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Best Gaming Monitor Stand For Table- 2024

If you want to be successful, you need to have the finest working environment possible. Fortunately, most individuals can immediately improve their workplace with the best monitor stands.

A gaming monitor stand may not be your first option for a countertop makeover, but it may be a useful and adaptable piece of equipment. Some monitor stands employ movable arms to add second displays and optimize panel placement, whilst less expensive solutions lift your existing monitors to make additional desk storage space.

gaming monitor stand

It’s also feasible to purchase monitor stands to convert your previous workstation into a standing desk. We examined these monitor stands on a variety of criteria, including their compactness and design, as well as their build quality and adjustability. We looked at the amount of weight they could handle, the display size they’d be most suited for, and the price, among other factors.

Monoprice Workstream Single-Monitor Desk Mount

The Monoprice Workstream single-monitor desk mount is an impressively heavy-duty monitor arm that enables for accurate placement of normal to ultrawide monitors 32-49 inches in size. Because of its gas-spring internals, this monitor arm can also support one monitor weighing up to 39.6 lbs.

This monitor arm has a VESA mounting plate that is detachable, allowing monitor changing as simple as initial monitor installation. This mounting head can fully rotate, allowing both horizontal and vertical monitor positions without the need for additional mounting screws.

This monitor arm features built-in cable management channels that can store a lot of cables. The disadvantage is that there is nothing on the angle (or corner); nevertheless, because it is covered behind a display, it is typically not apparent to the user.

This monitor arm features a big clamp that can fit around the thickness of most desks for mounting possibilities. While it is bulkier than other alternatives, the extra weight capacity is worth it for larger displays.

Vivo Dual Desk Mount

The Vivo Dual Desk Mount is a flexible and durable piece of equipment that performs well in everyday circumstances. It can support displays up to 27in across and two screens weighing up to 22 pounds, so it can handle practically anything.

The Vivo supports monitors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting systems and provides a lot of movement versatility. Each arm has 180 degrees of tilt and swivel movement, as well as 360 degrees of rotation. Height may be adjusted using the Vivo’s central pole, and monitors can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

The Vivo attaches to a desk with a robust C-shaped clamp or an optional grommet, so it works on a variety of surfaces. It has integrated wire management via clips on the arms and central pole, allowing you to keep your desk neat.

Because it is attached to that central pole, the only concern with this device is its height adjustability. But if you can live with it, the Vivo offers a versatile and sturdy solution for attaching two monitors or TVs, and its below $30 price tag on Amazon ensures it won’t break the bank.

VideoSecu ML12B Gaming Monitor Stand

If you only need a single monitor, the VideoSecu ML12B is one of our top picks. It is compatible with the popular VESA 75 and 100 mounting methods, so it will suit any externally mounted TV or display.

This $15 gadget supports displays up to 32 inches in dimension and 44 pounds in weight. This is more than most entry-level desktop mounts, allowing you to attach a broader range of devices to this unit.

Other features include 180-degree swivel movement and 360-degree rotation, allowing you to switch between portrait and landscape modes and employ a range of perspectives. It’s also small: it can fold down to only 2.4 inches from the wall.

The ML12B is an outstanding device, but its cheaper price comes at a cost. It has just 10 degrees of tilt movement and no height adjustment. But for this money, we’re ready to make those compromises.

Wooden Dual Monitor Stand Riser For Table

First and foremost, the Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand costs $240, making it more expensive than many of the other two-display options on the market.

That may seem like a lot of money to pay for a monitor stand, but it justifies the price in numerous ways: it’s an American-made device that’s hand-finished, and you can select whatever wood you want to use, from Walnut to Maple. It has a significantly more attractive appearance than inexpensive, utilitarian metal mounts and supports.

The Grovemade device raises your displays, making them easier to see and creating a more ergonomic setting in your office, as well as adding more room beneath the monitors. It’s 46 inches wide, can handle up to 100 pounds, and features a convenient metal shelf for computers, papers, or books.

This is not a cheap stand, but it looks and feels great, and it would look great in a sophisticated workplace. Grovemade also manufactures accessories such as desk pads, stationery trays, laptop risers, and even wireless charging pads, allowing you to outfit your workplace with high-quality, complementary goods.

Explore similar budget-friendly Monitor Risers on Amazon ( Starting at $50 Only)

Vari Pro Plus 36

Vari’s products range in price from $249 to $359, making them a big investment, but this excellent equipment converts your standard countertop into a standing workstation. That is a new method of working, but it has the potential to boost productivity and health, so it may be worthwhile to invest.

The VariDesk Pro Plus 36 has two levels to provide plenty of desktop flexibility. The top tier is 36 inches wide and can accommodate two monitors, while the bottom level can accommodate your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.

Thanks to a smooth, spring-loaded design, the VariDesk rises smoothly to eleven different height settings and comes completely installed. The Vari Pro Plus 36 has a lot to offer. A transfer to a standing desk may improve your health and productivity, and owing to its tiered design, this item can expand your desktop area.

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand HNDS6

Because of its $70 pricing, the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is more costly than many of its competitors, but it justifies the investment by delivering a greater variety of functionality than most of its competitors.

It contains superior gas springs for simple and smooth movement, as well as independent height adjustment on both arms, allowing you to use two screens at different height levels. Many less expensive dual display guns do not have this capability.

Each arm can handle a 27-inch panel weighing 14.3 pounds and has 180 degrees of swivel movement, 360 degrees of rotation, and 80 degrees of tilting. It has a lot of adaptability.

A robust C-shaped clamp secures the HNDS6 to your desk, and the company offers single monitor arms, twin arms for bigger display, and even a triple-screen mount.

Huanuo Vertical Dual Monitor Mount

The Huanuo Vertical Dual display Mount is an intriguing display stand that, instead of offering monitor positions side by side, allows you to stack the monitors vertically. This, of course, saves a lot of desk space while still displaying your monitor in a very clean and effective manner. One of our editors has it on his desk at home and thinks it’s wonderful all around and a terrific buy for the price. The top bracket does not extend farther away from the mounting pole, so your top monitor will be almost in line with your bottom monitor.

Varieties available on Amazon

1. Vertical Stand

2. Adjustable Spring Monitor Desk Mount With Swivel (13 to 27-inch Screen)

3. Adjustable Spring Monitor Desk Mount With Swivel (13 to 35-inch Screen)

Simple Houseware Monitor Stand

If you want to raise one screen to improve your posture and ergonomic experience while also providing some more space to your work, the Simple Houseware Monitor Stand is an excellent solution.

The Simple Houseware metal unit weighs less than four pounds, making it easy to carry about and set on your desk. It also has some useful features, such as a sliding drawer beneath for papers and supplies, and four integrated side caddies for stationery or your smartphone. It features a sturdy metal construction with a black covering and feels pretty solid.

This monitor stand is functional, well-made, and reasonably priced at $26, making it an excellent choice if you want to add some more desktop adaptability without spending a lot of money. It also takes less than five minutes to put together.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

Amazon’s AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand is another excellent low-cost option.

With its stackable column-style legs that can reach up to 12.5 cm in height, it provides basic height adjustment. Adjustments are available in increments of 2.5 cm each level. It assists you in maintaining good posture while working by taking ergonomics into account. Its two columns have a non-slip function to guarantee that your stand and the item it holds stay in position.

It has a storage compartment beneath the stand that is 28 cm wide. It can hold your keyboard and mouse, game consoles, and even spare computers. The stand can support laptops, monitors, and printers weighing up to 10 kilos. It weighs 1.16 kg and is available in a black hue that emits a professional sense appropriate for your business.

The disadvantage of this choice is that it is made of plastic. It adds nothing to its aesthetics or total worth. Amazon, on the other hand, emphasizes its long-lasting composition and smooth design with rounded counters that give the impression of modern style and elegant sophistication.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you select the finest monitor stands for your needs?

When purchasing a monitor stand, there are various factors to consider. With so many options on the market nowadays, it might be difficult to choose one above the others. However, if you stick to the elements that are most essential to you, you will almost certainly succeed.
For starters, you need determine what size monitor stand you require. There are variants that can support up to three displays while preserving stability and keeping your electronics safe. If you spend a lot of time working with many monitors, you should have stands that can support them. Otherwise, keeping one monitor on a stand and the other on the desk is cumbersome.
Elevation is also essential. It should be ergonomically constructed to support excellent posture as well as general health and well-being. The material of your selected fixture should also be sturdy, so you don’t have to change it all the time or risk damaging your equipment. Furthermore, even if this addition to your workplace is necessary, you should have a maximum budget in mind to ensure that you do not overspend. You can be somewhat flexible on this, but having a price range in mind will make shopping quicker, faster, and more enjoyable.
With all of that in mind, it is simpler to move forward with your quest for the most effective and finest monitor stand for your office.

How we test the best monitor stands

To find the best monitor stands, we first looked at what types and sizes of displays the supports could support. We looked at how heavy they were, how adjustable they were, and if they provided cable management options.

We assessed whether the stands were pre-assembled or required assembly, as well as how easy the construction procedure was. We assessed whether the monitor stands were adequate for two displays because certain users might require a multi monitor arrangement. We also examined their build quality, the fluidity of their movement, overall compactness, and cost.