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7 Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify In 2023

Boost customer retention and LTV with our curated list of top SMS marketing apps for Shopify. Capitalize on the power of SMS automation!

Best Sms Marketing Apps for Shopify - Ecommerce Store

SMS Automation is a potent channel for improving customer retention and increasing your LTV for your ecommerce store. This is the reason we have curated a list of the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify for your marketing campaigns. To help you understand the importance, You will be a step ahead if you are aware of SMS marketing opportunities. Statistics have revealed that most SMS messages are opened more quickly than emails. The first three minutes saw the opening of almost 90% of SMS messages.

Why is SMS marketing superior?

1. Prompt shipping

When you press the send button on an SMS message, your message is delivered quickly to the recipient. Most of the time, text messages are answered relatively immediately.

2. Greater Open Rate

As we had established, text messages open more frequently than emails. Why is that? Unlike emails, which require multiple clicks to view the content, opening an SMS message only requires one. This explains why approximately 35% of emails go unopened.

3. Increase in Response Rate

This advantage is visible. SMS messages will naturally have a greater response rate because they have a higher open rate. Research has shown that SMS marketing has an average response rate of 45%. SMS texts have a less formal and more casual tone. A less formal piece of writing will always elicit speedier responses from readers. When used correctly, SMS marketing may benefit your business greatly.

So our recommended SMS Marketing Apps For Shopify (2023) are as follows.

7 Best SMS Marketing Apps For Shopify (2023)

1. Omnisend

An all-in-one e-commerce marketing app is called Omnisend. It addresses SMS, email, pop-up, and newsletter marketing. Over 70,000 customers entrust Omnisend to help them scale their businesses, and it has a 4.6 rating on Shopify. Omnisend is incredibly user-friendly and interacts with Shopify stores. SMS marketing campaigns are simple to make. You can launch your SMS marketing campaign with Omnisend’s SMS automation tool and a tonne of SMS templates. Additionally, it contains landing pages, pop-ups, spin wheels, and sign-up choices. Utilize the built-in chatting tool to have live conversations with your customers.

Omnisend - Ecommerce SMS Marketing App

Onmisend enables you to market your company, comprehend your clients, increase sales, and retrieve abandoned carts. This app complies with the TCPA. It responds to the unsubscribe request right away.


You can send up to 60 international SMSes per month with Omnisend’s free plan, which is available immediately.

  • The regular plan has a monthly cost of $16.
  • The monthly cost of the PRO plan is $59.

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Omnisend is among the top-notch SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify, delivering exceptional marketing automation solutions.

2. Firepush

An all-purpose marketing app is Firepush. It emphasizes marketing using Web Push, Email, and SMS. You can use these techniques to compose and send automated messages with the aid of Firepush. Text messages are sent via Firepush over a cellular network. Privy, GemPages, Loox-Photo Reviews, SMS, and other services are integrated.

Firepush For Shopify Store - Web Push, Email, and SMS Marketing

You can send as many SMS messages to your consumers monthly if you subscribe to the pro plan. Your company has the potential to grow as long as you continuously use text messaging to engage with your clients. Cart abandonment is a problem that e-commerce companies frequently face. According to a survey, the average percentage of abandoned carts is 69.57 percent. But one way to do that is through SMS marketing. 

Firepush reminds customers who left their carts unattended through SMS and implored them to finish their purchases. You can use Firepush to send a variety of SMS messages kinds. 

Features why we have recommended it as one of the Best SMS marketing Apps for Shopify.

  • Greeting SMS
  • SMS for new products
  • SMS delivery update SMS Restock SMS Order confirmation SMS
  • SMS notifications for abandoned carts, among other things


With a $1 credit, Firepush is free to download and send up to 60 SMS. External fees could be incurred.

Firepush stands as one of the premier SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify, offering a robust array of marketing tools for Shopify store owners.

3. SMSBump

One of the most popular SMS marketing tools for Shopify is SMSBump. With 2308 reviews and a score of 4.8, it has a high level of confidence from more than 90,000 businesses. You may connect this app with your Point of Sales and Shopify store (POS). It is ready after only a brief period of setup.

Shopify SMS Marketing - SMS Bump

The software offers the resources you need to expand your SMS list. Automated SMS messages are designed to produce observable results. You can bring back abandoned carts, increase sales, and keep current consumers with the appropriate message. Yotpo, ReConvert Klaviyo, Recart, Privy, and other applications are integrated with SMSBump. To forge a connection with your customers, you must use effective communication.

The SMSBump software allows you to;

  • Create appealing messages by using an SMS template.
  • Configure automated messages to send at the appropriate time.
  • Have a conversation with your customers that flows well.
  • Learn which automatic text is more effective.


Installing SMSBump is cost-free. However, the paid plan ranges from $19 to $199 per month.

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SMSBump is undoubtedly one of the finest SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify, empowering businesses with effective customer engagement.

4. SMS, Whatsapp Marketing: TCW

TCW, a Shipway product, is an SMS, Whatsapp Marketing: TCW solution used directly on a Shopify website. It interacts with, Aftership, ReConvert, Whatsapp Chat, Klaviyo, and SMS Notification. Utilize WhatsApp chat and text messaging to follow up with your consumers and ensure that their orders are completed.

SMS, Whatsapp Marketing: TCW

The automated follow-up communications are sent at least three times. You may connect with clients all over the world using ConvertWay. It is accessible in 220 nations worldwide. Through WhatsApp, you can speak directly with your audience. Direct communication is a potent tool for improving client relations and growing your organization.


Installing ConvertWay is cost-free. It provides a premium package for $49 a month. The cost of SMS and WhatsApp chat, however, varies by nation.

Hoping TCW’s SMS and Whatsapp Marketing proves to be one of the top-tier apps, enhancing Shopify businesses’ marketing endeavors.

5. Postscript

Do you want to use SMS to increase your Shopify sales? You ought to use a postscript. Other SMS marketing programs lack some functionalities that Postscript provides. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on this software to help them grow. Shopify and Shopify Plus stores integrate easily with Postscript. The majority of your other Shopify marketing applications are compatible with it.

Postscript SMS Marketing For Shopify
  • Customer Segmentation Features

You can identify and group your consumers based on their preferences with Postscript. Your sales may increase if you send consumers or store visitors tailored messaging.

  • Analytics

If there are no records, how can you determine whether your SMS campaign was successful? By logging and examining your business data, Postscript makes it simple to track your revenue.

  • Easy to Opt-out

Your customer can decide to discontinue receiving SMS at some point. This process is quick, thanks to Postscript. Simply text “STOP” to the specified number to stop.


Installing Postscript is free. However, the free trial period for premium plans is 30 days. The monthly cost for the growth of professional programs is $100 or $500, respectively.

Postscript emerges as a top choice among SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify, offering robust features to supercharge your marketing campaigns.

6. Automizely SMS Marketing

You can utilize the SMS marketing software Automizely without paying anything extra. It complies with the GDPR and the TCPA. You can recover abandoned carts, convert website visitors, and improve business promotion with its aid. Recovery of an abandoned cart is no simple task. It may take significant persuasion to persuade customers to reconsider dropping their order at the checkout stage.

You may use Automizely to design enticing text messages encouraging your consumers to finish the checkout process. The appropriate message is necessary, but it’s not enough. Equally important is reaching out to your customers at the right time and in the proper manner.

SMS Marketing Automation - Automizely

You can configure the app to alert when a consumer leaves their cart unattended. After that, text them to ask why. Before sending the message, you must verify that the recipient’s name and contact information are correct.

Customer Service

To help you, Automizely offers a support staff available around the clock.

Optimize your Shopify store’s marketing potential with Automizely SMS Marketing, a top-tier choice among SMS Marketing Apps.

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7. Cartloop SMS Marketing

One of the top Shopify SMS marketing apps is Cartloop. It lets you have direct conversations with your clients to establish a solid rapport. Shopify, Shopify Plus, and other CRM applications like Zendesk, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Cartloop, and others integrate well with Cartloop. You can expand your email list, engage with your customers, send promotional messages, recover abandoned carts, find out why customers are leaving, and more with the app’s support.

Cartloop SMS Marketing Plugin

The aim of a business owner is to reduce expenses and increase revenue. You don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing that generates little to no returns when you have Cartloop. You only pay for the platform when it yields results. Cartloop complies with the TCPA and GDPR. Opting out is processed instantly and takes less than five minutes. The support staff is on hand around-the-clock to take care of your needs.


Cartloop has two premium options available.

  • The monthly fee for the expansion plan is $99
  • The Pro plan has a monthly cost of $299.

Cartloop SMS Marketing emerges as an excellent choice among SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify, providing personalized customer engagement.


SMS marketing is a potent campaign tactic, but it is vastly underappreciated. One method to step up your SMS marketing game is to use the proper app. We have included the top SMS marketing apps for Shopify in this article. We hope this was helpful to you.

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I hope you found some gems when setting up your performance marketing campaigns powered by the above SMS apps and plugins. Do you have other recommendations for this list of Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify? Do share with us in the comments section below. 

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