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Top 5 Upcoming VR Games To Watch Out For

For gamers, a new year is more than just numbers changing. For them, it also means a set of new releases that are worth watching out for. Last year may be filled with challenges due to the global pandemic, but there is at least one silver lining for the gaming industry–we saw the (a little problematic) release of the new generation of consoles: the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X and S. Within the vast gaming scene, there is one sub-niche that is also brimming with new releases and upcoming new titles–the virtual reality gaming scene.

VR has been a huge hit ever since it was introduced. Starting with PC games and consoles, VR was also introduced even for mobile phones. Users, through their VR headsets made for smartphones, got to enjoy VR media, VR games, and even the promise of more VR experience like virtual reality casinos, among others.

As for the upcoming VR games, here are some of the titles that you may find worth immersing in for 2022.

After the Fall (Vertigo Games)

In this post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, players will be thrown into 1980s Los Angeles. It has been almost 20 years since the world has been taken over by the “Snowbird” and mutated almost every human into mindless, savage beings. As the player, you are one of the few ones that have shown immunity to the virus and must work to regain control of the world back.

After The Fall has been delayed multiple times, but it is now expected to be launched sometime around this year.

Myst (Cyan Inc.)

In Myst, you get teleported to a mystical island, complete with beautiful scenery, curious creatures, and a mist of mystery. The focus of the game is not only to provide an immersive experience in a beautiful environment but also to make the game a relaxing and refreshing experience, too.

Myst is set for a Q2 2021 release.

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Vertigo 2 (Zulubo Productions)

Alien conspiracy theories have been a topic with a never-dying interest–even for video games in VR. In Vertigo 2, players will explore a secret underground facility. Armed with advanced-level tech for defensive and offensive use, they must fend off any threats, solve all mysteries, and find their way back home safe and sound.

Right now, it is slated for an estimated release of Q4 2021.

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife (Fast Travel Games)

What is VR if not a more immersive horror experience? In this upcoming title from fast Travel Games, the player will be a wraith that recently died. Now, they will be exploring the Barclay Mansion and embarking on a journey of finding the meaning of living and ultimately, what the afterlife is.

The game is set to release on April 22, 2021, for the Oculus VR, May 25 for Steam VR, and an unspecified date for the PlayStation VR.

Sniper Elite VR (multiple developers)

This game, developed by a joint force of companies Just Add Water, Rebellion Developments, and Coatsink is a huge nod to the classic war games for the PC that was the norm for top-selling games a few decades ago.

Sniper Elite VR is a game set in the time of World War II. As the game’s protagonist, the player would be set in Italy, in the waters of Sicily. In the game, the player’s mission is to assist the Italian Resistance by fending off Nazi U-boats. To do this job, a wide range of realistic weapons and accessories can be used. The game promises ultra-realistic rendering of the weapons that is almost the same as it would look and work in real life, if not a total 100% accurate simulation.

Sniper Elite VR was originally slated to be related on Q4 2020 but has since been delayed to an indefinite date for 2021.