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STK SMC 970 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Smartphone accessories are on the rise since past few months, and consumers have great alternatives in every segment. While cases and scratch guards are kind of mandatory accessories for protection, there are many other accessories for entertainment purposes like headsets, speakers & wireless displays. The STK SMC 970 Bluetooth portable speaker (Amazon ) is one such portable speaker in this segment, and we recently used this beautiful looking tiny speakers for about a week, and following is our detailed review.

STK SMC 970 Review

Build & Design

Right out of the box, I have to admit that the STK Groovz SMC 970 Bluetooth speaker has a gorgeous design. This device is made out of polycarbonate shell which is transparent and looks glossy with the white colored panel on the inner side. The shape of this device seems like a water droplet that immediately stands out from boxy looking hundreds of other Bluetooth speakers.

Groovez offers better sound resonance as it leaves a wider space under the speaker to boost the lower frequencies, that results in the great sound output.

This speaker has only one LED light that works as notification, alert, and status indicator. Due to the transparent shell, the LED lights up the whole device, and it looks great. On the top of the speaker, there is a key which controls call connect/disconnect and also gets the device into pairing mode.

stk sm 970 bluetooth speaker

On the lower side of the device, there is the USB port for charging the device and also a 3.5mm headphone jack through which we can connect our smartphone  to the device without using Bluetooth. At the bottom, there is the volume control buttons & power ON/OFF which in my opinion is not a great placement, as I had to pick the device up every time to turn it ON/OFF or change the volume.

Technical Specifications

As the name suggests, the STK Groovz SMC 970 connects via Bluetooth. Pairing this device with your smartphone is quite simple and it just takes less than a minute to get the speaker turned ON and to get started with playing music. It’s quite easy to connect two smartphones simultaneously to this device, but it will play from only one device at a time.

stk sm 970

There is also an additional 3.5mm cable provided, which connects STK SMC 970 directly to the smartphone without using Bluetooth and in this case, the Bluetooth of the device will automatically be turned off and pairing gets disabled.

stk sm 970 bluetooth speaker top view

In today’s competitive world, each company tries to add the “X” element in their device that will make it stand out of the crowd. This Bluetooth speaker comes with an integrated mic, therefore, it is extremely useful for conference calls and something we do not expect from a wireless speaker.

Audio Experience

Audio output is handled by 1-inch upside facing speaker which is just below the key at the top. The audio experience with Groovez is impressive for a speaker this size, and it is loud enough for a small party in a room. For rooms or apartments too big, you might have to look for something else.

Bass production is well in tune, and there is no lack of punch as it can handle both the higher and lower frequencies very well.

Even if you play at highest possible volume, the audio levels stay below its threshold and there is minimum distortion which is a sign of a good audio device. The device is at its best while playing jazz and pop genres, and sounds bit harsh playing songs from trance, rock, and heavy bass genres.

STK SMC 970 bluetooth speaker - Buttons

STK claims that the Groovez SMC 970 can deliver up to 4 hours of playback between charges when playing at 50% volume level. In our test, this claim holds true, but if you prefer listening to higher volumes, then the battery drops within 2 and half hours which is on the low side compared to bigger but bulkier devices.

I personally spend a lot of time taking a bath, and it fits perfectly on my shelf, offering me impressively loud music. Apart from this, STK SMC 970 is also highly portable to carry around along with a laptop, and I was able to enjoy my favorite TV series on the desired volume, where ever I went.


The STK SMC 970 Bluetooth portable speaker is priced at Rs 2,499 (Rs.2999 MRP) and with this cost, it offers decent sound, elegant looks and takes very small space on your shelf or table. This is a device for all those who like to listen to music without plugging headphones all the time. The only thing I can complain about is little battery life, making it okay only for casual use. If you can live with this, STK SMC 970 might be the perfect device for you!

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