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How can Dual Monitor Stands Improve Efficiency and Wellbeing

In our modern working environment, we use multiple programs at once to achieve our goals in our day by day activities.. Using multiple programs like Word,, email, multiple browsers, excel spreadsheets as well as other software all at the same time can be a real hassle for just one monitor, so most of us have been already using a dual monitor setup or even a triple monitor setup.

Having a multi monitor setup (either a dual monitor setup, a triple monitor setup or why not a 4 monitor setup) will provide you an easier way to check for information, copy/paste from one window to another, read documentation on one screen panel and work on the other, or just toggle back and forth between programs due to the increased real estate your a multi monitor setup provides.

Because most of us are working from home during these times, triple monitor stands are getting more and more appealing but we will focus on the still most widely used setup, the dual monitor setup type.

Dual Monitor Stands

Dual monitor stands benefits

Of course just by saying that a dual monitor setup can provide you benefits is not enough. Many researches have been made regarding this topic and the results prove that a dual monitor configuration can save time, increase accuracy and at the same time increase your overall wellbeing. 

One such research was conducted by Microsoft and Dell who discovered that simply adding a second monitor to your workstation can increase productivity by up to 50 percent. 

Another research was made by the University of Utah and in this research, scientists compared the performance and setup preference of users that use spreadsheets and text editors on their day by day work. The results were again in favor of dual monitor setups (especially setups using dual monitor stands) which increased a user’s efficiency as much as 52 percent saving around 3 hours a day.

Also in these researches there was observed that frequently repeated operations can be highly efficient with a dual monitor stand setup which, of course, translates in a significant return on investment over time.

On the wellbeing side, the studies revealed that the ability to simultaneously lift your monitors while working to the proper height for a certain condition is a huge benefit to ergonomic comfort, which in turn can have many health benefits like keeping your back straight while working to avoid severe back injuries over time.

There are, of course, more key benefits of dual monitor stands such as:

  • Position your monitors for maximum ergonomic comfort – promotes wellness in the work area
  • Small footprint frees up your workspace and increases your efficiency
  • Integrated base rollers enable 360° rotation of the stand so you can share your screen view with others
  • Maximum ease of different kind of configuration which makes it possible for you to reconfigure your setup by using just a light touch and adjust your monitors position without levers or knobs
  • Easy to use – simple installation and effortless operation
  • Everything you need to install a dual monitor stand is included and you can neatly route cables behind the stand and out of the way

Setting up Dual Monitor Stands

Setting up dual monitor stands is very easy and once you put your monitors in place you will go back to enjoying your activities with a different mindset and a more positive feeling about your activities in general.

When setting up an ergonomic desk by using a dual-monitor stand you should take into account the following:

Proper Ergonomic Monitor Height. It is important that both of the monitors are the same size (for example, both 22-inch monitors) and placed at exactly the same height. This will help you avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable neck movement and eye strain. 

Both monitors should ideally be placed 2 to 3 inches above eye level. If you are using glasses or contact lenses, it is important that the screen is lower such that you don’t have to lift your head or eyes to see what’s on the screen.

Correct Angling of the Monitors. If both monitors are used the same amount of time, they should be placed next to each other with the meeting point directly in front of yourself (as a hint you can angle them in a slight V position). 

If one of the monitors is used more than the other, place this monitor directly in front of the user, with the second monitor placed to the side at about a 30 degree angle to the primary monitor.

Proper Distance. Lastly, both of the monitors should be about an arm’s length away from yourself to avoid problems associated with the glare of the screens. Using blue-screen filters on both of the monitors can further help reduce vision-related problems that come with long amounts of time spent in front of the monitor.

Going to the setup process, if you are going to use two monitors for your day by day work or other activities, the first thing you will have to make sure of is that your workstation has at least two video outputs. Most modern machines come with more than one video output but it is better to check anyway as you might be surprised. 

Next it is just a matter of following the user guide that came with your dual monitor stand and you are good to go. You don’t need any special tools, all the needed tools will be provided with the package (most of the time) and if not a standard phillips head screwdriver should be sufficient in most cases. In case you chose a wall mounted dual monitor arm then you will need proper power tools to install them. 

We hope we made some good points here and convinced you about the advantages of using dual monitor stands. Before we go, here is a very detailed video on how to set up dual monitors using dual monitor stands:

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