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Now You Can Buy Aakash Tablet Online For Rs.2500

Aakash, the low budget and affordable tablet for students had already captured lot of hype in the recent past and now the most awaited Android based tablet will going to hit the Indian market. DataWind, the company behind the innovation  has started the online booking and pre-booking of the most anticipated devices for which Indian user community is waiting since the first news.

Online booking of the student version will be available in the price of Rs. 2,500 which will be delivered in 7 working days and the price of commercial version which is being named as ‘UbiSlate’, the upgraded version of ‘Aakash’ will be launched with the price tag of Rs. 2,999. For both the tablet, the payment mode will be cash on delivery.

If we talk about specifications of Commercial version of Aakash then the ‘UbiSlate 7’ is power by Android 2.3 with resistive touch screen, coupled with Cortex A8-700 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM. With 2 GB internal memory and graphics accelerator HD video processor, the device is competent enough to provide basic tablet feature in low cost.

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Other specifications comprises of single Standard USB port, 7 inches display with resolution of 800 X 480, GPRS, WIFI support and 3.5 mm Audio jack.

Aakash Tablet

By the end of Jan 2012, the upgraded version of ‘Aakash’ will hit the Indian market, according to the spokesperson of Datawind. Previously, the tablet was supposed to be in the retail stores by the end of November, but it got delayed due to upgrading process in the tablet.

Booking of student and commercial version of ‘Aakash’ is quite easy and users need to fill up the form which you will find on the DataWind website. On the registration, you will get a booking ID and you will also receive email on the same.

It is good that, Indian student will not get the benefit of the Low cost tablet but there is great challenge to establish the identify of the student and nothing has been cleared by the company on ‘how they will going to identify that the users is the student and not the commercial user’. On this the Spokesperson of the DataWind said that ‘for the time being anyone can book the student version of Aakash’. This basically defeats the main purpose of Aakash, as it was invented to bring an affordable digital device for study purpose for students.

Indian government also failed to procure the initial 1 Lakh proposed devices and right now only able to procured 10,000 tablets. This proves that the company hasn’t done proper homework before the proper launch of the most awaited product. Any ways all what we can do now is to wait for more news to come on ‘Aakash’.

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  1. It is a good tablet for school going kids specially in a country like India. It is going to help them a lot to learn. I looked at some of the reviews, and I found that the processing and the display are not so impressive. I was thinking of getting it for my younger brother, but now I am thinking that I should get him an Intel Atom based netbook instead of it.