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Best Free Co-Op Games For 2022

Discover the Best Free Co-Op Games for thrilling adventures with friends. From exploring new worlds to cooperative battles, enjoy endless fun together.

The best free co-op games are those that allow you to discover new worlds with a friend by your side, defeat evil as a group, educate a newcomer to the wonder of the medium, or simply bash each other in the head with dubious weapons for fun.

Even if video games are among the best forms of pleasure money can buy, social interaction with friends is sometimes preferable. The typical cost of a new video game that is released onto store shelves makes it rather expensive to play games with your pals, and that’s why we always list free games in multiple categories.

Best Free Co-Op Games

When individuals gather together, they can exchange ideas, create lasting experiences, and construct things. Although socializing was traditionally thought to be a face-to-face activity, it is now possible thanks to social media, YouTube, and, of course, video games.

Games for one person might be hilariously life-sucking, but when you share your virtual achievements with friends, they taste even sweeter. Co-op games result in some of the best gaming moments, whether you’re playing them while holding a gamepad next to your friend or via voice chat. So welcome company and bid farewell to playing alone. These are some of the top cooperative games you may play with your favorite people

Best Free Co-Op Games of All Time

We look at 15 best free co-op games on this list that offer a good gaming experience and cost you nothing at all.

1. Mindnight 

The year 2038 sees a war between hackers and agents for control of the internet that takes place entirely online. You are given a role in a game with 5-8 players at random, and you have to figure out the other players’ roles while doing the task you were given. Agents only know themselves, whereas hackers are aware of one another. It’s a cat-and-mouse game that depends on your capacity for both deception and the ability to spot lies.

Exciting Co-op Activities in Midnight:

  • Each round, hackers must make a crucial decision that will either confirm or deny their lies.
  • Agents must operate independently of everyone else and make an effort to trick their suspects.
  • Putting on a poker face could help you win the game.
  • Find, Secure, Arrest: An Agent must, at all costs, locate the hackers.
  • Hack the nodes and dash before the Agents catch you otherwise the game is finished.

2. Unturned 

You only have one objective: to live through the zombie apocalypse. To buy yourself just a few extra seconds, you can construct a fortress, employ tools, weapons, or whatever else you can find. You must attempt to reconstruct society, acquire food, and fulfil objectives while fending against the never-ending onslaught of the undead.

Roleplaying Co-op Features:

  • Handcuffs are a non-lethal way to deal with bandits.
  • Managing zombie attacks while reestablishing what is left of human society
  • Join a roleplaying server to adopt the perspective of an end-of-the-world survivor.
  • Build and Destroy: Be inventive in how you combat the zombie threat and stay alive.
  • Keep the New Society Safe: Protect your stronghold with barricades and keep an eye out for threats.

3. The Expendabros

You take on the role of a member of the The Expendables film franchise in this solo co-op campaign for the immensely popular Broforce video game. Recreate the tumultuous adrenaline of vintage 1980s action movies with the entertaining and enticing blend of a nostalgic movie and frantic gameplay.

Exciting Activities in The Expendabros:

  • Play as one of the eight central figures from the The Expendables 3 movie.
  • Play hilariously explosive video games that parody the best action movies ever produced.
  • Bring four of your brothers together and unleash heinous destruction on your adversaries.
  • Bro Out: With your allies, destroy your enemies’ fundamental foundations.
  • 80s Nostalgia: Act like the purposefully retrograde characters from The Expendables movies.

4. Warframe 

The solar system is ruled by dishonest companies and technorganic clones in the distant future. You and the other members of your ninja clan must use all available tools to combat these terrifying creatures while wearing cutting-edge cybersuits known as Warframes.

Exciting Gameplay of Warframe:

  • Play anyway you choose because each Warframe suit is tailored to a specific playstyle.
  • Discover 18 distinct open-world settings while you carry on the conflict.
  • You can move through the game’s parkour system by flying, gliding, leaping, and spinning.
  • Move with Style: Use flowing parkour to effortlessly cover large distances.
  • Fight alongside your ninja clan across 18 different worlds in “Ninja in Space.”

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5. Sven Co-op

You take part in a multiplayer arena in this well-liked Half-Life mod that became its own game. All players are on the same squad and must cooperate to complete objectives, solve puzzles, and battle computer-controlled foes.

Exciting Activities in Sven Co-op:

  • Together, play the Half-Life campaign from the beginning.
  • Take pleasure in tasks that are dispersed across multiple maps for greater complexity.
  • There are no lone wolves in solving puzzles; work together with everyone on the team.
  • Smash and Grab: Complete a mission task that covers several maps.
  • Concurrently or Not at All: Work together as a team to solve riddles.

6. Fistful of Frags

A firefight between competing gangs, desperados, and lawmen is about to start because it is high noon in the old west. As you demonstrate that you are anything but yellow-bellied, play in a number of gameplay settings.

Exciting Activities in a Fistful of Frags:

  • a special dual-wielding mechanism that can shower your enemies with lead
  • Utilize a range of antique firearms, including the famed Colt Peacemaker
  • Play a variety of multiplayer games, such as a Battle Royale, Deathmatch, and more.
  • Play a variety of game modes against  or with friends in “Die with Your Boots On.”
  • West’s swiftest gun: Use two weapons, throw one, or change your grip for greater accuracy.

7. No More Room in Hell

You are a member of a small band of post-apocalyptic survivors, drawing inspiration from vintage zombie horror movies. It is your responsibility to avoid turning into a zombie because their numbers are increasing by the minute.

 Thrilling Activities in No More Room in Hell:

  • Increase the level of realism in zombie survival by eliminating the use of crosshairs.
  • If you get bitten, you must make the difficult decision of whether to keep silent or tell your friends.
  • Due of the distance between you and your team, you must maintain tight contact.
  • Spray and Pray: Since there are no crosshairs, rely on iron sights or hip firing.
  • Fun in Bite-Sized Pieces: Get Infected and Look for a Cure or zombie.

8. SCP: Secret Laboratory

Based on the collaborative forum post fiction series The SCP Foundation, a security breach occurs when you’re inside a SCP secret facility. You must defend humanity against these escaping abominations that resemble your worst nightmares with the help of other gamers.

Fun Activities in the SCP: Secret Laboratory:

  • Meet 7 distinct monsters, each with a different horror-based concept.
  •  Be given a task that will define your goal and put you in conflict with your pals or allow you to cooperate with them.
  •  Every time the facility is generated at random, each match is specific to you.
  • Don’t blink as you manoeuvre through this unsettling hospital where nightmare creatures prowl the halls.

Protect, Secure, and Contain: Regain control of the facility or demolish it to safeguard mankind Secure, contain, protect: Regain control of the facility or demolish it to safeguard mankind.

9. Paladins

You engage in a never-ending conflict between factions in a world of fantasy where weapons and magic coexist. In this online shooter, you may completely customise your Champion to play whatever you want by using a deck-building system. Paladins is in my personal best free co-op games list, and I started playing it more when premium titles like Fortnite came out.

Exciting Activities in Paladins

  • Be a sniper wizard or engage in any other absurd combination that combines magic and weapons in this universe.
  • To create your Champion distinctly you, pick the cards that go with your playstyle the best.
  • Compete against other factions in a variety of game modes that keep things interesting.
  • Cut the Deck: With the special integration of deck-building within a shooter, create your own Champion.
  • Infinite Combinations with Infinite Diversity Each time you play, you’ll have a new experience because to the variety of available maps, game types, and Champions.

10. Brawlhalla

Fight in a fun 2D platforming arena that blends the surreal and the real. Choose from a variety of characters, including wrestling legend John Cena and the Dark Horse Comics superhero Hellboy. This has to be one of the best free co-op games in 2D format, you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of arcade-style games.

Exciting Activities in Brawlhalla:

  • Fight for supremacy in arenas that are colourful and well-designed.
  • Play some of your favourite fictional characters in ways you’ve never done before.
  • Enjoy a goofy but enduringly charming artistic approach.
  • Jumpstart Your Battle: In this 2D world, jump from platform to platform as you fight.
  • Everyone Can Find Something: Famous fictional characters and professional wrestlers are both represented in the character selection.

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11. Hades’ Star

By any means you see necessary, expand your cosmic dominion. You can form alliances, launch orbital assassinations at your adversaries, negotiate trade deals, or just play it safe inside your own system.

Exciting Activities in Hades’ Star:

  • Collaborate with other players to acquire resources from soon-to-be supernova red star systems.
  • You can choose to trade with other player empires or to close your borders.
  • Participate in player against player combat and take advantage of the immensity of the universe.
  • Big Guys in the Park: Exchange goods with other empires or rule them with an iron fist.
  • Race against Time: Gather supplies in a star system that is about to go supernova quickly.

12. Dead Maze

In this 2D isometric zombie apocalypse game, you must strike a balance between your demands and those of others. Cooperation is essential for progress, but you must also be prepared to make sacrifices for the benefit of everyone.

Exciting Activities in the Dead Maze:

  • Control gauges that steadily deplete to indicate thirst, hunger, and exhaustion
  • Build a house for yourself and cultivate your own food to sell to others.
  • Explore the ruins of society in search of special tools and weaponry.
  • Night of the Dead: Be cautious not to become engulfed by the army of the dead.
  • The many people’s needs Cooperate to survive or you could end up abandoned.

13. Apex Legends

You are a member of a three-man team that must scavenge the neighbourhood for resources in the Titanfall franchise’s environment. Each squad finally meets and engages in a life-or-death struggle as the map shrinks smaller and smaller. This game picked up much of the players from PubG style battle royal games that offered enhanced graphics for PC gamers shortly became one of the best free co-op games of all time.

Exciting Activities in Apex Legends:

  • Use the in-game ping system to nonverbally communicate with your team.
  • As you go throughout the game globe, cooperate closely as a team of three people.
  • Fight furious firefights as the map’s borders get closer.
  • Squad Rules: 60 participants will be separated into three-man squads for the fight.
  • Select Attack: As the gap between teams gradually closes, prepare yourself for battle.

14. Dota 2 

The follow-up to the mod that gave rise to an entirely new gaming genre and one of most popular best free co-op games As you defend your team’s base from the opposing side, you can choose from a variety of heroes, each with their own skills and playstyle.

Exciting Activities in Dota 2:

  • Each hero can play several game roles and is freely available.
  • Play ranked and unranked multiplayer games in which you are paired with other players of similar skill.
  • In a cooperative mode, you and your team can practise using your chosen hero by taking on NPCs.
  • Under constant threat, you must strike a balance between attacking the opposing side and protecting your base.
  • Use a character to play a variety of gameplay roles to express yourself and personalise your gaming experience.


15. Team Fortress

Since Team Fortress 2 was one of the most well-known multiplayer games of its time, everyone is familiar with it. But despite its advanced age, it continues to be a lot of fun to play thanks to its several game modes, contrasted character designs, and all-around sensible design.

The game’s distinctive art style, which uses a highly stylized cartoony approach, is one of its other key selling elements. It looks fairly good even when compared to some of the more recent multiplayer FPS games because it is really highly optimized, so it should run smoothly even on low-end gaming machines.

I hope you enjoyed reading through our best free co-op games list, which will keep you busy for months to come. Do share your best co-op gaming experience in the comments below.

We hope you enjoyed exploring our selection of the best free co-op games! Gather your friends and embark on epic adventures together. Happy gaming!