we share status, photos & things we like.  Windows phone 7 has came up with its official app for Facebook that let you connect with buddies, family & let you stay connected on the go.

And of course this great social networking app is free for downloading in Windows Phone Marketplace.

Facebook App For Windows Phone 7


No matter shat your age is but Games are always therer to energize our boring times & makes time enjoyable. Windows Phone 7 comes with Big Screen & fluid interface which is true asset for gamers to play high end games to its full potential. Following are some classic to new games that you sure what to have in you Windows phone.

12. Xbox LIVE Extras

If you are one of the Xbox geek player then this is the must have gaming application for you. In this app for Windows phone 7- You can create & customize your 3D Avatar, get social with your Xbox LIVE friends & share your activities as well as achievements.

Xbox Live Extras Widows Phone 7 App Free

This app is great if you wanted to stay updated with what your buddies are playing & track their performance.

13. Chess4All

Chess is a classic super hit game that every geek want to play. And you can have this game on your smartphone with app called Chess4All.  You can not just only play with Computer opponent but also with other players who are live on other Windows Phone 7 smartphones.  The UI is great & simple & it highlights your moves for improvising.

14. Aviator Arcade

Aviator Era is like any other arcade game, in which  the scrolling-based flying shooter is  controlled  accelerometer sensor & touch screen. The game is addictive & easy to learn. Its like an retro action game when you first with small soldiers & then g=comes the Big daddy monster to fight against you. Cool Isn’t it ??

15. The Last Defense

Space games are always a must have during travel or for enjoying a little bit on your windows phone device, The Last Defense is a first person shooting game where player has to shoot & eliminate the upcoming space ships.

The game is very easy to understand & use but becomes more enjoyable when you get used to it.

16. Unite

There are some great games coming to Windows phone to kill some time while you are getting bored.  Unite is  a very simple but truly addictive game you can ever get. Its an advanced version of Teeter for android where you ave to balance the ball & move it through mazes for passing through.

Unite Game App Windows Phone 7

17. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic game. which is now available on Windows phone 7 too. You can play it with  Computer player or a nearby friend. You can play it in  Play 3×3 or 6×6 games mode.

Its a great game to play to pass some time with kids and have fun.

Location Based Apps

Location based apps are quite a hype these days on Apple iPhone & Android not just because of their real time location sharing capabilities but a new way they are sharing updates with location. Windows Phone 7 users wont stay behind in this trend & there are few must have apps for them as follows.

18. FourSquare

FourSquare is the very popular social check-in application that makes it easy to share where you check in & earn badges over your Windows Phone. This app will help you to find friends& where they check in. Reviews of nearby places  share location with friends and unlock rewards.

The app is still struggling on Windows devices as we have heard it crashes on many phones. But it will soon be fixed in coming updates form developers.

Foursquare App For Windows 7 Phone Mobile Device


Interestingly named app Poynt lets you search local business places, restaurants, movies, and weather updates. This cool app with help of your GPS navigation system – extracts data of local places, numbers, addresses & much more. The app is currently only available to US & Canada users as it also let you  make dining reservations and buy movie tickets itself.

20. Yelp

This is another very popular review application based on location lets you write your opinions & critiques on   local restaurants, shops, bars, malls and more from your Windows Phone 7 smartphones. The only things you wont like about it is – It does not blend in to your online Yelp account for syncing bookmarks & check ins you already created.

21. Real Estate Search

This app is made by for Windows Phones for searching real estates nearby. Realtor have over  over 4 million real estate listings in its database & lets you browse through them based on your location . Must have for property deal or if your looking for personal purchase of property. It lets you view detailed pricing information, property details, location photos and much more about it.

Entertainment Apps

22. musiXmatch Lyrics

MusiXmatch is music lyric app for music lovers who wants lyrics with the song.  It blends in with your Zune player in Windows Phone 7 & display lyrics while song play.If music player is not running then app displays best & popular songs across the country with lyrics & search options.You can purchase songs if you like it with a single click. App is available for Free from Windows Phone Marketplace

23. Fandango

You would love your Windows phone when you can look for released movies & book ticket for yourself right from your handset. GPS co ordinates from handsets are used to find the local listing of movies & different theaters across the city.You can sort movie result, watch tailors, read reviews from Metacritics as well . You can purchase through your fandango account & also know more about upcoming movies also.

24. is is most popular music recommendation service which is now available on Windows Devices. The app logs your regular listening genres, songs & categorize accordingly.  You can listen streaming music on your streaming music on your Windows Phone 7 devices meanwhile app compiles recommended songs for us to listen. Application still have some small bugs with login screen but we are hoping it will get fixed within upcoming updates.

25. Flixter

Flixter is another movie show related application that lets you  search though local movie listings, watch trailers, and read reviews from popular critics site Rotten Tomatoes. Its a great app for movie fans on all platforms & also let you purchase tickets though it.

Flixter Windows Phone 7 App

26. Shazam

Its the only best music identifying application for your Windows phone 7 which works like a charm. It lets you know the details of any dong that you are listening on Radio, Bus, Mall or Elevator.  All you have to do is let it listen 10 seconds of music & it will search through its database instantly. You can buy song immediately from Zune market and Windows Phone app is currently available with unlimited tagging as a launch offer to the users.

27. Slacker Radio

There are  130 pre-configured radio station that are offered by a popular online radio named Slacker Radio. This App lets you search for music, artists & helps more reviews about  his albums as well.

Sad thing to know is  – this app does not play in background, So no multi tasking possible.

28. Netflix

As we know Netflix is DVD rental or online movie watching service  & best in business. Its App on Windows phone lets you manage your Netflix account on your Windows phone. If you do not have an accoutn yet you can start Free trial on it immediately.  You can browse trough your movies, Manage your Queue, watch TV shows and loads of movies from this app.


29. Flickr Manager

If you have already linked Windows live & Flickr account the you can see links of your friends photos form their Flickr account. This is a great photo sharing service now available in form of app on your windows phone devices.  The in built Flickr Manager lets you lets you view and manage your photostream, view favorites, sets, and tags by friends as well as you can upload with GPS position.

But if you are a dedicated Flickr user then you would want some improvements over this app which we can expect in coming updates.

30. IMDb

This app gives you access to its largest database of Movies, TV, and celebrity information on your windows phone deceives.  You can watch tailors, read reviews, Synopsis & know more about any film in this app.

31. Photobucket

Photobucket is one of the major photo upload service available online till date. And this Photobucket app lets you upload all your pictures & videos to your account from this app. You can search photos by categories and access them anytime with help of this app.

Photobucket app For Windows Phone 7

Other Great Apps For Windows Phone 7

32. BBC News Mobile

This third part application n lets you read  share news form popular new network BBC. It is well compiled & optimized for your Windows device & lets you read all fresh news that are well categorized.

33. Travelocity

Its the great online service app from Travelocity available now to windows phone marketplace. You can check flight details & status right form your device itself. You can also get additional data like airline schedules, and Airport delay information from the FAA By using the GPS support of your device this app finds local hotels with their updated reviews, prices & online booking feature.

Travelocity App

34. U-Verse Mobile (Only For AT&T Customers)

This is an AT&T only application offered to Windows phone devices owners. This app lets you browse &  download media content to your windows device, Even if you are not a subscriber of it yet. You can get its 30 day trial fro free & can also manage U Verse services to manage your DVR.

35. Adobe Reader

Great & stable application for reading your PDF files now available on your Windows Phone Devices.  The accepts multi-touch gestures and accelerometer for orientation of document on the screen. Reader still lacks support for search. bookmarks & page jumps in it first version. Its a must have app for those who gets regular attachments of PDF files in emails.

Adobe Reader App
36. GoVoice

It first application of Google that hits Windows Marketplace which is available as a paid app.Though its not an official version beaus its from a third party developer. The app displays properly the Google Voice inbox, call history, and voice mails. The app lacks notification & integration in to live tile feature though its a good app for doing core work.

Price – $2.99


This Windows Phone App is very similar to its competitors Android & iOS.  Weatherbug comes with the local weather conditions, forecast, Doppler radar, live weather cameras& more specific weather information. The app also integrates well into the the Live Tile feature of Windows phone 7 OS & shows you live weather stats on  its tile on home screen.

38. AP Mobile

Thanks to AP mobile appication you can browse through all news from AP right on your Windows phone device. It includes breaking news, exclusive stories, photos, and video from 1,200 trusted news sources of AP.

The app let you share the favorite news on Facebook & Twitter as well.

39. WordPress

For bloggers like me this is definitely the app that I always wanted to have with me.  This app for WordPress let you manage your multiple blogs with capabilities including –  To Write or edit posts, view statistics, and moderate comments from your Windows phone. You can manage blogs as well as Self WordPress hosted blogs.

Wordpress App For Windows 7

40. Runsat Free GPS Sports Tracker

This is actually an health app that lets you track the  runs, bikes, skates, walk and more workouts. It have general walk features like auto lap, auto pause, tracking, recording & sharing stats online. Its a good alternative to Cardio Trainer app on Android & iPhone.

I hope you have liked this collection of Windows Phone 7 Apps & you would install the most of apps from it as per your need. Let me know what you think about these apps & do you have any different personal favorites other than it below in comments ???