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Aakash Tablet Buyers Will Have To Wait Till January 2012

Sad news for the people desperately waiting for the much anticipated low cost Android Tablet, the delivery of the device had got delayed. The innovator of the “Aakash”, the DataWind said that the distribution of the device which was supposed to be delivered in the early Jan will be delayed due to unsaid reason. The booking of the device already started from 15th December and speculation is there that, people who successfully booked the device will get the delivery in Late January. Earlier it was said that, the delivery will be within 7 days of the online booking.

It is not the first time that “Aakash” has created news again on its delay. The company even failed on their commitment to reach to the retails stores by the end of Nov. Speculations is there that it will now gonna hit the stores in Feb.

Another commitment on which company failed to hold the impression was; it was initially decided that the ‘Aakash ’ will only to available to students and that to from colleges and schools. But at the time of booking, it is seen that anyone can book the device including students.

Checkout: Now You Can Buy Aakash Tablet Online For Rs.2500

Now You Can Buy Aakash Tablet Online For Rs.2500

DataWind also failed to obey the commitment to deliver 100K devices; instead they only have delivered 10k until yet.

There are also various issues from consumer community, who even have faced the problem in booking the tablet online. Many of the people have complaint that, they haven’t received any confirmation email or call on the successful booking of their device.

Aakash Android tablet - Ubislate7

Aakash Tablet And UbiSlate

The company has come up with two version of the tablet. The original one is ‘Aakash’ which is bit lower in configuration and also in price. It is being priced at Rs.2500. UbiSlate is supposed to be the enhanced version of ‘Aakash’ which is comparatively powerful and is priced at Rs 2999.

‘Aakash’ is a 7 inches, Android 2.3 based tablet with Arm11-366 MHz processor. The device is also equipped with 2100 battery and WiFi support along with support to 3G modem. Compared to this, UbiSlate is equipped with Android 2.3 with resistive touch screen and Cortex A8 700 MHz processor. The device also has 256 MB of RAM with 2 GB of internal memory. There is also one standard USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack, GPRS, WiFi support along with 3G.

Indian consumers are desperately waiting for this low cost device & its new version and we hope this time ‘Aakash’ will hit on right time.

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