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HTC Desire Headset Not Detected/ Controls Issue [SOLVED]

Last Week got an issue with my own HTC Desire with Headsets/ Headphones whatever you call it – It suddenly stopped detecting my original headsets which I have got with my HTC Desire. So I started tweaking with stuff & trying to check all hardware to find probable solution. And finally I got problem solved with very simple solution but it cant be similar problem with you so go through this procedure mentioned here to get perfect solution.

HTC-Desire Introduced By Tata Docomo

Different Problems & Solution with HTC Desire Headset & Headphone Jack

Before trying anything – try your headset somewhere else like in laptop or other phone & see if it is working. I tested mine with my Netbook & they were working fine.

Headset Not detected by HTC Desire

1.The very simple solution to this problem is – Turn off your HTC Desire & Then Start it back. And see if your headphones are detected this time. I am not joking around – it really works well. Same trick worked for 5 different HTC cellphone tested including my own.

2. If this trick does not work for you just try to hard reboot your phone. (NOTE: All data in phone including contacts will be erased. So do a back up first.)

How to hard reset your HTC Desire:
Turn off your Phone > Hold down Volume Down > then press the Trackball button >Select clear data

Headphone Remote Buttons Not Working

Also got this issue reported by some of our readers, that there headphones are working fine but remote buttons with HTC desire headphones for quick PLAY/PAUSE, CALL buttons not working. So we digged a little bit and found that this issue is caused mostly because of  third party installation of music apps like Winamp etc.,

Simple solution to this problem is Go to your Third party app settings & find some option related to heaphone detection & tick it.

In Winamp you can go to settings and Turn ON option named  Control Headset

If nothing works just uninstall all your music apps & reinstall one by one again and see if it works.

Hard reset or Hard Reboot would be another option which you can try at your own risk. Don’t forget to backup your data before trying it.

Let us know what worked for you & What not – our team will work the best out of experience. No matter if you own any other cellphone – just drop comment with your problem.


5 Responses

  1. hey m havin the same prob with my htc desire(2.2), the headsets stopped workin so i restarted the cell, n they started to work, but the remote control buttons don’t work, i m usin winamp n i did the thing in settin too but didn’t worked….

    any other sol. then hard reset???

  2. Have the same problem – 1 month after buying HTC desire (froyo 2.2), the headset control functions stopped working. Hard reboot didnt solve the problems. Cleared all my apps. Still the problem remains. I did absolutely nothing to damage hardware, it just stopped working suddenly.

    I had installed Poweramp (then bought full version) and somewhere in between installed Winamp, though uninstalled it soon. I have a strange feeling Winamp caused some settings change permanently. I would suggest no one to go near Winamp as I lost the headset controls somewhere close to uninstalling it.

    Only hard reset left to try but I am sick to my stomach on searching for a solution. Stupidest goddam problem…totally has smashed my HTC/Android first experience.

  3. Thanks!!! Reboot worked for me. It’s a little sad… now we are rebooting phones? What’s next? Cars?

    1. Lolz, Yeah that could be next thing we have to do. Thanks for sharing that it worked for you.