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6 Best Shipping Aggregators for D2C Business

Harness the power of shipping aggregators for D2C success.

A company can achieve success if it has the support and assistance of partner firms that take care of crucial business functions, no matter how big or little. Similarly to this, it is mostly because of their delivery experiences that eCommerce businesses are able to achieve high levels of success.

These firms must balance having an operational infrastructure that is quick and effective to ensure a positive client experience with proving to be cost-effective in order to not influence its income in order to be effective and successful. Here is where shipping aggregators for D2C companies come into play and support the growth of eCommerce businesses by offering all necessary logistics services in the most effective way while also lowering logistics expenses.

Shipping Aggregators for D2C

What are Shipping aggregators?

A small or new business owner would approach their neighborhood courier service partner to deliver the deliverables from the supplier to the client if they receive less than 100 transactions each month. However, if there is an abrupt spike in orders, which could be the result of the product gaining popularity and eventually traction, it may be challenging and expensive for sellers to meet customer expectations while employing the same delivery service they did originally. 

The logistical component of the D2C order fulfillment process is one of the most important yet challenging components, so it would be wise for sellers to collaborate with courier aggregators. In doing so, they give the sellers access to several pin codes and additional value-added services like delivery progress, micro fulfillment, cash-on-delivery, location-based delivery, and same-day shipment. They also collaborate with numerous courier channels.

Although shipping aggregators for online businesses have been around for a while, their significance has grown over the past ten years as a result of India’s explosive expansion in this sector. Given that courier aggregators are a necessity for any eCommerce operator, their numbers have grown in India, creating a competitive environment that benefits the sellers.

Why they are crucial to your business?

The ability of Courier Aggregators to partner with various courier services gives sellers the opportunity to select whatever courier partner they prefer and that too in which geographic area. This is the service’s major advantage. Instead of going to the same courier partner directly, shipping aggregators for e-Commerce employ Economies of Scale to offer the sellers lower delivery prices. Through the Shipping Aggregator, the buyer and seller can track their packages in real time. The most popular method of payment for Indian eCommerce users is still cash on delivery. Although the Shipping Aggregators are in charge of this payment, it must nevertheless return to the Seller. The seller’s ongoing financial flow is thus guaranteed. 

1. WareIQ

WareIQ has become one of the best fulfillment companies in India by offering a full-stack of e-Commerce fulfillment solutions and delivering its customers a comparable experience to Amazon Prime with same-day and next-day delivery. This Shipping Aggregator was established in 2019 and is open to everyone. It guarantees same-day/next-day delivery and has discounted prices and access to all significant national couriers in addition to the last parcel delivery and couriers.

It offers a strong pan-India supply chain of national & hyperlocal delivery partners, urban shadow retailers, and distribution facilities. The “WareIQ RUSH” guarantees same-day delivery and is among the few fulfillment tech businesses in the globe, let alone India, to offer such a service. It is also among the finest fulfillment companies in India because it is one of the rare ones to do so.

Shipping Aggregators for D2C

2. Shyplite

Shyplite provides easy-to-use, affordable shipping aggregation services. Owing to their helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives and AI-based recommendation system, they are well-liked by customers.

3. Pickrr

Pickrr established itself in the eCommerce sector by offering quick delivery in outlying areas of India. Pickrr’s popularity is boosted by the volume-based discounts it provides to users. It also has a distinctive set of features, the most exciting of which is its dashboard that is powered by AI. With Magento and many other e-commerce platforms, their dashboard may indeed be readily linked.

4. Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow Logistics is an innovation-driven business since it uses cutting-edge technology in several areas. They employ next-generation digital services to offer specialized logistics solutions for small, medium, and big e-Commerce businesses, from using AI-driven RFID tags to ease real-time tracking to leveraging I0T (Internet of Things) to spot possible mass transit safety hazards.

5. Shipdroid logistics

ShipDroid lacks the same range as some of its rivals because it has limited courier partners. Thanks to its account management platform, dashboard, and fulfilment services, which enable shops to effectively analyze their sales and follow orders in real-time, it has nevertheless remained a well-liked shipping aggregator for eCommerce.

The automatic allocation system of this Shipping Aggregator enables shipments to be made by air, rail, or road. They are a good and reasonably priced solution for smaller e-commerce firms because they do not have a minimum monthly order number constraint.

6. ShipYaari

Shipyaari is recognized as one of the most reliable shipping companies because it is a top alternative on the market. Three distinct fee applications are available for customer selection. Depending on their needs, users are given a number of options to pick from. Their timetables, which are based on yearly and monthly timescales, are fairly erratic. Additionally, they have four domestic partners and provide their services internationally. For significant shipping transactions, they provide discounts. They do not, however, offer a facility for multiple pickups.

In addition to quick shipment, Shipyaari also offers speedy COD. Among the seven online markets they are integrated with are Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and Woo-Commerce. New firms are not charged for their Start-Up package. Another prominent e-Commerce shipping aggregator is ShipYaari. Due to its capacity to handle enormous numbers of orders at competitive prices, it enjoys the highest level of client loyalty and confidence.

Numerous customers have expressed frustration about the inability to communicate with the customer service staff despite using a variety of communication methods, including phone, email, and WhatsApp.

Your D2C firm is officially in the major leagues once it hits a certain order volume, which is larger than 1000 orders per month. To ensure that all orders are filled, you will also require more resources, such as numerous shipping partners. Courier, transportation, and shipping aggregators can make your job easier during these early stages of managing big order quantities. Based on serviceability, you can pick the best courier partners and take advantage of pre-negotiated delivery rates. However, since they will continue to have control over your supply chain, your choice of aggregator is just as crucial as your selection of delivery partner.

We hope you found valuable insights on shipping aggregators for D2C in our blog. Streamline your delivery processes and elevate your eCommerce success today!