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Advice For Digital Entrepreneurs Starting An E-commerce Business

The e-commerce industry is one which is going through extreme growth which is predicted to continue over the next few years. This is understandable, as shopping online brings so many advantages to the consumer. It is no surprise then that so many entrepreneurs are turning to e-commerce for their next business venture, but this also means that it can be hard to survive because it is so competitive and much different to other types of business. Therefore, it is helpful to know a few tips and tricks before launching your own e-commerce business so that you can hit the ground running.

Perhaps most important is deciding what to sell. It is good to be passionate about your product range, but you do not want it to be so niche that you will struggle to sell. Instead, look into selling products which are trending and predicted to grow in the coming years. A few examples include healthy snacks, beauty products, pet accessories, and maternity wear but there are many more.

High-Quality Website

Much like having a good shop, you will need to have a high-quality website which is easy to navigate, showcases all of your products and make it simple, safe and secure to make a purchase. Include customer reviews so that people can see that you are a reliable brand with quality products.

Mobile App

These days, consumers are using their smartphones constantly throughout the day and more than a laptop or desktop computer. A mobile app, therefore, is an important tool for an e-commerce business. In order to develop a high-quality and functional app, it is important to hire an app developer – read this tutorial on hiring mobile app developers which will help you to find the right developer for your needs.

Social Media

Use social media to advertise, engage and inform your target audience. You should post informative and entertaining content which will attract customers to your store. Additionally, use this as a customer service channel where you can direct communicate and solve any problems that they might be having.


Shipping is another key area of e-commerce. One of the main reasons for cart abandonment is high shipping costs, so consider reduced shipping fees or free shipping if they spend a certain amount. Additionally, shipments should be fast as people’s expectations are changing with the rise of next day delivery services.

Internet Marketing

There is no point in having great products and a smooth shopping experience if nobody is visiting your e-commerce store. Internet marketing can increase your visibility and drive traffic to your e-commerce website – you then simply need to convert these visitors into customers.

Setting up and running an e-commerce business can be fun and rewarding, but it is not an easy industry to succeed in by any stretch, as it can be so competitive. Keep the above in mind when setting up your online store and it should help you to hit the ground running and have a foundation to go on and succeed in this growing industry.