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Games Like Pokemon On Steam/PC

We are all somewhat acquainted with the Pokemon series, whether it be from watching the anime back in the day or playing the multiple games on our Game Boy, DS, or 3DS. Here is our collection of PC games that are comparable to Pokemon in case you haven’t yet purchased the most recent Nintendo handheld device or are looking for an alternative experience. They don’t offer the exact same gameplay, of course; that would presumably be considered plagiarism. There are, however, a number of games with comparable game mechanics, narratives, and personalities that function admirably as Pokemon substitutes. We present to you, a list of games that very similar to Pokemon that you can enjoy on Steam or PC:


Speaking of Pokemon-like games on Steam, this one is a good representation of some of the earlier games in the hugely famous series. We’re a part of a group named Lux Solis. Velua, a great evil, exists in our universe. The fate of our country will be decided by our adventure, so we must collect as many Coromons as we can. You must carefully consider who you invite to fight with you because each of your creatures has a different set of skills.

The game works and appears just like an old-school 2D panoramic Nintendo game. Six difficult bosses (identified as Titans) will be encountered, and they will be battled in turn-based combat with puzzles to solve. Don’t be concerned; you will receive a large number of monsters to assist you in completing your task.


As you might expect, you can capture Bugsnax in this game, but not with a Pokeball because it depicts a vast island full of them. Instead, you can use a variety of traps and lures. At the same time, we’re attempting to determine what happened to Elizabert Megafig, the individual who originally invited us here. Get ready to go hunting a lot to catch more Bugsnax. Then, when you’re ready, you can engage in combat with the largest of them with the aid of your existing snack-loving pals. Similar to Nintendo’s recognizable monster-catcher, your goal is to learn what happened to Elizabert and her crew in addition to fighting. The plot is a significant component of your adventure. This game is accessible through Game Pass! Here’s a quick reminder that the first month will cost you only $1, 1€ or £1, if you’re a new subscriber. 

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Oh, it’s impossible that Digimons couldn’t have arrived here! Start your journey in EDEN, a hacker-controlled virtual environment. You’re a newbie who wants to establish your abilities to control digital creatures. There are three starter creatures to choose from, and you’ll have plenty more to catch along the road, just like Digimon’s main rival.

You should most certainly include this game when looking for Pokemon-inspired games. After all, it shares many characteristics with the other titles, such as turn-based combat, a large number of monsters to capture, and stunning visuals.

Digimon Survive

Digimon is often derided as a subpar, cheap imitation of Pokémon. We venture to overturn this notion. It differs in terms of the mature plot, monster interaction, and the overall game experience. The recently released Digimon Survive, which we chose to include in our list, also showcases these variations. Character interactions are the game’s main gameplay emphasis, which you can investigate using clever visual novel mechanics. There is plenty to study, but don’t be concerned. If you enjoy turn-based action, you still have a ton of battles to engage in and XP grinding to complete.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: WIngs of Ruin

Even by itself, Monster Hunter is quite well-liked. The creators of Wings of Ruin made the decision to take a new approach. First off, you wouldn’t typically associate the series with an RPG with turn-based action. You make friends with monsters rather than chasing them. You can alter the creatures that aid you in combat if things aren’t going your way. In essence, you and a girl you meet along the journey, Ena, are attempting to protect a Rathalos Egg. Being the grandchild of a Red-like hero, you make the decision to travel the world with the girl and find more creatures to join you in battle. 

Monster Sanctuary

You can create Monster Sanctuary by fusing Dead Cells with one of the Steam titles that are similar to Pokemon. On this perilous voyage, there are more than a hundred monsters to capture; after doing so, you can train them and use their skills to overcome the obstacles in the Sanctuary. You may occasionally need to fly or sprint through barriers and various environmental challenges because you cannot move forward without your creatures. Its gameplay combines with the pixel art that makes us think of the first game we stated up top. In a Metroidvania-style battle against monsters, you acquire animals that you can later use to aid in platforming. If you want to check it out, keep in mind that this game is also accessible on GP. 

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Nexomon: extinction

Perhaps the creators could have given the game a slightly more original moniker to set it apart from other Pokemon PC games, but the game itself isn’t just a knockoff. Even though it’s aimed at recreational players, it has the potential to be entertaining and interesting. Its emphasis on streamlined exploration rather than difficult tasks is what gives it its charm. In this vibrant game, you can capture over 300 different creatures that you can use in turn-based combat. It’s a game for people who prefer to unwind rather than spend hours playing, and Nexomon offers the best relaxation opportunities of any game on this list. 

Slime Rancher (1 & 2)

You’ll have to handle slimes in the FPP sandbox game Slime Rancher. Slimes of every description, we should add. Beatrix LeBeau, a professional rancher, uses a special gun-like tool to absorb her new gooey companions before transporting them to her home and receiving payment for doing so. Easy. Though they can evolve after being caught, you must assist them in the process, so you’ll need to take excellent care of your slimes. After some time has passed, you can make them from scratch and increase your income to start up your cool property. The sequel Slime Rancher 2, which is presently accessible on Game Pass and provides even more of what made you love the first game, is also memorable.