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Zendrop Review – Is It The Best Dropshipping App in 2024?

A Dropshipping store is a fantastic lean business concept but has its difficulties. You are constantly at the mercy of your suppliers; if something goes wrong, you must set things right and retain your customers. You must care about fulfillment and customer service and excel in branding and marketing. This is when Zendrop comes into play. In this Zendrop review, we’ll examine what this super e-commerce platform offers and whether it can simplify your life as a drop shipper.

Zendrop Review

Zendrop Review - Shopify And WooCommerce Dropshipping

What is Zendrop About?

Zendrop is an e-commerce platform offering expedited shipping, private labeling, automated fulfillment, world-class support, and more.  Zendrop can be trusted with the business processes of online stores that want to reach out to clients worldwide. Furthermore, the programs provide first-rate shipping possibilities inside the dropshipping arena, as well as the ability for users to expedite unique packaging facilities for their products. A world-class support team works around the clock to provide suitable solutions to questions expressed via live chat help. Zendrop enables businesses to customize their winning items to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase business sales. Brands can also send customized thank-you notes to customers to increase client retention.

Furthermore, a precise dashboard provided by the e-commerce marketplace allows owners to monitor their sales performance and make data-backed decisions. To use Zendrop, online merchants must connect their stores, import products, fulfill orders, and let the programs handle shipping-related issues.

Zendrop for Dropshipping With Shopify Stores


For those unfamiliar with the Dropshipping business model, it is a sort of e-commerce in which things are sold without holding them in inventory. Meanwhile, you benefit from the price differential between what you charge the consumer and what it costs you to acquire the goods. Establishing such a kind of ecommerce business is a low-risk, low-investment method, but keeping track of all the moving parts may become chaotic. This is the problem that Zendrop solves for D2C online store owners.


Zendrop has three price tiers: Free, Pro, and Plus.


Zendrop has a good feature: you may utilize their service for free if you only have one business and fewer than 50 monthly orders. If you want more sophisticated features and the option to link numerous retailers, subscribe to the Pro or Plus plan. All options include limitless product sourcing, live chat support, and access to over 1 million goods.



For stores that process more than 50 orders each month, the Pro plan starts at $49 per month. You’ll need to upgrade to Pro if you want automatic fulfillment, specialized packaging, and express shipping timeframes. Given how much time it takes to fulfill orders manually, you will quickly recoup your monthly investment in time saved.


Zendrop provides a free Pro trial for people who wish to test the premium features before purchasing. The free trial is available through your billing dashboard.


The Plus plan grants access to Product Bundles and Subscription Boxes that significantly boost customer lifetime value and profitability. The Plus plan is a wise investment if you’ve identified your winning product and are working to optimize and scale your business. If you haven’t yet made your first sale, remain with the Free plan.


Zendrop links to your e-commerce business and syncs product information, orders, and customer information.


As every seasoned Dropshipper knows, having a dependable back-end provider is critical to long-term success. Many are skilled marketers, but we can only grow our businesses with stable operations (suppliers, customer support, transparent tracking, etc.). After all, if your orders are often late or never arrive, you will lose customers and reputation, not to mention money.


Assume you’ve been running advertisements for a week, and they’re doing admirably. You’ve got a 350% return on your investment, which is fantastic! So you decide to increase the ad rate from $50 to $100 daily.

However, after a week, you begin receiving weird emails from consumers.

“Where is my product?” they enquire. Something is wrong here. When you look at the order status, you see that the orders have tracking numbers.

But then you enter a tracking number onto the tracking website and learn that the orders have yet to be sent! So, what exactly is going on?

You are working with a supplier who is reckless or careless. They ran out of stock to fulfill the orders and are waiting for a new shipment from the manufacturer, but they didn’t care to keep you updated! And now you’re stuck with angry consumers and squandered advertising dollars.

When you engage with a reputable supplier, it regularly checks inventory levels and tells you when supply runs short, allowing you to avoid situations like the one described above. Furthermore, Zendrop provides you and your customers with 24/7 assistance to help you and your customers overcome any possible issues.


  1. Create a Free Zendrop Account account. First, you must submit basic information about yourself and your company.
  2. Integrate the suitable plugins for WooCommerce/WordPress or Shopify store.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the platform once you’ve logged in. Take some time to investigate the many features and options accessible to you.
  4. The next stage is to locate things to sell. Zendrop provides a diverse assortment of items from a variety of sources. You may explore the catalog and choose which goods to add to your store.
  5. After you’ve decided on the items, you must make listings for them in your store. This entails including images, descriptions, and pricing information. When someone places an order in your business, Zendrop will handle the fulfillment and delivery. All you have to do is sit back and watch the money come in!

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Here’s a high-level overview of how Zendrop works for you.

  1.     You choose and add goods from the Zendrop catalog to your store.
  2.     Zendrop delivers an order to the supplier when a client places one in your store.
  3.     The goods are packaged and shipped straight to your client by the supplier.
  4.     Zendrop updates tracking information automatically and tells you and the customer of shipping progress.

What’s the best part? This happens without human labor, giving you more time to focus on expanding and scaling your business.

Please keep reading to discover more about Zendrop’s capabilities (and their significance) below.


Zendrop’s product sourcing feature allows you to search for items from numerous vendors and quickly add them to your store.

Zendrop Product Sourcing Features
  1.       To attach a product to Zendrop, do the following: Navigate to Zendrop’s Orders page.
  2.       Locate one of the Unfulfilled orders imported from Shopify store into Zendrop.
  3.       Select Link Product from the drop-down menu.Zendrop Link Products For Dropshipping
  4.       Zendrop will automatically find goods that are similar to the one you’re seeking to link. Choose the appropriate variation from the list, then press the “Link Product” button.


Zendrop monitors and updates inventory levels, so you don’t have to track stock manually. What does it mean to be familiar with your inventory? This means:

  •       Knowing what you have on hand
  •       What is it, and how long will it last?
  •       How to restock it.

It may appear simple, but organizations frequently require more than obsolete or manual inventory tracking systems. This can result in mistakes, out-of-stocks, and dissatisfied consumers. This is insufficient in dropshipping stores when margins are razor-thin and every order matters. That is why a solid inventory management system is essential.


Zendrop will immediately transmit the information to the provider after placing an order. There is no need to manage stock levels or manually make orders to your supplier.

Auto fulfillment is the difference between spending your days laboriously sifting through orders individually or even employing a VA fulfillment specialist to do it for you and investing your time in more vital activities, such as marketing or conversion optimization. When a consumer purchases through your website, your orders are instantly placed with your supplier. This saves you time and money and improves customer satisfaction by guaranteeing that orders are always completed on time and correctly.

Automated Order Completion


Zendrop also automates client contact by email sending order confirmations, shipment alerts, and tracking information. Customers will receive up-to-date tracking information for their orders, increasing the customer experience. Again, at scale, when manually sending out all of these emails may be time-consuming and error-prone, this is a lifesaver.


Zendrop’s sales dashboard lets you watch your sales and analyze patterns, allowing you to make educated decisions about which goods to add or delete from your store.


Customers have grown to anticipate speedy shipping in the age of Amazon Prime, and they are ready to pay for it. According to a Business Wire survey, 65% of buyers are prepared to pay extra for speedier shipments. Dropshippers rely on suppliers to ship goods directly to clients, typically resulting in lengthy delivery periods.

Zendrop offers the two quickest delivery alternatives in the business; however, remember that you are still delivering from Chinese facilities. Zendrop Dropshipping delivery will never be able to compete with Amazon Prime (unless you hold stock in US warehouses). This not only keeps consumers pleased, but it also reduces chargebacks, cancellations, and refunds. Furthermore, consumers with a great delivery experience are more inclined to place repeat orders and give favorable reviews. If you reimburse your consumer for a purchase that is more than four days late, they will also refund you!


In today’s competitive environment, standing out from the crowd is more vital than ever. This is where customized packaging and branding come into play.

Customised Branding with Zendrop Dropshipping


By developing a distinct brand identity, you may establish a “moat” around your company, making it more difficult for unscrupulous second movers and impersonators to take your market share.

Chewey, for example, has created a strong brand identity through bespoke packaging and branding. As a result, people are more inclined to buy from businesses they know and trust.

Anyone may offer Chinese dog goods, but Chewey differentiates with its bespoke packaging and customized remarks.


Zendrop dropshipping provides bespoke branding services such as customized packaging, inserts, and labels to add a professional touch to your products and build your brand identity.

This is especially beneficial for drop shippers that offer generic items that clients may quickly obtain elsewhere.


With shipping durations of just 2-5 days, you may significantly impact how your consumers perceive your company.

There is a US Catalog of dropshipping items accessible, which means you can offer rapid shipping without the extra expense and complication of international shipping.

If the product you wish to send does not appear in the US Catalog, a minimum order quantity (MOQ) is necessary, and you must keep stock to use this service. However, the additional risk will most likely be worth it if you’re currently dropshipping and have a track record of success.


Bundling and subscription features in Zendrop are excellent approaches to boosting each customer’s average and lifetime cart values. Bundling and subscription possibilities are crucial for pet brands trying to increase average cart value and client lifetime value. 

Assume you get a customer for $10, and they purchase a dog bed for $50. Because your goods cost $15, your profit is $25. However, your overall ROI skyrockets if the consumer buys a dog bed and a non-spill water dish package costing $75. Subscription boxes are a growth hack to increase the average order value for your online store if you have certain themes going on with your products.

Furthermore, if the consumer returns and purchases more things via subscription, the lifetime value increases!

What is a Subscription Box?

1) Go to “Bundles & Boxes.”

2) Select “Create a Subscription Box” from the drop-down menu.

3) For the subscription duration, add a Bundle to each month. Add Bundle 1 to Month 1, for example. Then add Bundle 2 to Month 2, and so forth.


Zendrop Academy is an excellent learning resource for drop shippers. It is included as part of Zendrop’s Pro package and offers you access to detailed information about running a successful dropshipping business. You’ll learn about email marketing, raising conversion rates, the Facebook algorithm, and scaling tactics. You’ll also learn about testing methodologies and choosing a great dropshipping product.

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Sourcinbox is a dropshipping business established in China with high evaluations and speedy, cost-effective, and dependable delivery choices. They can work with Chinese producers to obtain items at wholesale costs that are far cheaper than listed AliExpress suppliers. This makes it simple to begin selling without breaking the bank. In my experience, they are more concerned with cost-cutting than branding.


DSers is a dropshipping tool that makes it easier to place orders, search and import items, and connect with AliExpress suppliers. While it is simple to use, you do not have the benefit of dealing with an agent who purchases in bulk, so you will pay more for your items (since you are still buying a la carte through Aliexpress). Nonetheless, it’s a valuable tool if you’re starting dropshipping.


In a nutshell, sure. If you’re a drop shipper or are thinking about starting one, Zendrop can help you streamline and optimize your operations. It may appear to be a luxury to pay for a platform like Zendrop when you can do everything yourself, but trust me when I say that the time and pain saved are worth every money. Furthermore, if Zendrop keeps you from just one chargeback or angry client, it will have paid for itself.

Most consumers are pleased with the service, noting its ease of use and extensive choice of product-sourcing alternatives. Other clients like the peace of mind of having a trustworthy partner handle their fulfillment tasks.

In conclusion, here are a few simple reasons to use Zendrop:

  •       The standard and express delivery options are the quickest in the market.
  •       Your fulfillment VA is replaced by auto fulfillment.
  •       Value-added bundles and subscriptions raise your average cart value and lifetime customer value.
  •       Zendrop Academy is a fantastic resource for drop shippers trying to grow their business.

The sole disadvantage of Zendrop is the price; nevertheless, when considering the quality of the service, the value outweighs the cost. Understanding why Zendrop has quickly become the preferred dropshipping platform for companies worldwide is simple.


Dropshippers that want to test their fulfillment services can use Zendrop’s free plan. Their free plan lets drop shippers test and find a winner before subscribing to complete Zendrop fulfillment services. The free program allows you to place up to 50 orders per month, import limitless products into your Shopify store, have access to US suppliers, and use the majority of their other features. Scroll down to discover the complete list of services available through their free Starter Plan.

I strongly advise serious dropshipping companies to acquire the Zendrop Pro plan for $49/month. The Pro Plan provides ecommerce firms with a comprehensive set of fulfillment services. Users of the Pro Plan will receive unlimited monthly orders, express shipment in 5 to 7 days, 24/7 express customer support, fully automated order fulfillment, and much more. Apart from rapid shipping, the best feature provided by the Pro plan is product sourcing. If you wish to sell a product that isn’t already in the Zendrop database, they will identify a trusted supplier and source it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1  What is the purpose of Zendrop?

It is a Dropshipping app. Zendrop provides the following features:
      – Management of Customer Service
      – Sourcing Administration
      – Orders for Automated Supplies
      – Large Orders
      – Order Tracking in Real Time
      – Optimization of Pricing
      – Product Data Administration
      – Email Abandoned Cart Reporting (Analytics)
      – Supplier Administration
      – Order Management Shipping Management

Q.2 What are the best Zendrop alternatives?

Here is a list of the finest Zendrop alternatives: Oberlo, Shopify Plus, AutoDS, Spocket, DSers.


Zendrop Review

Dropshipping is new age ecommerce concept and to boost your Dropshipping productivity platforms like Zendrop are leading the way. Here is our Zendrop Review.

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