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The 8 Best WordPress Booking Plug-ins

It’s absolutely essential to identify the ideal online booking tools if you manage a business that needs appointments and reservations. We wish to list the top WordPress booking plugins available as a result. To make a simple reservation or book an appointment in the past, the consumer had to dig up a telephone number, call the number, and write down the day and time that they were given. Those times are long behind, and it’s amazing to see the capabilities that are continuously being incorporated into online booking plugins. The absolute top WordPress booking plugins are listed below for your consideration. 

A booking engine may initially seem to be just a straightforward calendar with a form, however, this relies on the kind of business being run. A business consultancy, for example, will present different consultants. There should be individual timetables for each of these people on the website. In contrast, a dentist practice might need to display precise hours and list the many services it provides. As a result, it’s crucial to carefully examine each WordPress booking plugin’s characteristics. You’ll have all the functionality you require along with some flexibility to help your organization get stronger in this manner. Here are some useful plug-ins:

WooCommerce Bookings

The WooCommerce plugin is the supreme force in WordPress e-commerce. One of the primary causes of this is the fact that the basic version is free, however you also have exposure to a plethora of addons for receiving payments in various ways. The WooCommerce Bookings extension, for instance, enables you to sell reservations based on times or dates. The major reason you would choose a WooCommerce plugin like this is to enable the payment processing component, though you still have the ability to accept bookings for no fee. For businesses that already use the WooCommerce plugin, I would contend that WooCommerce Bookings is the best option. But for novices out there, it’s also a good, tidy expansion. Users of WordPress can choose to keep with the straightforward, contemporary design or to alter it using CSS. Fields for details, rates, labels, and a calendar are available after the extension is activated. 

You could be looking to rent out apartments to a homestay, in which case you would like to discuss the rooms, rates, and dates available. In order to establish credibility with prospective bookings, reviews are also an option. With the help of the WooCommerce Bookings extension, you can create set time windows where clients must make decisions based on the hours you select. You can also make it available for any time or date. Your dashboard, where you receive filters and update buttons, allows you to manage all reservations. Additionally, you have the option of limiting the amount of reservations made or even offering discounts for a set number of reservations. Additionally, you have a number of choices for deciding when reservations are made available to users and for approving incoming reservations. The add-on connects to WooCommerce, one of the most widely used and dependable eCommerce plugins available. The WooCommerce plugin is free, however the extension requires a one-time payment.

Pricing: The cost of the WooCommerce Bookings plugin ranges from $249 for one site to $449 for up to 25 sites. It’s one of the more expensive plugins available at this price. Additionally, there is no charge for the basic WooCommerce plugin, so there is another thing you don’t need to worry about. Finally, WooCommerce provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to a complete first year of customer support. So give it a try and decide if you enjoy it! 

WooCommerce Appointments

Another alternative that works with WooCommerce is the Appointments extension. Although the extension is not offered through WooCommerce, the Booking WordPress developers have a solid reputation and are known for their high-quality work. Starting with integrations with WooCommerce and Google Calendar, the extension itself should have several amazing features. Customers’ payments can be accepted in this manner, and your Google Calendar can be synchronized. You can accept appointments and bookings without charging a fee, but you also have settings for doing so. The ease and speed with which this plugin may be installed and managed is one of its key benefits. Although the interface is simple enough for beginners, it also offers the flexibility a skilled coder would require. It’s also noteworthy to note that a two-way sync is possible between your website and your Google Calendar. 

For developers that require total customization, WooCommerce Appointments is the greatest option, in my opinion. The connections with add-ons like WooCommerce Print Invoices, Gravity Forms, and Extra Product Options make it useful in this regard as well. Google Calendars and the WooCommerce Appointments plugin sync in both directions. Therefore, you can sync simply by changing your website’s schedule or Google Calendar. The majority of the well-liked WooCommerce extensions are compatible with the extension. You can accept appointments to prevent your schedule from getting too busy. Customers who have scheduled appointments are automatically emailed notifications and reminders. Developer-friendly and white-label, the extension. Customizations can be made quickly and easily by developers without any issues. For putting your reservation sheets wherever on your site, you start receiving short codes. You aren’t constrained to widgets or particular sites. With lead periods, scheduling slots, padding between appointments, and multi-day scheduling, the extension allows you total control over your schedule. A number of guidelines can be established regarding pricing, capacity, and availability.

Pricing: Comparable to the former plugin, but with slightly more reasonable pricing that starts at $89 per page. Naturally, this increases to about $200 for 25 sites. Although support and updates are offered for a full year, there is only a single, one-time cost if you do not want them. 


Paid reservations, guest bookings, and enrolled bookings are a few of the permitted booking kinds included in this plugin. Your time slots can be displayed in a calendar or list format, and you can even translate it into different languages. Additionally, you can give calendars to specific employees in your company. Therefore, you can have personal trainers or travel agents who require their own schedules. Each user has access to several calendars as well as the option to develop a little personal brand to stand out to clients. The majority of the modification options relate to the colors and fields of the calendar, but that is also what makes this plugin so simple to use. The frontend design is sleek and contemporary, and you can link it with a variety of different add-ons including Calendar Feeds, Front-end Agents, and WooCommerce Payments. The plugin almost comes pre-configured and ready to use. You are not required to utilize any own coding, and the UI is gorgeous. It costs a single price and is far less expensive than other booking plugins. Front-end agents, which is ideal for your operators to view a user-friendly booking management panel on the frontend, is one of the add-ons you get for free. The plugin allows you to alter the color of the calendar and supports different employee calendars. The user does not need to register on your website in order to book a guest room. To specify things like vacation days or holidays, use the custom time slots. You get some helpful short codes so you can pretty much put a booking calendar wherever you want on your website. 

Pricing: Only available on Code Canyon, the Booked plugin sells for a reasonable $49 price. The Booked fee is a one-time cost, similar to the majority of plugins purchased from Code Canyon. However, you can purchase an additional $16.50 to prolong the customer support for a full year.


A simple booking tool, the free plugin lacks functionality for online payments and allows for a restricted number of staff users. So the Bookly premium edition is the best for you unless you accept free reservations. Bookly is the plugin on this list with the most contemporary-looking features. Both the frontend and the backend have a modern design, and many elements of the booking form may be changed without understanding any coding. Although I wouldn’t advise using it if you want to utilize custom code, I believe that most novice and experienced users will be comfortable with the plugin’s features and design. The reservation form is dynamic and fully customisable. Both administrators and clients can access different perspectives of it. In addition, Bookly features a module that allows you to add an unlimited number of staff members, each of whom can have their own pricing and availability. For example, when considering a team of stylists and hairdressers, a salon might execute a plan similar to this.

For small firms who might not have the resources to engage a bespoke developer, Bookly appears to be a great deal overall. Most of the resources you require to manage a booking system yourself should be provided by it. It’s the closest thing to a full booking package you can currently get on the market. In other words, you don’t need to be an expert programmer to produce lovely results. The booking schedule can involve a lot of service providers (workers). Your staff can charge different rates and appear at various times in this manner. A built-in SMS system is available in addition to automated email notifications. A Google Calendar integration is available and can accommodate numerous calendars from each of your employees. There are several add-ons available, including ones for adding coupons and bonuses to your services. You can add an infinite number of services to your booking page thanks to the plugin. To facilitate better organization, you can indeed classify them. To make your schedules more accommodating for everyone, payment and booking regulations are accessible.

Pricing: There are both free and premium versions of the Bookly plugin. Expect to pay $89 once if you decide to upgrade to the premium version (unless you want to keep spending for customer support). 


A feature-rich appointment scheduling plugin called Booknetic is suitable for a wide range of industries, including those in the beauty, health, fitness, legal, and educational sectors. The plugin is very simple to manage and configure. Businesses that cannot afford top-tier software solutions are saved by its user-friendly backend, frontend, and features. You can fully automate your appointment bookings and establish a productive workflow thanks to a variety of integration channels. Complete feature customization makes it easier to manage your appointments. The ability to make modifications or schedule appointments on many devices guarantees convenience. You can alter the booking panel, rearrange the initial steps, add or remove further steps, and more using the drag and drop builder to get it just how you want it. The back-end panel can be used to control your entire workflow. It features distinct areas for employees, clients, appointments, and places. 

You can view your company’s real-time statistics, the most profitable employees and services, and a comparison of each using the reporting panel. Booknetic offers top-notch customer service that is renowned for its thorough and prompt responses. The plugin is offered for purchase on the Envato market, where users have given it a 5.00 rating. Booknetic topped the Envato market in terms of both customer service and feature usefulness.. It syncs with Calendar to prevent double bookings. Additionally, you have entire control over your schedule by specifying breaks, days off, and buffer intervals between appointments. You can even embed a booking widget anywhere on your website. In addition to offering various customization choices to build up your booking panel, it has an unlimited number of services, personnel, and locations. The adaptable design aids in coordinating with your branding. You can choose to make payments online using the most reputable and well-known payment processors, like PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and others.

Pricing: One-time payment of $79 is accepted for a single website. Also included are lifelong access to updates and a six-month period of customer support


The Amelia plugin is an easy-to-use yet effective automatic booking specialist that works around-the-clock to ensure that your clients can schedule appointments and make payments online or offline. Amelia Pro is ideal for you if you want all of your employees, service kinds, and supplemental services in one location with integrated payment options. Amelia is the only product on the market with as many built-in features for the fixed lifetime pricing. For example, it offers Google Calendar Synchronization, which lets your employees stay on top of all bookings in their personal Google calendar, and SMS notifications, which help you be in immediate contact with your clients and staff. 

It boasts a clean, contemporary look on the front and back ends. With the use of a straightforward short code, you can easily add it to your website and have it match your website’s design exactly. Amelia uses SMS alerts to instantly notify and remind your clients and staff of their appointments. You can add several employees, each with their own set of working and vacation days. Additionally, you can define certain dates or time bands with a distinct schedule using the unique Days support. 

Pricing: This plugin, intended for small businesses, is freely available. There is a premium edition of the plugin available for bigger enterprises. There are also lifetime licenses, which start at $189 for one name and get more expensive from there. Extremely prompt help for six months is complimentary; if you require support after that time, you can do so for a nominal cost.

Booking Calendar

One of the first booking plugins for WordPress, Booking Calendar hasn’t slowed down with quality development over the years, according to ratings. The sales page isn’t particularly clear, and there is misunderstanding surrounding the cost as well. Since it’s a genuinely sophisticated plugin, I usually advise users to install the core version and check if it meets their needs before upgrading. However, it might be difficult to determine which features are included with which plan. Anyway, some of the main characteristics of the Booking Calendar plugin to anticipate are automated email notifications for when customers make their bookings and need reminders. The capability to set a timeframe open for a specified number of days is one special utility. You can do this to accept a number of double reservations before turning it off to choose which customers to accept during that time period. The calendar’s ability to display the quantity of open, reserved, and pending dates for a given month is something I particularly appreciate. A huge number of external websites and calendar apps are also integrated with the Booking Calendar plugin.

Pricing: The majority of the capabilities a typical small business would want are included in the core plugin, which is free. Although upgrading to one of the other more comprehensive business plans costs as little as $60 for a single website. The pricing is then far too ambiguous. There are five plans for Single Sites, five plans for Developer Sites, and five plans for Multisite available on their pricing page. 

Appointment Booking Calendar

Two distinctive components make up the Appointment Booking Calendar plugin. It’s one of the few WordPress booking plugins with a free PayPal connectivity, to start with. The Appointment Booking Calendar plugin is distinct in part because it focuses on displaying a limited number of time slots rather than a whole calendar of options. Even if a calendar remains displayed on your website, one of its main functions is to check off the days you’re unavailable and highlight the hours that suit you the most. Overall, compared to many of the rivals on this list, the free version appears distinctive. A built-in Captcha, availability checks, and a multi-page calendar that customers may scan to view the complete year are all provided. 

In addition to configuring your calendars by adding a CSV or Excel file, notifications and confirmations are delivered to both the user and admin. It’s simple to understand and manage your appointments on the backend thanks to the UI and design. Although the frontend doesn’t exactly have the most up-to-date appearance, you can start developing with one of three pre built templates. In order to change how your calendar displays online after that, custom CSS is the major approach you’ll need to take. One of the few WordPress booking plugins that offers a free PayPal connectivity is this one. Customers are just sent to a PayPal checkout, but it still works. When it comes to displaying your true availability to customers, this plugin is fairly flexible thanks to the tools for removing unavailable dates and hours. The plugin has also been made available for use worldwide in a wide range of languages.

Pricing: There is a premium version, but only if you want the choice to purchase additional features like coupons and the ability to delete the PayPal link. The cost of the Professional version is $49.99.