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How To Buy Aakash Tablet & Ubislate 7 Online – Everything You Want To Know!

Some of you might think this is really such a simple task to do, but let me tell you one of our reader just called me and he do not really know how to buy Aakash Tablet online. And because there are so many similar of fake website stuffed with advertisement, users can not really find actual website to buy the Aakash Tablet.

BTW: Very thankful of the Reader who called and brought this issue to light !

OK, before telling you how to buy the Aakash tablet of new and better version of Aakash tablet – Ubislate 7, I have to tell you few facts about it.

Aakash Android tablet - Ubislate7

1. There were only 10,000 Aakash Tablets available online for purchases and right now they are all SOLD OUT!

2. Those who booked the first 10k tablets from website, will have to wait till January end to recive the product, so this is really a shitty delay from Ubislate and Indian Government.

I covered the news recently – Aakash Tablet Delivery Delayed till January 2012

3. But if you ahe not really ordered the Aakash tablet yet, trust me, you are one of the lucky consumers. Because the new version of Aakash called Ubislate 7 will launch at same time which is twice powerful in all hardware features. You’ll get twice the processor speed, better battery, GPRS and probably better screen quality.

4. So our suggestion would be do not buy Aakash tablet version 1, and go for Ubislate 7, which is kind of an Aakash 2 !

How To Buy Aakash Tablet Ubislate 7 Online

Well, right now you can book the tablet from official website and can not actually order it. Once the tablets will be available you will be contacted for purchasing it on – Cash on Delivery.

Official Website To Buy  or Book Aakash Tablet (Ubislate 7)

If you are not an aware Aakash is low cost apple iPad tablet alternative powered by Android 2.3 OS made in collabrative attempt of Indian Government and Datawind.

It is not at all close to iPad 2’s performance by any ways, but it is really a good alternative for students to surf web, play causal games, use Android lakhs of apps and watch HD videos at such an amazingly low cost. (I mean you hardly get any good color handset under Rs.3000)

And do not wait till its come out, because you are not going to get crazily awesome deal like this back soon !