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10 Best Games Like A Way Out: Must Play Co-Op Games

Wondering which are the best games like A Way Out that perfectly demonstrate the truly engaging social power of co-op gaming? – Read on to discover our 10 best recommendations.

Cooperative split-screen games and collaborative games in particular appear to be returning to the mainstream after seeing a renaissance in the previous decade. The multiplayer in Far Cry 3 is a prime example of early attempts to add these features; it was at best bolted on and at worst unplayable. Even while Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies was able to restore some of the mechanic’s lost luster, it wouldn’t be until an obscure developer by the name of Hazelight Studios entered the scene with their magnificent summer masterpiece.

A Way Out is a split-screen action-adventure game that is always on and packed with drama. However, despite the campy plot and occasionally unappealing gameplay, what draws you towards this game is the metaphorical aspect of the choice to make it split-screen even in co-op mode. Here is our list of some great couch co-op games which you can check up and enjoy with a friend in addition to A Way Out. 

Best Games Like A Way Out

Best Games Like A Way Out

1. Man of Medan

Man of Medan, the first installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, was created by Supermassive Entertainment and released by Bandai Namco. It is partially based on the real-life case of the SS Ourang Medan’s disappearance. During its timed sequences, players can choose whether their characters adopt a practical strategy, an emotive approach, or just decide to do nothing.

Like in all of Supermassive’s previous works, the story shifts depending on the choices made by the player or players, and every diverging option has a different impact. Man of Medan is a good horror game for a night of gaming. It has an excellent storyline and clever mechanisms, such as the compass that serves as both an activity selector and a metaphor for morality.

2. Cuphead

If played just from a bird’s eye view perspective, Cuphead is a meticulously made yet pleasantly disarming game that draws inspiration from Walt Disney’s art and a retro aesthetic.

You play as the titular Cuphead along side-scrolling action-adventure beat ’em up stages with simple features that are easy to pick up but present a lot of challenges once you fully get into it, either alone or with a friend playing the part of Cuphead’s brother, Mugman.

Apart from that, Cuphead’s level can be quite punishing, but the game’s soundtrack, boss fights, and other elements kept my fellow player and I fascinated until the game’s story was over, inspiring us to tackle the game’s harder difficulty settings.

3. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

The Handsome Collection, a bundle that includes both Borderlands 2 and The Prequel, is a great look back at what made this franchise so distinctive. And The Handsome Collection follows suit. With up to three extra people via split-screen, you may experience the storylines of the two games in the 4-person co-op mode.

The frame rate drops when you transition to the 4-person co-op mode, which is the only criticism that can be made. Other than that, going back to Borderlands is a really enriching game, and this combination really shows how much thought went into each and every tiny aspect that makes the games work.

4. Minecraft

Naturally, Minecraft is on the list. Everyone can find something to like in this adventure simulator, and a night of Minecraft is the ideal way to unwind as your pals build and farm. Invite a few friends over to farm and construct dwellings, or just wander around looking for hidden caverns and dungeons to explore. Alternatively, create your own cavern and secret region.

The game Minecraft stands for complete freedom of thought and expression. Additionally, the different game mods and enhancements guarantee that once you start playing it, you’ll be spending more time than you could have possible imagined creating the ideal refuge.

5. Mario Kart 8

Along with a plethora of other characters from his universe, our favorite Italian plumber gets a mention. Mario Kart 8 is a simple-looking arcade racer with simple-to-learn gameplay that offers hours and hours of enjoyment.

The best kart racing game Nintendo has produced since the Nintendo 64, Mario finds the ideal balance between adding novel new ideas to the franchise and the genre while preserving the core elements that have made Mario Kart so popular. The ultimate cherry on top of this lovely pie are the amazing graphics and soundtrack.

6. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is not just one of the greatest top-down RPG games ever made, but it is also a fantastic voyage that is best enjoyed with a few pals. This 2017 release from Larian Studios is a masterwork of medieval fantasy. Divinity builds on the RPG pattern established by superhit games that came years preceding it and improves upon every facet to its cult success with a magnificent tale set in the imaginary world of Rivellon and fantastic fighting techniques.

The game’s Definitive Edition has just been launched, and while it doesn’t strive to address the ideal isometric paradigm they set at launch, it does adjust and fix some of the common annoyances in the game.

7. TRINE 4: The Nightmare Prince

TRINE 4 entices you into a whirlwind of fun to be enjoyed alone or with others with its vibrant and cheerful style. However, playing this 2.5D side scroller RPG online with a few friends is the finest experience. TRINE places you and your friends in the roles of the three protagonists, each of whom has an associated RPG archetype, but not in a way that becomes tedious or wearisome.

Each character has a range of fascinating skills to use and special capabilities that you can unlock as you go through the game’s stages. Additionally, TRINE has long been renowned for its fantastic puzzle diversity, soundtrack, physics, and gameplay.

8. It Takes Two

It Takes Two, Hazelight’s most recent co-op release, is a heartwarming tale about a couple fighting to maintain their marriage and their little daughter, with a very creative mind. It Takes Two, one of the best games that are comparable to A Way Out, Hazelight’s previous huge hit, lets you command one of two characters while playing with a friend in split screen. However, the fact that It Takes Two is a superb puzzle platformer rather than an action-adventure prison escape drama eliminates the similarities between the two games.

9. Portal 2

You and a companion are placed in the roles of two robots with portal guns in Portal 2. With this offering, which is set after the first game’s events, Valve did not fall short. What makes this game special is how well co-op was incorporated into a campaign that was mostly single-player focused. To ensure that the tasks are performed without any errors or funny blunders, each player must cooperate with the other. Regardless of your feelings about puzzle games or the Portal series, this second series is a great opportunity for you and a friend to play a game that is both simple to pick up and satisfying to master.

10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

When it was reported that the Master Chief was returning to PC in all of his assault rifle-wielding, plasma sword-wielding magnificence, millions of PC fans rejoiced in unison. And here is the ideal opportunity for anyone who did not first play the games on the Xbox 360 to relive the Chief and other Fireteams’ most memorable moments.

The core campaign can be played online cooperatively with The Master Chief Collection. The PC ports are just as excellent to play through now with a friend or a squad and retain all of the excitement that you missed out on years ago thanks to the upgraded graphics that are being released while preserving the same draw of the long-running iconic Xbox franchise.

I hope the above list of the best games like A Way Out will quench your thirst for brainy co-ops. If you have some more recommended games we can include in this list, do share it in the comments section below.